Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon прохождение на уровне сложности "Ветеран" (English)


A very short word from the author...

Welcome. Ghost Recon is, in my opinion, the coolest game
to date. Period. The unpredictability of the enemy
contributes to the greatness of this game, and if they
aren't exactly where I say the are and do what I say
they'll do, please no hate mail. I've included the text
of the briefings because it provides useful information
and sets the tone of the missions. Squad members from a
previous mission each earn a Combat Point and I like to
keep Stealth at least one point ahead of Weapon, ignoring
Endurance and Leadership altogether. Why? Because no one
is going to get hurt. One more thing -- did I mention
this walkthrough is for the Veteran difficulty level?

Hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it.

February 20, 2003

Jedi Writer (aka Ed Hassler)
Copyright (c) 2003
All rights reserved.


South Ossetian Autonomous Region
April 16, 2008

"Welcome to Tbilisi, gentlemen -- I hope you got some shuteye on the
flight from Bragg, because now that we're here we've got a lot of
work to do.

"Here's the situation: We've been deployed at the request of the
Georgian government to help them deal with rebels on their Russian
border. Our area of operations will be the South Ossetian Autonomous
region -- 1500 square miles of small villages and rugged
backcountry. The Ossetians have been skirmishing with the Georgian
army for years, but lately the attacks have escalated to the verge
of all-out war. Washington thinks that the Russians have engineered
the current flare-up as an excuse to step in and annex the whole
region. Our job is to cut the legs out from under the revolution
before that can happen.

"Our first mission is a raid on a rebel base in the Caucasus
Mountains. A rebel leader named Bakur Papashvili has been attacking
army convoys across the Terek River. You'll need to take out his
guard posts first, then hit his main camp. You'll find Papashvili in
the caves at the top of the hill where he's set up a command center.
Take him alive if you can, but remember that he won't surrender
unless all his guards are eliminated."

1 - Neutralize Tent Camp Troops
2 - Secure the Caves
3 - Return to Insertion Zone
X - Capture Papashvili

ALPHA: Loverso, Katunich, Bishop
BRAVO: Reid, Schweitzer
CHARLIE: Musingo


Move clockwise around the map keeping to the outer perimeter. Switch
to Charlie (sniper) and send Alpha and Bravo due west, not quite to
the large rock at the bottom center of the map. Stay in the cover of
the trees. Find the spot where you can see the bunker ahead to the
west, depicted on the map as an elongated rock with a small one in
front. Charlie shoots the enemy in the bunker and another appears in
the clearing 25 meters south of the bunker. A third appears the same
distance in the clearing to north. Easy pickins'.

Continue west uphill toward the next large rock. Stop about halfway
and focus the scope NNE on the uppermost cliff to the left of the
pass more or less in the center of the sector. You'll be looking
almost directly into the sun but you'll see a bunker and an enemy
with a fully automatic weapon -- eliminate him now and save yourself
a lot of grief later. Continue west to the left side of the rock you
were heading for and use the scope to spot a small house sitting up
the hill beyond the pass near the west edge of the sector. Two
sentries stand on patrol -- shoot both. If given enough time, one
will advance toward you.

To the south of this pass, about the same distance as the house, is
another bunker in a clearing. Head NW behind the trees and locate it
with your scope. Kill the enemy.

Bring up the other two squads, head for the house, and stop at the
bottom of the hill. Crouch, move up the left side of the hill, and
hit the dirt at the top. Face NE and stay as close to the edge of
the perimeter as you can, crawling sideways to the NW. Zoom the
scope and as you cross over the divide, two enemies will come into
view. They're chatting and stretching and won't notice your presence
if you pause every few seconds when they look your way. When the
wooden crate is almost blocking your view of the guy on the left,
shoot him. The guy on the right will duck for cover then reappear.


Continue due north up the hill, proceed to the open area at the base
of the mountains, and hug the west edge of the perimeter until you
can see the lone guard behind the large rock outcropping in front of
the cave's west entrance. Go prone facing east at the SE corner of
this rock outcropping.

Switch to Alpha and position Bravo just inside the mouth of the west
cave entrance, then activate night vision and approach the east cave
entrance. Shoot the enemy who appears in the cave, go in, turn left
and shoot the other unsuspecting one. At the north end of this part
cave are two short passageways leading to the inner cave room.
Approach the one on the east and kill the unsuspecting guard, then
move cautiously through the one on the west and kill Papashvili's
bodyguard (dressed in black) as soon as you spot him. Don't capture
Papashvili yet. Head for the cave entrance from which you entered
and take up a position well inside its mouth. Here's what happens.
When the cave is secured by killing the last soldier, the tent camp
troops rush to the rescue of their commander.

Switch back to Charlie and relax -- you don't have to fire a shot.
The enemy will eventually show up from the east and run one-by-one
into the east cave entrance only to be mowed down by Alpha. If Bravo
is positioned outside the west cave entrance, they'll start picking
off the enemy from a distance and the enemy will stop advancing.
Same thing if you (Charlie) decide to pick them off. If that
happens, the few remaining will be waiting at the southern tip of
the slender rock to the east (see map). Once you've been notified
that the tent troops have been neutralized, head back to the end of
the cave complex and capture Papashvili by simply walking up to him.
He'll follow you wherever you go. If you don't want him tagging
along and want to pass him off to another squad, switch to a soldier
in that squad and walk up to him again. He now follows the new squad
so you may switch back to Charlie and continue the job of a sniper
without having to worry about a cocky loudmouth POW.


The tent camp is deserted so save your tired feet and make your way
directly toward the central pass -- the one with the dead gunner at
the top. Position Alpha and Bravo anywhere except overlooking the
valley below. Circle around to the west of the rock, toward the dead
machine gunner's bunker, get prone and peer over the edge. Scope the
two baddies in the open to the south and wax them both. Two more
will come into view farther south.

The last two enemy are waiting for your platoon near the insertion
zone. Hug the rock cliffs to the north and proceed east around the
perimeter. The first is standing a few paces to the east of the four
tall pines. You can sneak up on him from your position to the NE --
he's expecting you from the west. Crawl over his carcass and pop the
last one directly to the south down in the clearing by the insertion


South Ossetian Autonomous Region
April 24, 2008

"We've been tapped for a search and rescue. The Navy's been flying
sorties against rebel positions from its carrier battle group in the
Black Sea. Last night, the bad guys got lucky with a SAM and took
out one of our F-18s. The pilot and the weapons officer both bailed
out before impact, but the rebels picked them up shortly after they
activated their beacons.

"They're being held for interrogation at a farm near the crash site.
Your job is to go in and bring them back out alive. Recon photos
show the F-18 is still largely intact but heavily guarded. If it's
possible to plant a demo charge and blow the plane, do it -- but
don't jeopardize your main mission.

"And try to minimize Ossetian casualties -- the Russians are already
making a big stink at the U.N. about us being here and we don't want
to give them any more ammunition. If Moscow decides to intervene,
we're going to find ourselves smack in the middle of a major war."

1 - Rescue Pilot
2 - Rescue Weapons Officer
3 - Get to Extraction Zone
X - Destroy Avionics

ALPHA: Loverso, Katunich, Bishop
BRAVO: Jacobs, Allen
CHARLIE: Musingo

Jacobs and Allen replace Reid and Schweitzer in Bravo; Allen packs
Demo Kit 1.


HQ tells us that destroying the downed F-18 is optional but we're
gonna do it first. The enemy knows our priorities and they'll be
expecting us to approach from the south.

Activate night vision, switch to Charlie, and head SW into the
woods. As you ascend the gentle slope, a two-man patrol is directly
ahead. When they're down, two more run toward you from the NW. Head
NW through the trees and cross the stream from a point directly east
of the F-18 crash site. Climb the far bank, go prone, and take out
the two unsuspecting enemy by the hay bales in the field ahead. Stay
where you are and seven more will appear singly and in pairs from
the west and south. You may have to crawl a few yards in either
direction to see one of them hiding in the trees at the edge of the
field to the south or behind the hay bales to the west. Don't forget
to reload.

Switch to Bravo and position Alpha pretty much anywhere you want in
the hay field, then stroll on in and plant the demo charge next to
the F-18.


Switch back to your sniper and lead the platoon down the middle of
the field to the south edge and leave them there. Move cautiously
into the trees toward the farmhouse. Stay in the cover of the trees,
maneuver to get a good view of the north-south portion of the road
ahead, then go prone. A patrol of five will come walking toward you
shortly. When they're all down, take up a position in the ditch at
the edge of the field east of the house and train your sights on the

Switch to Alpha and approach the west side of the house. As you near
the split rail fence (you might want to briefly turn off night
vision) an enemy appears at the upper left window. The second is
directly beneath in the room to the left of the front door -- he
expects you to come through that door so enter the small portico to
the right and open the kitchen door. Play it safe and plant a
grenade from your M203 into the far room. Exit and move clockwise to
the north side of the house. From a position just beyond the second
tree holding the clothesline, line up another grenade shot to the
upper left window. If you don't kill the third, cautiously continue
around to the back of the house and nail him through the back
window. Head back into the farmhouse, go upstairs, and rescue the
weapons officer in the back room. Pass him off to Bravo and hold
your position.


Switch to your sniper and head for the barn. A word of caution: both
front and rear barn doors are open and the pilot is tied to a chair
in the middle of the room so take care not to hit him. As the
building comes into view, you'll see enemy patrolling outside --
pick them off one-by-one. Keep an eye on the loft window for a
rifleman, then maintain a safe distance and circle counterclockwise
until you spot more patrols at the back of the barn. Keep circling
and take out the rifleman at the rear loft window. You may spot an
enemy inside passing by the south door, and if you see him and
decide to take a shot, remember the pilot directly behind.
Otherwise, continue the wide arc and find him against the west wall.
Another is in the NE corner, but you may have to circle all the way
around the barn to get a shot at him. Or you could call in Alpha and
give Charlie a break.

If your sniper didn't bag the second rifleman in the loft, send in
Alpha through the rear barn door, hook around to the left, walk up
the stairs sideways, and take him out. When the last one is dead,
rescue the pilot.

The only thing between you and the extraction zone is a patrol of
three on the other side of the stream. Switch to your sniper again
(he's probably NW of the barn anyway), turn around, move NE toward
the stream and wait prone as the enemy patrol comes into view. Once
they're history, savor the cut scene.


South Ossetian Autonomous Region
May 2, 2008

"Word just came down from HQ, gentlemen. We have official
confirmation that at 0600 hours three Russian armored divisions
crossed the border and linked up with the rebel forces in the north.
The Russian foreign minister has issued a statement condemning
"international meddling in regional affairs." Looks like we've got
ourselves a full-scale international incident.

"For now the U.S. is still backing the legitimate Georgian
government. Our orders are, quote, "to aid the Georgian army's
defensive operations in any way practical." Short and sweet that
means we've got the green light to blow stuff up.

"First priority is to slow down the main armored column headed for
Tbilisi. We've identified an ambush point about 60 klicks west of
here where the highway crosses under a rail line. A Georgian command
post is nearby -- if it's overrun their entire western flank will
collapse. Take out the Russian advance patrols first, then the
tanks. And keep your demolitions expert under cover until you need
him -- those tanks aren't going to be stopped by anything less than
a rocket up the tailpipe."

1 - Destroy Northeast Patrol
2 - Destroy Northwest Patrol
3 - Prevent HQ Breach
X - No NATO Casualties

ALPHA: Loverso, Katunich, Jacobs
BRAVO: Allen
CHARLIE: Musingo, Ramirez,

Jacobs moves from Bravo to Alpha replacing Bishop; Ramirez joins
Musingo in Charlie. Allen packs Demo Kit 2.

SPECIAL NOTE: This mission is difficult, so difficult that it seems
almost like a separate game and I've spent more time here than on
the rest of the missions combined. At first I thought taking out the
armor from different locations was the key and then concentrating
the battle at the NE end of the bridge, but the results varied
wildly from a single wound to the loss of the entire platoon. Also,
the safety of the NATO forces at Georgian HQ was never certain. The
strategy here requires the destruction from the railroad bridge of
both tanks as soon as they appear. The subsequent locations of the
individual enemy soldiers will depend on how soon the tanks are
destroyed. A lot of footwork follows, but that's a small price to
pay for getting all our men out alive.


The clock is ticking and you're under fire from three directions at
once -- four if you count the armor. With a little luck, you can
make it through with no casualties. It's important that you take out
the armor as soon as possible, otherwise your NE position will be
overrun and there's a good chance Georgian HQ will be overrun as
well with NATO suffering casualties. The sooner the tanks are
stopped, the less likely the accompanying troops will swarm up the
rocky path and take the bridge or advance down the road.

Switch to Bravo and send Charlie up the hill to your left, toward
the SW end of the bridge -- position them at the northern point of
the small triangular-shaped clearing and next to the wall of rock
that forms the cliff. (On the map, the upper tip of this triangle is
due south of the symbol that marks the bridge.) Send Alpha up the
hill behind NATO headquarters to your right and position them at the
NE corner of the large rock (resembles an arrowhead pointing NW on
the map) closest to the cliff. Run up with Alpha (or ahead of them
if you can) and head for the narrow path between the cliff and the
large rock described above. As you approach the trail, stay in the
cover of the rock then step sideways to the left and eliminate two
of the enemy across the tracks. Alpha will take care of the other
two and you'll be notified that the northeast patrol has been
destroyed. (There are yet two more unseen enemy up the tracks to the
NE and it seems these are invoked early only if Charlie gets too
close to the bridge, likewise invoking two more in the SW. All six
need to be killed in the SW to fulfill the second objective.)

Run to the bridge, stay on the ties on your side of the tracks, run
about a fourth of the way across, hit the deck, crawl forward, and
in a few moments you'll see enemy at the other end running right to
left. Kill them both if you can -- your fire will help Charlie take
out the other two. Regardless of the outcome -- and this is the
tricky part -- immediately raise to a crouched position and take a
few steps over the tracks to get a view of the road to the north.
When you see the two tanks, switch to your M136, aim at the top of
each tank to allow for bullet drop, and take them out. Step back
over the tracks and resume your previous prone position in the
middle of the bridge -- Allen will provide cover for Charlie when
the last two of the SW patrol appear. Once the tanks are destroyed
and you see four dead enemy in the SW area, you can relax.


Switch to your sniper, cross the tracks, and head NW for the top of
the rocky path on the side of the road. Crawl to the overlook and
scope out enemy on the ridge across the road or on the road itself.
The Russians will tend to stay near the destroyed tanks. Shoot only
one, then turn around. You may hear some activity from Alpha as they
finish off the remaining two enemy approaching down the tracks from
the NE, but get ready to take out two more who appear out of nowhere
on the tracks behind you. If you miss them, they'll come through the
grove of trees after you -- Bravo may kill one of them so it
shouldn't be a problem. The Russian troops on the road know your
location, so stay low and wait for further orders.


Switch to Alpha. (Here's an interesting development: the final time
I played this level to verify the validity of the tactics, the sixth
enemy of the SW patrol had somehow crossed over the bridge
unnoticed! Maybe he thought Allen was dead? Maybe Allen fell asleep?
We'll never know. Cautiously check before you continue.)

Take Alpha on the scenic route due north all the way to the
perimeter. Pass between the two large rock formations (on the map
the one to the east looks like the Batman symbol). Move
counterclockwise around the one to the west and when the large grove
of trees comes into view, slow down and keep low as you round the
corner. There, across the field far ahead to the SW next to the low
rocky wall of the cliff, are some of your unsuspecting tormentors.
If you don't see them -- a consequence of taking out the tanks very
early -- move cautiously across the field to find them. More are
farther down the slope.


Switch to Charlie and perform a similar trek to the west perimeter.
As you head north through the grove of trees, scope the opposite
side of the road for hostile(s) expecting an assault from the road.
When you've eliminated him/them, hit the dirt so the lead goes over
your head and not through it -- several stealthy troops near the
road will fire at your position and may come straight at you to try
to spoil the party. Switch to Ramirez who's silent MP5-SD is lethal
and fun to use at this range.

Switch to Alpha and continue SW toward the breach in the low wall of
rock and see if you can eliminate the remaining resistance down on
the road, but you might have to return to the perimeter and continue
down around the large wooded area. Be careful -- the Russians are
well trained and extremely disciplined. If both Alpha and Charlie
are pinned down, switch to Bravo (you might have to wake Allen) and
send him off to finish the job.


Republic of Georgia
May 7, 2008

"The Georgians have stopped the Russians temporarily, but they're
not going to hold out for long. The president and his cabinet have
already fled the country to set up a government-in-exile. We're in
country only for as long as it takes to get the rest of our people
out safely.

"HQ just got a radio call from a couple of Brits up near the village
of Ahmeta. Their transportation broke down and they're cut off from
the Georgian lines. We're sending you in by chopper to open up an
escape route for them. You'll need to move fast -- in their last
message they said they thought they'd been spotted by a Russian

1 - Secure the Crossroads
2 - Contact UN Troops
3 - Return to the Extraction Zone
X - Keep UN soldiers alive

ALPHA: Loverso, Katunich, Jacobs
BRAVO: Tunney, Ramirez
CHARLIE: Musingo

Tunney replaces Allen in Bravo; Ramirez moves from Charlie to Bravo.


Switch to Charlie and head SW along the edge of the woods near the
river toward the guard booth and take out either guard from a safe
distance. The other guard will flee over the bridge -- you can
demonstrate your marksmanship by hitting him on the run or wait
until he stops on the far side. Snipe the guard in the far booth and
another up the road runs into view. Summon the rest of your platoon
and gather on your side of the bridge.


Cross the bridge, hook to the left along the river, move along the
perimeter until you can clearly see the garage with the red car
inside, and shoot the guy in the doorway. Do the same to his buddy
who appears moments later on the right side of the garage and runs
toward you. Head to the guard booth, then eliminate a third standing
near the telephone pole to the left of the filling station. From
your present position on the NE side of the bridge road, move
cautiously along the perimeter until you see a fourth in front of
the house, go prone, and kill him. A fifth, nearby, comes running
toward you.

Switch to Alpha and head for the filling station -- the sixth member
of this sorry bunch is in the washroom in the NW corner of the
building. You can either fire a grenade through the large center
window or walk in and catch him with his pants down. I think his
last words were "I'm out of paper."


Switch to Charlie and head due north from the filling station into
the woods. Turn right at the top of the long low rock (we'll call
this Rock A) and follow its north edge a short distance until you
spot the silhouette of a gunner up on the other side of the road
about two thirds the distance from the crossroads to the village.
Another is to the first one's left and may be partially hidden by a
small bush -- his position will be obvious if he fires, shoot
through the bush if he doesn't.

Ignore the gunshots from the village and position yourself prone
under the overhang of the northern tip of the next rock, the tall
one near the road (we'll call this Rock B). After a short wait (be
patient), a patrol of two comes over the ridge of the clearing far
to the NE. (This patrol may instead be ascending the ridge, heading
the other way.)

When they're history, return to the west tip of Rock A and make a
wide clockwise arc toward the path leading up to the mountains
behind the very large rock to the north. You're looking for two
sentries standing at the south edge of the large rock (we'll call
this Rock C) NE of Rock B. Why all the skulking around at such great
distance? Although it's possible to take them out from the wooded
valley below -- or even up close from the side of Rock B facing the
road -- these guys are sharpshooters. As you near the summit of the
path, scope directly to the SE, and if you don't see them right
away, sidestep back and forth until they come into view through the
trees, then bag them.

Continue around the path, then head due south (ignore the gunshots
and whizzing bullets) to the southern tip of Rock B, hug the rock,
turn the corner, then head NE toward the sentries you just shot.
Notice on your left that Rock B gradually tapers to ground level.
Stop here and don't go any farther up the hill but note the point,
about six meters ahead, at which Rock B angles to the north. Return
to the crossroads, call your troops, and let them in on a little


Gather round the map, boys. Draw an imaginary line from the point
described above to the fallen gunner across the road. If any of your
people cross it, a Russian patrol of six new enemy troops spring
into action. They appear at the beginning of the road to the west,
stroll slowly through the crossroads, and if not fired upon or
otherwise distracted, they'll mill about in the area between Rock B
and the road but will go no farther.

Below are a few scenarios you can try. When your men are set up
where you want them, switch to the squad closest to this magic line
and step over it. (After a few moments the gunfire from the village
mysteriously ceases and the middle ring of the enemy threat
indicator on your screen turns yellow in the opposite direction.)
You'll have plenty of time to get back into position and switch to
the soldier of your choice. Avoid the road itself -- you'll get
creamed by the enemy in the village.

**The Bunker** Position your entire platoon behind Rock A and duke
it out head-on as the patrol swarms into the trees behind the
filling station.

**The Ambush** Put one squad in the filling station and the other in
the house. You, as the sniper, stay at a safe distance and do what
snipers do best.

**Big Bang** Alpha and Charlie lie in wait behind the two buildings.
Bravo squares off in the middle of the road by the garage and Tunney
pulverizes the patrol with his M136.

**Long Distance Call** Alpha and Charlie head up to the high country
at the foot of the mountains -- you were just up there. (Hide Bravo
somewhere they won't get in trouble. Nigel Tunney is either very
brave or very stupid or both -- he just won't keep his head down and
often gets killed trying to slug it out.)

**Boring but Effective** If Ramirez brought Claymores, lay one at
the patrol's point of entry.

**Short and Sweet** Concentrate your troops on either side of the
road where the patrol enters, then switch to Tunney and cut them off
at the knees with the full-auto SA80. You get the idea... the
possibilities are endless.

OK, party's over, we gotta rescue the UN soldiers trapped in the
brick building on the north side of the road in the village. Let go
of that M136 and switch back to Charlie. Walk up the path leading to
the fallen gunner on the south side of the road and peek over the
top. (This of course is also a point that will invoke the new
patrol; ditto for approaching the road from between Rocks B and C.)
Straight ahead are more hostiles in the ruins shooting at our UN
friends. From a prone position, simply pick them off one at a time.
One or two of them may be concealed behind a portion of the damaged
wall -- you may see their guns sticking out -- leave them for last.
Rise to a crouch and put a shot through their now-visible heads. A
round of head shots for everyone.

Note: If you're not notified that you've saved the UN troops, ending
the Level, circle counterclockwise behind the ruins, go to the other
end of the village, and shoot the remaining enemy from there.


If you would rather deal with the enemy six-pack later, take your
platoon through the wooded valley behind Rocks A, B and C and, as
Charlie, pick off several of the enemy from the higher ground behind
the village. They're at the SW end of the village and are hard to
see through the fog, so scope diligently and move around until you
spot them. One is a machine gunner. Unfortunately, the remainder of
the enemy who come into vivid focus as you move higher to the west
cannot be killed from here -- they turn their bodies as if
acknowledging fire but won't go down. If fact, shooting at them
triggers the Russian patrol, as does moving into the UN compound.

Don't try to slug it out with the enemy from inside the UN building
-- the UN troops may suffer casualties. Head for the flat area
behind the UN compound, hoof it all the way to the end of the NE
perimeter, cross the road where it descends, and make your way back
to the village keeping low. Maneuver into a prone position where you
can scope the enemy along the road in the village and pick them off.
Then switch to Alpha, go in the back entrance of UN headquarters,
and rescue the UN hostages. What's this? They refuse to leave? OK,
to hell with them -- we're outta here.

Now to face the patrol of six who know we're here. Too bad that
fixed machine gun is, uh, fixed. You have two options. The first is
to decide where you want to exchange lead with the patrol, but you
no longer have the advantage of total surprise. (I chose the high
area at the base of the mountain to the north of the crossroads and
used the same route as described earlier to snipe the two sentries.)
The second is a stealthy evacuation and return to the extraction
zone. Tactics for both are identical all the way back to Rock B.

Option 1: Switch to Charlie, crouch, carefully head back to the
overhang of Rock B, then make your way up to the high area at the
base of the mountain. Pick off the enemy and, if necessary, move to
the low wooded area behind the crossroads or to the crossroads and
then up along the rocks to find those who have hidden.

Option 2: Order all teams recon. Take command of each squad and lead
them individually to the overhang of Rock B, otherwise there's the
risk that one of them will spot the enemy and open fire despite
orders for recon only. Keep an eye on the patrol up by the road.
Crouch, never stand erect, and stay in the lowest part of the
terrain. When all three squads arrive safely, head for the west
perimeter, then south to the wooded area west of the filling
station. Watch the enemy and head out when they have their backs
turned and are walking up the road. Lead the squads individually
across the road and onto the bridge and move always along the
perimeter. Once all three squads are at the extraction zone, the
mission ends successfully.


Tbilisi, Republic of Georgia
May 14, 2008

"Time to get the hell out of Dodge -- intel says Russian troops have
reached the city limits. The rest of our people have already been
evac'ed -- you gentlemen are the absolute tip of the Dachshund's
tail. The Navy is running a shuttle between our embassy and the
U.S.S. Ronald Reagan out in the Black Sea. Two hours from now the
last Seahawk will leave the embassy's roof -- you'd better be on it.

"On the way there there's one thing we want you to check out. The
Russians brought down one of our Seahawks on the last run -- hit it
with a man-portable SAM before it reached the embassy. It crashed in
a park just north of your position. We haven't received any
communication from the crew -- no voice, no beacon -- probably there
are no survivors. But your orders are to check out the wreckage and
make sure.

"Be on the look out for Russian patrols. And watch out for Georgian
civilians as well -- there are plenty of refugees in the streets and
we want to keep collateral damage to a minimum."

1. Secure the Bank
2. Investigate Crash Site
3. Go to Extraction Zone
X - Avoid Civilian Casualties

ALPHA: Jacobs, Loverso, Katunich
BRAVO: Tunney, Ramirez

Jacobs is promoted to platoon leader; Stone replaces Musingo in
Charlie. Tunney packs Demo Kit 1 -- there's an enemy tank in this
mission, but its destruction is optional.


Position Alpha prone in the small brick courtyard to your right so
they have a view of the intersection ahead of the buses. Two enemy
will appear and as many as four more may appear from the far
intersection and head toward you. Yet two more may also appear, but
they head in the opposite direction and circle counterclockwise
around the bank. More on that later.

Let Alpha deal with them if you wish, switch to Charlie, and move
clockwise halfway around the modern building with the low brown
stone wall -- don't shoot the civilian who runs up the stairs from
the front door. Crouch, move slowly until you can see the west
second floor window, zoom scope and locate the barely visible fixed
machine gunner who pans from side to side every few seconds. Take
him out, stay in the cover of the wall, then go prone and crawl
until the front entrance of bank is in your sights. Position Bravo
in the small courtyard past the green car at the north end of the
street and face them toward the white vans behind the bank -- they
will provide protection for Charlie from the two aforementioned


Switch to Alpha. Do not go into the street with the buses -- there's
another fixed machine gunner in the bank's second story east window.
Although it's possible to step a few inches over the white line that
marks the intersection and fire a grenade, we're gonna play it safe.
Instead, move clockwise through the streets to Bravo's position and
head for the bank's back door hidden by the white vans. Stand to the
left of the door, activate night vision, open the door, and kill the
guard inside to the right.

There are four enemy at the front door and all of them may not
venture out into the street when they hear the shout of their fallen
comrade, so keep count of Charlie's kills. Crouch, go through the
next door, face the front of the bank keeping your back against the
wall, and move to your right just enough to see and shoot the
silhouette of the enemy(s) beyond the teller booth. Aiming up and to
the left, continue to your right and kill another guard on the upper
left balcony. Head up the stairs to your right and kill one at the
top. The remaining machine gunner is across the balcony in the room
behind the single door in the SE corner.


Before we mop up in the underground parking area, we're going to
eliminate a patrol in the street in front of the Embassy. Take Alpha
to the garage doorway down the street to the east, activate night
vision, and peek down the ramp. Send Bravo through the alley behind
the bank (don't shoot the civilians if you lead them yourself), hang
a right, down the stairs, and wait in the alley leading east. Switch
to Charlie, move down the street past Alpha, head north on the next
street and get in position on the sidewalk next to the second car.
(Don't shoot the civilian Bravo flushed out of the alley.) Using the
front of the car for cover, shoot the solitary patrol standing in
the street near two distant cars beyond the rear end of the bus.
Another will appear shortly from between the bus and the Embassy
wall. If you miss the first, he'll appear at the south Embassy gate,
so stay put and wait for him.

Switch to Bravo, exit the alley, hook right, and head straight for
the north door to the underground parking area. Ignore the sentries
on the roof of the Embassy -- they're too far away to notice.
Activate night vision, move cautiously down the ramp, and kill the
first enemy you see. Switch back and forth between Alpha and Bravo
until they're all history -- they remain stationary so there's no
rush. (Their number depends on how many came out and were eliminated
in the first skirmish of this mission. In fact, if only a few came
out and had we hoofed around past the back of the bank and gone
directly to the south garage door, we might have seen a group of
them walking down the south ramp.)

Move Alpha through the parking area, hook up with Bravo, and wait
against the east wall near the top of the south ramp so that you can
see up the street to the north. Wait for a patrol of two to come
into view -- they appear far beyond the rubble pile in the street,
walk along the side of the distant bus, and eventually turn west on
the far street and disappear from sight. If you miss them, they
patrol a large route and will usually reappear in a few minutes. If
not, you can find them later in the angled street by the bus.


Switch to Charlie, cut across the street, through the path between
the building (the Milton Hotel) and the hedge, and head for the near
pillar supporting the overhang of the circular drive. Find and shoot
the two sentries on the Embassy roof -- one is easily visible atop
the front wing and the other is on the main building with only his
head showing. Watch the fire escape at the SE corner and shoot a
third trying to descend. If you miss, he'll appear at the south

Switch to Alpha, head for the south gate, and shoot the guard in the
compound at the front gate. A third is inside and to the east of the
south gate. Charlie may take care of him. As long as we're here, it
wouldn't hurt to check out the extraction zone on the roof.


Take the platoon through the destroyed north gate of the Embassy
compound, head up the diagonal street to the NE (don't shoot the
civilian), and find the stairway leading up to the old hotel. Ignore
the patrols ahead two blocks away and leave Bravo and Charlie on the
sidewalk next to the hotel. Hook around to the left, go in the side
door, head up the stairs, open the hall door, and move cautiously
down the long hallway to the right. At the end of the long hallway
is a sniper in a small dark room at the end of a short hallway to
the right -- sidestep and shoot him, then back up into the long
hallway and easily shoot two of his buddies as they run past from
the left side of the short hallway.

Look out the sniper's window at the patrols circling
counterclockwise around the park with the downed Black Hawk. You can
take out all six in any order you choose -- in pairs or as a group
when they all meet in the street to the south of the park.


The area has been temporarily cleared, so head back down and take up
a position facing the street at the top of the stairs in the alley
SE of the park. Position Charlie directly north of the park, but be
careful not to step into the park yet. Switch to Bravo and head up
to the sniper's window in the old hotel and get as clear a view as
possible of the front steps to the library (the neoclassical
building with the fluted columns) diagonally across the street. Send
Charlie to the middle of the park then immediately make another
waypoint to move him back where he was in the street, thus
preventing him from drawing enemy fire in the ensuing battle.

With your SA80 on full auto, mow down the four enemy who come out
the front doors of the library and rush down the steps. (If they're
not stopped, they'll split into two groups and head for the park on
either side of the library.) If you don't get all of them, the
survivors will come up after you, so simply move to your end of the
long hallway and wait for them. Go back to the window, mount your
M136, and take out the tank rolling down the street south of the
park. More enemy troops follow, you can help Alpha eliminate them,
and the mission ends without having to go to the extraction zone.


Izborsk, Russia
June 6, 2008

"It's official - President Arbatov just appeared, "welcoming" the
Republic of Georgia into the new Russian Democratic Union. Of
course, no one's recognizing the annexation -- the Georgian
government-in-exile issued a strong denial from their offices in
Geneva, and the U.S., Great Britain, and Germany have all publicly
condemned the Russian invasion -- but all the talk in the world
isn't going to budge those tanks in Tblisi.

"The big boys are convinced that Arbatov and his generals are
engineering another "intervention". Satellites have detected major
troop movements on the Baltic coast, near the Latvian border.
Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia were all part of the old Soviet
empire and bringing them back under Moscow's control has been part
of the Ultranationalist agenda for years.

"We're sending you in to gather intelligence about the coming
attack. The Russians have set up a command post at Izborsk, an old
medieval fortress a few miles from the border. Your mission is to
infiltrate the post and recover any documents describing the Russian
battle plans. Watch out for patrols -- there's been a lot of troop
movement along the road. There's also a comm station inside the
castle -- don't let the garrison radio for help, or you'll have a
major firefight on your hands.

"One final twist. There's a mobile SAM site nearby. Reconnoiter, and
if it's lightly guarded, take it out with rockets."

1 - Gather Intel from SE House
2 - Gather Intel from NW House
3 - Get to Extraction Zone
X - Destroy SAM Site

ALPHA: Jacobs, Loverso, Katunich
BRAVO: Tunney, Osadze

Osadze replaces Ramirez in Bravo.


Turn on night vision, quickly move Alpha down the short slope to the
north, position them slightly to the west in low part of the V-
shaped area (see map) on your side of the road, and hold them there.
Ignore enemy fire (if there is any) from the SAM site -- they're
shooting over your head.


Switch to Bravo, crouch, head toward the nearby house to the east,
and look for the birch on your right near the end of the grove of
trees. Go prone where you have a clear view of the sliver of road
off in the distance to the SE beyond the field. Ditto for Charlie.
Ignore the exchange of fire, if any, behind you. About two minutes
after the mission begins, an enemy troop transport appears on this
road heading north, so wait until it rolls into view then open fire.
The truck halts as soon as you hit one of the passengers: kill all
seven troops, then move in and destroy the truck with your M136
(optional). Taking out the truckload of hostiles now will save
having to do it later when they're inside the ancient fort.


Enemy soldiers guarding the SAM site to the north may sneak through
the woods and attack, but if they do, Alpha should hold them. Switch
to Charlie, scope the trees in the direction of the site, find the
fixed machine gunner, and kill him. (If you can't find him, he may
have left his post and was killed by Alpha.) Hit the dirt and wait
for enemy fire to subside, then cautiously approach the road to the
north and cross over at the west perimeter. Stay low and take out
three guards as they approach (if Alpha has not done so), then
carefully find and snipe the remaining machine gunner(s) at the SAM
site. (There should be a total of six corpses, although several more
may approach the site from the north depending on how the battle
unfolds.) When all's clear, call in Bravo and destroy the SAM.

Note: If you decide to let the truck pass, it stops at the SE
entrance to the fort and the enemy troops get out and walk inside.
If you were to follow the plan of action described below and allowed
the truck to pass, the empty truck appears outside the north
entrance and its former passengers come rushing out to greet you.


As Charlie, continue north along the west perimeter -- you should
not encounter resistance until the extraction zone. Stay close to
the river and watch for enemy ahead in the trees. Snipe them from a
distance -- they've got grenades. When you arrive at the nearby
shack, head up to the north entrance of the fort and snipe three
enemy off to the SE, then kill three more by the pickup truck to the

Continue clockwise around the outside wall of the fort until you
spot three near the east of the houses to the south and then another
three warming themselves by a trash barrel farther down to the west.
If some of them run for cover, wait until they come back into view -
- there should be a total of six. Cross the road, head through the
trees SE of the field, maintain a safe distance, head for the far
house (an Intel Location), and eliminate two more on its south side.
There's a ninth in the doorway. (If this last one is NOT in the
doorway, it's time to call in your house-to-house pals. I'm sure
they're bored to tears back there at the SAM site.) Enter the house,
gather the intel on the table, and complete the first objective.


Gather your platoon at the SW entrance to the fort, switch to Alpha,
march straight in (everyone's indoors), head for the house in the NW
corner, walk up onto the front porch, and stand facing the door. The
three inhabitants are each in one of the rooms: the first is in the
front room standing near the intel table around to the left, the
second is in the bathroom ahead and to the left, and the third is in
the bedroom down the hall and to the right.

Tactic 1: Open the front door, step into the vestibule, wait until
they run to investigate (you might have to make a little noise by
stepping from side to side), and take them all out at once by
planting a grenade from your OICW/GL in the middle of the floor of
the hallway (in front of the bathroom door, to the left of the
sofa). The guy in the bathroom may duck back in, so fire another
through the open door. Don't want to create a big mess? Use bullets

Tactic 2: Circle counterclockwise at a safe distance around the
house, shoot number one through the window, shoot number two as he
either steps into the hallway or as he stands in the bathroom, then
move to the next window and shoot the third standing at the bedroom
door, behind the table lamp. (If number two is still in the bathroom
and you can't see him... uh, wipe his ass with a grenade.)


Drop in on the neighbors. Pretty much the same, but these guys are a
bit more aggressive. If you go to the front door, they'll open it.
If you head past the clothesline and get near the opening in the
picket fence, one or two or all three of them will run out the front
door -- they may fire at you or run and try to slip in the side door
of the NW house! Very unpredictable. If you hustle to the back
window, be prepared to shoot.

Tactic 1: Shoot it out with them -- it's not difficult. The
remaining man, if any, should be (as you face the front door) in the
front room and to the right.

Tactic 2: Position Charlie at a safe distance with a clear view of
the door. Position Bravo in the hallway of the NW house. Take Alpha
around back, duck, and let the fun begin.


Three men, three rooms, sound familiar? If you circle clockwise
around the brick house, nothing happens and you'll have to go in
after them. If you circle counterclockwise, approach the front door,
then continue to the side door, two of them will make a break out
the front door and head for the side door of the NW house.

Tactic 1: Open the front door and go in after them.

Tactic 2: Same as tactic 2 above except position Charlie in the
cover of the communications ruins.


Lubana River, Latvia
June 10, 2008

"Bad news. The Russians went on the offensive in the Baltics this
morning, three days ahead of schedule. Satellite images show two
main thrusts -- one along the coast to Tallinn and the other
straight past Izborsk to Riga. Senior command is trying to field a
defensive force from our bases in Germany, but they need more time.
And, we're the ones who are going to provide it.

"Your mission is to blow the bridge where the Riga highway crosses
the Lubana River. This will seriously damage the enemy's ability to
bring forward reinforcements and will slow their advance
dramatically. Plant demo charges on both of the main pillars of the
bridge, then clear out to the extraction zone. Don't try to engage
the primary force guarding the bridge -- they'll eat you for lunch.
But use your own judgement on the Russian camp near the river. If
it's lightly guarded, take it out -- it'll only add to the

1 - Destroy East Pylon
2 - Destroy West Pylon
3 - Get to Extraction Zone
X - Eliminate Camp Garrison

ALPHA: Jacobs, Loverso, Katunich
BRAVO: Tunney, Allen
CHARLIE: Musingo

Allen replaces Osadze in Bravo; Musingo replaces Stone in Charlie.
Allen packs demo charges and Tunney packs antitank rockets. HQ tells
us not to engage the primary force guarding the bridge, that they'll
eat us for lunch. HQ doesn't know we have two demo guys on this
mission -- Allen for the bridge and Tunney for the tanks. Also,
there's no big rush.


Switch to Charlie. Send Alpha west down the hill and position them
near the end of the rocky wall to their left. (Look on a close-up of
the map and notice how the rocky wall ends in a triangular point.
Put your guys at the right side of the base of the triangle.) Switch
to Bravo and go prone. Switch to Charlie, move toward the trees to
the south, crouch, and watch for a Russian patrol of two in the
distance. Shoot one, hit the dirt, then wait until the other shows

Head SW down the hill to the opening in the rocky wall and look for
a patrol of three to the south down on the bank on your side of the
river. If they're walking away, shoot as many as you can or let
Alpha handle them. If they're walking toward you, shoot them with
care -- one has grenades. (If they're directly below, switch to
Alpha and pursue them along the riverbank, distract them, then
alternate between Alpha and Charlie.)

Another patrol of three moves south to north on the far bank and may
not yet be in view. Wait for them or head south along the rocky wall
and spot them through the next small opening. Shoot one then hit the
dirt until their fire subsides, stay prone, crawl back to the edge,
and wait until they come into view.

A third threesome is to the south on your side of the river. If you
can't spot them, head back to the first opening, and if you don't
get all three (very difficult at that range with limited
visibility), switch to Alpha, move south along the riverbank, and
pick them off from behind the large rocks. When the coast is clear,
move Alpha south to the bottom of the rocky trail leading up the
cliff and move Bravo to the top.


As Charlie, head east up the hill and then south along the fence
until you spot the tanks, crouch, continue to the end of the fence,
head for the lone scrub tree near the road, go prone, peak over the
ridge, find a clear view of the armor, and snipe the five guards.
Switch to Tunney in Bravo, continue south to the last grove of
trees, avoid the opening in the rocky wall, and destroy the enemy
armor. Aim carefully -- Tunney carries four rockets and there are
two more tanks on the other side of the bridge. Move south and stop
against the rocky wall just past the opening.

Switch to Charlie and watch as a sixth enemy soldier crosses the
road by the smoldering tanks and heads for Bravo -- take him out or
let Bravo have the honors. If the sixth doesn't appear, we'll deal
with him later. Otherwise, return to the rocky wall, and make for
the opening a short distance beyond the last grove of trees. Go
prone and pick off as many of the enemy as you can across the river.
Three are on the high ground off to the SW through the mist; five
are on the riverbank below and some ascend the rocky trail leading
down to the river -- their location depends on how long it takes you
to get back to the cliff. Wait and watch several minutes and keep
your head down. If Alpha reports engaging the enemy, they're just
doing their job -- up to six enemy from the camp garrison move south
along the east river bank.

Continue to the south end of the rocky wall, peek around, and take
out several more at the far end of the bridge. For cover, loop
around the closest tank and go carefully to the bridge and check for
activity on the other side. If all's quiet, cross the road and find
the steep rocky path by the falls leading down to the river. If the
sixth enemy soldier didn't appear earlier, you may find him down
here, so proceed with caution. Keep an eye on the far bank as well.

Switch to Allen in Bravo, follow Charlie down the path, plant a demo
charge on the east pylon, then retrace your steps up to the bridge.
Ditto for Charlie and position him about halfway across. You can
actually get right between the second pair of tanks before arousing
them, but why press your luck -- switch to Tunney, advance two-
thirds the way across the bridge to the second expansion strip and
fire when ready.

Send Charlie across the bridge, turn right, and take up a guard
position at the top of the rocky trail. Follow him across, head down
the trail, switch to Allen, and plant another demo charge on the
west. Head north along the west riverbank and stop across from
Alpha. Wave.


Switch to Charlie and go sniping. Head back to the road and follow
it toward the extraction zone. Remain standing -- you want to see
the unsuspecting enemy from the greatest possible distance over the
rise. As soon as a head appears, shoot then run like hell in the
opposite direction and duck behind the smoldering tank south of the
road. In a few moments more will follow in the field to the north
and on the road itself and you can pick them off one-by-one. If you
count six carcasses (may be a seventh), you've got them all -- if
not, repeat the procedure.

When the extraction zone is clear, continue up the road and head for
the first grove of trees west of the unpaved path leading to the
Russian camp garrison. For a relatively unobstructed view of the
camp, go prone behind the tall conifer SW of the tallest in the
grove and fire away. Kill as many in the camp as you can (six or
seven), then switch to Alpha for the final assault from the north.

Retrace Alpha's steps north along the riverbank, keeping Bravo
abreast on the opposite side. Make your way to the trees by the
river ford, send Bravo through the ravine, ford the river, and
circle counterclockwise on the high ground around the camp. Bravo
circles clockwise. Any holdouts in the camp don't stand a chance.
When they're all down, the mission ends. Enjoy the cut scene -- the
bell tolls not for thee.


Venta, Lithuania
June 24, 2008

"The 1st Armored Division has managed to stop the Russian advance...
but just barely. We've got reinforcements coming up from the coast,
but they won't be here until tomorrow. Right now, the situation is
very fluid -- if the Russians resume the attack before we're ready,
we're not sure our line will hold.

"The main concentration of Russian troops in this sector is near a
little Lithuanian village named Venta. They've set up mobile
artillery in the hills nearby and are using it to shell our position
here. Your mission is to go in and take out that artillery.

"The chopper will drop you at an abandoned farm just west of town.
It's unlikely that your arrival will go undetected, so you'll need
to establish a defensive perimeter quick or you'll be overrun. Once
you're in place HQ will launch an attack down the main road. Hold
the farm until you see our tanks, then link up with them and proceed
into the village. Clear out the village, then proceed to the
artillery batteries in the hills. One antitank rocket apiece should
do the job."

1 - Secure the Village
2 - Destroy East Artillery
3 - Destroy North Artillery
X - Protect Friendly Tank

ALPHA: Jacobs, Loverso, Katunich
BRAVO: Tunney, Grey
CHARLIE: Musingo

Grey replaces Allen in Bravo. Specialist Susan Grey comes to us
highly recommended. A word of caution, gentlemen: anyone caught
crawling on a prone Ms. Grey will be subject to court-martial.


Pouring rain, bad visibility, it all happens fast, no time to
explain... Switch to Bravo and send Alpha south into the orchard.
Zoom the map and find the quadrant marked by what resembles a
reticle in the middle of the orchard. Place Alpha directly south of
the yellow triangle marking the farmhouse and on a latitude of the
horizontal line of the reticle. Put Charlie farther south on the
grid line.

Run to the window to the left of the front door of the bombed-out
farmhouse, crouch at the bottom left pane, and mow down the three
enemy advancing on the east side of the dirt road ahead. Ignore the
firefight behind you, turn to your left, and wait for the other
three advancing on the west side of the road -- shoot them through
the doorway as they run past. Alpha and Charlie eliminate a patrol
of four approaching from the east.


Avoid the entire area to the east of the farmhouse and the farmhouse
road -- entering this area will initiate the air strike on the enemy
tank south of the main road and a few moments later the friendly
tank will appear. We want to clear out as much of the enemy as
possible beforehand by drawing them out of their positions. I don't
know what HQ has in mind, but advancing directly into the village is
suicide -- many of our brave men and women died to bring you this

Switch to Charlie and lead Alpha and Bravo north across the main
road keeping everyone as close to the west perimeter as possible.
Position your platoon where the west hill bulges north of the road
(see map). Enemy troops in the field to the east will spot your
movement and attack in a wide arc -- let Alpha or Bravo initiate the
battle then join in. If you count eight Russian corpses you're
having a good day (especially if one of them is the demo guy who
left his post by the enemy tank just north of the road). If not,
some of them guarding the north artillery have not come down.


Order all squads to advance at all costs, otherwise they'll hold or
head for cover once they spot enemy armor.

Move toward the west passage of the artillery hill, scan the ridge
from a safe distance, and snipe enemy one-by-one as they appear.
Before you get up, check the field below the ridge for one who may
have come down the south passage -- Alpha or Bravo may get him for
you. When there's no sign of activity, head SE, ignore the tank
parked north of the road (it becomes active only when approached
relatively head-on), crouch, move cautiously up the east side of the
south passage to the second rock, and look for the unsuspecting head
of an enemy crouched behind the east end of the boulder NE of the
artillery. (Ignore the artillery altogether -- you can stand in
front of it and shout obscenities and nothing happens.) Shoot him,
take a few steps forward so you can see over the rock you're
standing next to, and shoot the head of another that appears in the
distance about forty degrees to the right a few moments later. If no
one is behind the boulder, creep east until you can see the head of
the other.

Take up a position above the boulder, crouch, and face east. Five
more enemy patrol in groups of two and three in the field east of
the artillery hill and, depending on their proximity when made your
last kill, two, three, or all five will respond. Shoot them one-by-
one as they ascend the east passage. Move east, find some higher
ground with good visibility, and wait for the remaining pair or trio
to come into view in the field below. If it's the trio and you'd
rather not risk a stray slug from their automatic weapons, shoot one
then take cover again behind the boulder. If all five show up, one
may scurry to the left and circle around the rocks then reappear.
Take care -- some of them have grenades. If one goes left and does
not reappear, cautiously move east along the ridge, peak around the
boulder due east of the artillery, and finish the job.

Summon Alpha and Bravo to the top of the hill (either passage) but
don't destroy the artillery yet -- doing so invokes the friendly
tank and you'll sustain heavy losses trying to protect it. Leave the
two squads there and head down the east passage.


Head south and find the shell crater with a small boulder next to
its rim just north of the road. Across the road a patrol of three
covers the area east and behind the south village -- if you see them
clearly, wait until they disappear into the mist and then shoot as
many as possible when they return into view. Four more guarding the
south artillery come down the north passage. When all seven are
down, find the heads of two more in the two nearest buildings of the
north village. (If Charlie is overwhelmed, simply call Alpha,
position them in the crater, and they'll neatly dispatch the two
patrols. You can sit and watch or assist them.)

Move up the north passage, circle clockwise around the perimeter of
the hill (ignore the artillery), and find the lone Russian crouched
under the overhang of the large boulder SW of the artillery. Two
more patrol the field west of the west passage -- stay crouched and
walk along the southern part of the west ridge until you spot them.

Zoom the map and find the quadrant marked by a reticle on the long
west ridge of the north artillery hill and position yourself below
the vertical line of the reticle so that you have a view of the
south village. Zoom your scope and find the enemy standing beyond
the uprooted tree, between the two buildings at the yellow triangle
marking the south village, and take him out -- you've just
eliminated the other demo threat to the friendly tank. Another, in
the west building, is difficult to see through the mist -- wait
until he moves if you have a hard time spotting him.


Descend the north passage, run behind the south village (as you near
the village the friendly tank and accompanying platoon rolls in on
the road from the west), enter the first building through its
collapsed SE corner, move quickly to its NW corner, and shoot the
exposed enemy standing in the west building of the north village.
Cross the road, take cover behind the partial low wall of the east
building in the north village, and locate the last three enemy in
the courtyard of the church. If you're able to kill all three, the
mission ends successfully.

One of the three in the church may duck and not reappear as the
friendlies move through. Keep a bead focused on the church, wait
until our tank and men pass safely, then switch to Bravo and destroy
both artillery (optional). Regroup your platoon, take a break, and
decide how you want to finish off the guy holed up at the church.
Wondering about the enemy tank in the field near the insertion zone?
As you approach the church, it's pulverized by an air strike. And
the enemy tank north of the road to the west of the village? Our
tank destroys it.


Nereta Swamp, Latvia
July 3, 2008

"The Russians are stalled just south of Riga. 1st Armored is prepped
to launch a major offensive as soon as the weather clears. We're
sending you in now behind the Russian lines to disrupt
communications before the attack.

"Your target is a Russian listening post on the border between
Lithuania and Latvia. They've set up their equipment in the middle
of a swamp so you're going to have to get your feet wet. There are
three main islands you'll need to clear. We think the listening post
itself is on the eastern island, but we want you to sweep all three
to be certain. Try to capture the commanding officer alive if
possible -- he might have valuable information about the Russian
defensive strategy."

1 - Clear Northern Island
2 - Clear Eastern Island
3 - Clear Western Island
X - Capture Russian Officer

ALPHA: Jacobs, Loverso, Katunich
BRAVO: Grey, Ramirez
CHARLIE: Musingo

Ramirez replaces Tunney in Bravo. Susan Grey and Henry Ramirez both
have silenced MP5's and the success of this mission depends on


Switch to Susan... ahem, Specialist Grey... in Bravo and head west
through the trees. When you reach the log, find and kill the two
enemy patrolling ahead -- they appear to the south of the distant
roots of the fallen tree, walk east as far as the first boulder on
your right, then return to the top end of the tree. The fog and your
silenced weapons help keep you concealed and also won't attract
attention from the enemy on the east island, within a stone's throw
to the NE. We're going to draw off a few of them on our terms and
here's the setup.

Crouch and get into the hole at the roots of the fallen tree, then
switch back and forth between Grey and Ramirez and position them so
that Ramirez is under the trunk on the other side of the roots and
they're both facing NE. Go prone and fine tune the two: pull Ramirez
back a little so that he's protected by the roots as much as
possible, Grey so that she's barely peaking over the top of the
hole, then order Bravo to hold.

Summon Alpha and Charlie. Switch to Charlie, position him prone to
the west of the fallen tree such that he has a relatively
unobstructed view under it to the NE and so that the boulder is
about eight feet to his right, then order Charlie to hold. Switch to
Alpha, move to the two rocks at the bank of the swamp passage
leading to the east island, then fire off a few bursts NE through
the trees toward the south tip of the island. Run SW to the fence,
turn to your left, go prone near the bushy conifer such that no one
in Alpha can see over the slight ridge, and order Alpha to hold. Why
all the fuss? Everyone needs to get down and stay down -- this is
Bravo's show.

Switch to Bravo, peak out over the top of the hole, and wait for the
enemy to emerge from the swamp. The idea is for Bravo to take them
out one-by-one as they advance -- Alpha and Charlie are strictly
backup. If no one shows for the party, repeat the invitation. Still
no takers? Switch to Alpha and send a rocket-powered grenade and
some Latvian obscenities to the NE. (Don't forget to put everyone
prone again). Once more, the success of this tactic depends on
everyone keeping their head down. If you can detect but cannot see
the remaining enemy, switch to Charlie, move north to the bank of
the swamp, then crawl east until you do. When the smoke clears,
you'll have from three to seven fewer hostiles to deal with on the
east island. Let's assume the corpse count is three.


The wily Russian officer is tipping a few with his comrades in the
farmhouse located in the center of the quadrant (marked on the map
by the circled 1). Reports that he can be taken alive once he
staggers back to the east island are greatly exaggerated, so
capturing him is our next priority. We'll be traveling though the
swamp around the comma-shaped deep water to the north and the U-
shaped deep water farther north. Switch to Alpha, remain on hold,
order recon, head toward the west island, wade into the swamp, and
loop clockwise around the deep water, staying as close to the deep
water as possible. Continue north through the deepest part of the
swamp west of the east island (note the farmhouse to your left
across the deep water) then loop around the deep water and head
south for the building (catfish farm?). The Russian officer could be
anywhere -- in the farmhouse at the top of the stairs that leads to
a loft, standing in a doorway, or in fact trudging back to the east
island. Regardless, fire a grenade from the south doorway up to the
far wall of the loft to kill the two enemy -- the officer remains
unscathed even if he's at the top of the stairs.

Switch to Charlie, make your way to the farmhouse via the same
route, resist the temptation to shoot hostiles on the east island,
and escort the prisoner upstairs -- you might as well make yourself
comfortable while you baby sit him for the remainder of the mission.


Switch to Alpha, remain on hold/recon, retrace your steps, and take
up a crouched position behind the low rock in the swamp at the south
end of the U-shaped deep water -- the enemy bunker at the south tip
of the east island is visible.

Switch to Bravo, remain on hold, order recon, and join Alpha. Slip
ashore a little to the north so as not to be detected by the bunker
but freeze if you see enemy patrolling ahead up on the island. When
they've disappeared into the trees, go prone halfway up the bank,
crawl toward the bunker, order advance/engage for all squads, and
take out the two inside. Due to the randomness of the enemy's
movement, it's impossible to predict what happens next -- some may
head your way or it may remain quiet.

1. If they head your way, set a waypoint for Alpha halfway up the
bank; then remain prone, crawl to the top of the bank, and pick them
off as they advance.

2. If all is quiet, head for cover behind the downhill side of the
bunker. Switch to Alpha, order recon, head north in the swamp, pause
behind the partially submerged boulder west of the tent, eliminate a
small patrol, then rejoin Bravo. Switch to Bravo and take up a
position in the center of the grove of trees (just south of the
horizontal portion of the reticle on the map). Switch to Alpha,
cross overland toward the east bunker, take out the three enemy
inside with a rocket-powered grenade, order engage, hit the dirt,
and finish off the remaining hostiles coming from the east with
Bravo's assistance.

In either case, carefully search the island for any remaining


Order all teams advance/engage and slog back through the swamp to
the south end of the west island. Position Jacobs prone to the right
of the burning trash barrel, equidistant between the barrel and the
bush farther to the right, peeking over the top of the bank; Loverso
and Katunich go to the left of the barrel, not quite to the top of
the bank; order Alpha to hold. Switch to Bravo and position Grey
prone to the right of the bush, peeking over the bank; place Ramirez
to Grey's right and farther down the bank; order Bravo to hold.
Switch to Alpha and (this may sound like cheating) look down and to
the side to discern in your peripheral vision the figures of two
enemy ahead on the island. Shoot at one of them then immediately
switch to Bravo. The idea here is for Jacobs to draw enemy fire
while Grey picks them off as they advance, similar to the ambush
tactic at the beginning of the mission. Once more, everybody has to
keep low. As Grey, watch for enemy to sneak through the trees on
Alpha's left flank (Loverso or Katunich are there to cover) and
watch your own right flank as well (Jacobs should have you covered).
Wait a minute or so for any stragglers to appear. For those of you
concerned about relying on the skills of a woman leading a platoon
in battle... get over it.

When all's quiet (about seven kills), switch to Alpha, order all
teams advance, head straight up the island or move along either
bank, find the log in the clearing, and wait at a safe distance for
the last three enemy to appear.


Switch to Bravo, lead the platoon through the camp of the west
island, slog north through the swamp, past the cemetery, to the
unmarked island in the NW corner of the sector and dry off in the
abandoned shack.

Leave Alpha here, order recon, then slip back into the swamp for the
north island. Pause in the water at the edge of the trees if you see
a two man patrol ahead on the island. When the coast is clear, move
clockwise through the water to the NE tip of the island, between the
two partially submerged rocks, go ashore at the next rock in the
water, position yourselves prone facing uphill in the mud about
twenty feet from the water's edge, and order hold. Why here? This is
as good a place as any and has a fairly unobstructed view up the
hill. With nerves of steel, wait until the patrol is close and in
clear view, order engage, and take them both out with a few deft
shots to the head. Immediately order recon again, remain prone and
motionless, and wait for an investigating patrol of three to walk
down from the top of the hill. It's gonna take guts, but wait until
they're almost on top of you, order engage, and take them out. (They
have grenades: if allowed to scurry for cover, be prepared to kiss
your ass goodbye.)

If no one appears, continue clockwise along the bank, find and
eliminate one of them, run back to the previous position, go prone,
order engage, and take out the remaining four as soon as they

Order advance, meet Alpha at the island marker at the top of the
hill, switch to Alpha, order recon, and finish the mission with a
rocket-powered grenade down into the enemy bunker at the SW end of
the island.


Vilnius, Lithuania
September 1, 2008

"Good news. 1st Armored won major victories at Utena and Rezekne,
and the Russians are falling back on all fronts. One final push and
they'll be out of the Baltics for good. Word is the Russian military
brass is taking the defeat hard. They're blaming President Arbatov
and the other political leaders -- there just might be a coup

"We're sending you into Vilnius, the Lithuanian capital. The
Russians have held it since the first week of the invasion and it's
been the site of some significant action by the Lithuanian
underground -- the place is practically in ruins. You'll be
escorting a tank column into the heart of the old city to liberate
what's left of the presidential palace and some other key locations.
As the Russians learned in Grozny, sending armor into an urban
setting without proper infantry support is suicide. The remaining
Russian troops have their backs to the wall so they're not going to
go down without a fight. Watch out for snipers and antitank rockets
fired from the shelter of the ruins. And, as always, try to keep
civilian casualties to a minimum."

1 - Secure University Square
2 - Secure Presidential Palace
3 - Secure Cathedral Square
X - No friendly tank casualties

ALPHA: Jacobs, Grey, Cohen
BRAVO: Loverso, Katunich

Loverso and Katunich move to Bravo; Gray moves to Alpha; Specialist
Lindy Cohen joins Alpha; Stone replaces Musingo in Charlie. HQ tells
us we need a demo on this mission -- not so, gentleman. All nine
Russian armor are of the small caliber anti-personnel type and pose
no threat to our tanks. What we need is a small elite -- no,
gentlemen, I did NOT say petite -- team to move fast and eliminate
hostiles carrying anti-tank rockets. It should all be over in about
ten minutes with Bravo playing a small support role.

HINT: Bumping Ghost Recon's gamma setting up one notch for this
mission may significantly improve visibility.


Wait for our lead tank's machine gun to subside, stay to the right
of our armor, run east on the sidewalk, drop into the small
stairwell, and shoot the solitary enemy in the Presidential Palace
rear courtyard ahead on the other side of the street. Crouch, wait
for the column, and continue down the street staying close to the
second tank. Stop when the column stops and let our lead tank finish
off the individuals and the enemy tank in the courtyard. Advance
when the column advances, move ahead slightly and let the lead tank
eliminate hostiles in the intersection ahead -- one or two may run
south, so be prepared to deal with them. Use the lead tank for
cover, and when it turns north, cross the intersection, move north
on the sidewalk, take cover behind the small protrusion of the next
building, and kill the rocket-toting hostile behind the pile of
rubble at the far corner of the building across the street. While
you're waiting for the column to destroy both enemy tanks in
University Square (completing objective one), set a waypoint for
Bravo near the small stairwell in the previous street.


Our second tank takes the lead: follow then wait as it wipes out
more enemy down the hill to the north. When it begins rolling again,
switch to Bravo, carefully approach the rear palace courtyard and
kill any enemy survivors (there may be none). Enter the courtyard,
hang a left into the alley then a right up the porch steps. Go
through the open back door of the palace, run up the stairs, and
head to the end of the hallway. Head down the short hallway to the
left, turn right and notice a partially demolished room ahead in the
NE corner of the palace. The enemy rocket man is just around the
corner to the left. Retrace your steps to the hallway you entered
from the stairs, sidestep to your right, and take out the enemy
sniper at the opposite end of a long, similarly demolished room.

Switch to Alpha and catch up to our tank column. By now it has moved
west then south and destroyed enemy foot soldiers and one of the
tanks guarding the palace. Kill any survivors (there may be none)
near the parked jeep. Our column turns west in front of the palace
and destroys the other tank parked in an alley, thus completing
objective two.


There's no need to approach the palace, so run through the arched
tunnel to the north, turn east down the wide alley, then north up a
longer alley, and find the open doorway on the left. Enter the
building, go up a short flight of stairs, then a long flight to the
right, turn left in the dimly-lit room, find the near hallway, turn
left and kill the unsuspecting enemy in the inside front doorway.
Immediately turn around, hook around to the right, shoot out the
plate glass windows ahead in the short hallway, and kill the final
rocket-wielding enemy standing in the doorway to the right of the
rubble pile of the building diagonally across the street to the NW.
Back up almost to the end of the short hallway, make sure you're
against the right (east) wall -- push a team member out of the way
if necessary -- crouch, wait, and kill more enemy one-by-one as they
enter through the large outer entrance. Some of them may try to rush
you or sneak a shot from the street, so be patient and keep your
eyes open and your finger on the trigger. Meanwhile, our column
rolls into the plaza and eliminates yet another enemy in the SE


Leave the building the same way you entered, head south then east
into a narrower alley, pass under the small stone arched bridge, up
the incline, but don't step out into Cathedral Square. Shoot the
machine gunner in the bunker in front of the cathedral, wait for the
column to arrive and destroy three enemy tanks lined up near the
extraction zone and a forth to the south of the square, then move
out into the square and shoot the other machine gunner to the north
to complete the mission.

MISSION 11 - Dream Knife

Ljady, Russia
September 16, 2008

"The last enemy units pulled back across the Latvian border sometime
yesterday afternoon. Public support for the Ultranationalists has
dropped like a rock, and there are rumors that the military has
President Arbatov under house arrest. It looks like things in Russia
are turning ugly fast.

"Your next mission is a simple rescue. Ten days ago two U.S.
soldiers were taken prisoner when their humvee was ambushed near
Ludza. They're currently being held at a POW camp in Russia.
Normally Washington would let them sit out the duration, but one of
them is a senator's son. Your job is to go in and bring them out

"Security is tight -- searchlights around the perimeter, well-armed
guards inside. Don't try to shoot your way in -- you'll never make
it. Go in quiet with silenced weapons, secure the guard post, locate
the soldiers, and get out.

"And, while you're there, be on the lookout for one other prisoner,
a guy named Moroshkin. Supposedly he's being held in the infirmary.
HQ says that he's some kind of major dissident and that springing
him would make more trouble for the Ultranationalists in Moscow."

1 - Secure an entrance
2 - Rescue NATO PoWs
3 - Go to Extraction Zone
X - Rescue Moroshkin

ALPHA: Jacobs, Cohen, Loverso
BRAVO: Grey, Ramirez
CHARLIE: Galinsky

Loverso and Grey trade places; Ramirez replaces Katunich in Bravo;
Astra Galinsky replaces Stone in Charlie. Galinsky packs Sniper Kit
2 with a silenced M9. Yes, I know, Galinsky's SVD sounds more like a
sonic boom than a rifle and HQ tells us to be quiet and not shoot
our way into the POW camp. As far as I know, there's no one in the
platoon good at Jedi mind tricks. The idea, of course, is stealth
but not necessarily total silence. If an enemy fires off a shot or
is allowed to escape, it often means the sirens go off and enemy
troops assault your position. In some cases, guards execute the POWs
and the mission fails. When outside the camp walls, avoid all


If your first few shots trigger a siren, don't despair. Several
troops from within the barracks compound pour out of the Entrance 1
door and they're easy to pick off from the same position used to
kill the three guards assigned there. We'll assume your presence
goes undetected.

Activate night vision, switch to Charlie, order all teams hold, move
about 50 meters south until the two guards at the gate of Entrance 1
become visible, go prone, but focus your attention to the west. Take
out an enemy patrol of two when they come into view, then swing your
sights back to Entrance 1 and take out the two guards. Crawl forward
until you can spot and eliminate the guard in the entrance tower.
After a few moments, another patrol appears farther south. When
they're down, wait a minute or so, then proceed south along the
fence to the brick guardhouse, crouch and walk around it, then stand
and shoot the unsuspecting guard in the back of the head through the
window with your M9SD. Head toward Entrance 2 and proceed in the
same manner as before: shoot the guards on either side of the gate
then move in for the one in the tower. Eliminate the guard in the
south guardhouse in the same manner as the previous one.

Continue clockwise around the camp walls and ignore barking dogs.
There's no need to stay in the cover of the trees, but avoid the
embarrassment of meeting the enemy face to face out in the open, and
of course stay out of the searchlights. Another patrol of two moves
counterclockwise -- you'll encounter them somewhere along the curved
west wall. When you get back to your platoon, lead them south along
the fence, past the first guardhouse, across the drive, then head
for the door just west of the Entrance 1 gate.

(If Galinsky's solo work proves too noisy, use Bravo to clear the
perimeter, although this will take a bit longer since you'll have to
get up close and personal.)


Switch to Bravo, crouch, go through the door, and head up the stairs
into the tower. Order the other two squads up and make sure no one
is standing. Stand briefly and peek to the west: two guards stand on
either side of the inner gate and a third on the north side of the
road walks slowly toward the gate of your tower (or he may be
running around madly). Crouch, descend the inside stairs, open the
door from an angle (it may already be open), go prone, stick your
head out around the doorway, and wait for the walker/runner to get

When he's down, crawl out the door and south for the cover of the
barracks -- Ramirez may get stuck on the stairs, so switch to him
temporarily and crawl to cover. Crouch and circle clockwise around
the buildings, stop at the east half of the third one, position both
Grey and Ramirez with their noses against the building, go prone,
and shoot from beneath (you can crawl under if necessary) the raised
building to take out the two guards. If Ramirez doesn't fire first,
his view is obstructed by the support blocks holding up the
building: position Grey with a clear view, switch to Ramirez again,
reposition him, and assist Grey who by now has already killed one of
the guards. (If one escapes and hides, retrace your steps, crawl
past Entrance 1 gate, circle the barracks to the north, find him,
and avoid being spotted by the guard in the inner gate tower.) When
both are down, open the door to the inner gate tower, stand, step
sideways into the stairwell, and get a clean silent head shot.


Ascend the stairs but do not shoot any of the four figures in the
chain link fence enclosure farther to the west -- the two in the
middle are the NATO POWs. You may have noticed your threat indicator
glowing -- a solitary enemy patrols the buildings below. If you
can't see him from the tower, go down the inside stairs, open the
door, go prone, and wait patiently until he comes into view. Order,
recon, crawl west toward the tent, peek around the right side of the
crates, and take out the POW guard on the right. Immediately order
engage, crouch, and take out the other as he heads south for the
enclosure gate. Do not try to rescue the POWs.

Move south, cross the road, head behind the two buildings, through
the small alley created by the second building and the camp wall,
and order Bravo to hold. Turn right, find and kill the guard
standing in the far corner south of the hospital, back up into the
alley, and wait for two more guards to investigate.


Before we proceed to the hospital, there's something you should
know. Notice the guard tower and gate to the north wing of the camp:
the door is locked and no one's home. When you rescue Moroshkin or
the POWs, ten enemy miraculously appear -- five on each side of the
tower door and they try to kill you and the POWs. Nice, huh. Here's
the setup. Switch to Alpha, make your way into the POW enclosure,
and go prone behind the north half of the barracks building.
Position all three individually partway under the building so that
they're lined up three abreast and have a clear view of the door to
the north guard tower. Alpha will eliminate the five enemy who
appear to the left of the door.

Switch to Charlie, make your way through the towers, turn left as
you exit the second tower doorway, and take up a prone position on
the east side of the four-vehicle garage so you also have a clear
view of the target doorway to the north and set your sights just to
the left of the tower gate. It's your job as Charlie to take out the
five who appear on the right.


Switch to Bravo, head for the open front door of the hospital ahead.
Walk in, open the closed door on the right and shoot the
unsuspecting hostile in the next room. Exit as you came, enter the
hospital's side door, open the next door, and surprise the second.
Retrace your steps to the front door, move sideways at the open door
on the right at the end of the hallway, and finish off the third.
The sirens wail as soon as you rescue Moroshkin.

Immediately switch to Charlie and pick off the five enemy -- one or
two of them may try to break left or right. Also, beware that you're
shooting through a bunch of picnic tables. When the dust settles,
there should two piles of corpses. If the mission does not end, get
up and move north along the wall and find and kill the survivors:
one may be hiding on the north side of the building west of the
picnic tables. If the mission still does not end, leave the camp and
hoof it around to the extraction zone: any hostiles outside the camp
walls that were not eliminated wait for you there.

MISSION 12 - Ivory Horn

Murmansk, Russia
September 22, 2008

"Russia is falling apart. Arbatov is dead, as far as we can tell --
executed by the military as a scapegoat for the fiasco in the
Baltic. Most of the country is under martial law, with soldiers
patrolling the streets and curfews enforced in the major cities.
It's unclear how much support the Ultranationalists really have in
the military -- there are widespread reports of soldiers refusing to
fire on civilians, or even to leave their barracks.

"Our goal is to whittle down the base of support for the leaders of
the coup. As a result, we're launching a series of covert raids
against key military bases that are backing the Ultranationalists.
Your first target is the naval base at Murmansk -- it's the
headquarters of their northern fleet and a major operations center
for their submarine service. Take a demolitions expert, and blow the
sub pens and any other targets that appear promising. You'll have to
move quick -- once the alarm is raised, base security will be all
over you.

"Good luck, you're going to need it."

1 - Plant Demo in Sub Pen 51
2 - Plant Demo in Sub Pen 52
3 - Get to Extraction Zone
X - Plant Demo in Fuel Depot

ALPHA: Jacobs, Cohen, Tunney
BRAVO: Grey, Ramirez
CHARLIE: Galinsky

Tunney replaces Loverso in Alpha. Tunney packs Demo Kit 3. Stealth
plays a vital role in the success of this mission.


Activate night vision, switch to Bravo, and head up the ramp. Go
prone, crawl toward the destroyer, and take out the two guards in
the stern, then a third patrolling mid ship on the dock. Crouch and
kill a fourth to the east by the freighter. Creep along the west
side of the rail cars and find a fifth near the bow of the
freighter, then loop counterclockwise around the shipping containers
near the bow of the destroyer and eliminate a sixth. A seventh
patrols (runs) around the portion of the dock east of the giant
crane. Continue south and carefully locate and kill three guards
patrolling around the two warehouses east of sub pen 51 by ducking
in and out of the buildings.


As long as we're this far, let's clean out the fuel depot area for
Tunney. Put Bravo on recon, head south from the two warehouses
toward the base of the high wall above which are two other large
storage tanks, head east along the wall, then stop. Locate the guard
patrolling along the west end of the fuel depot, wait until he walks
to the bottom of the access ramp near the small well-lit guard
shack, and kill him. Turn the corner and head south, then sneak up
to the shack from the west and eliminate the two occupants. Head up
the ramp, circle counterclockwise around the fuel tanks, and kill
another. (Note: This large raised platform may be the only area in
Ghost Recon where you can fall off and get hurt, so please use the

Go down the east ramp, head east, duck into the large doorway of the
warehouse (one of three), in the SE corner of the sector, and wait
and watch from the small north doorway for a solitary patrol. Check
the west warehouse, then duck into the small doorway of the north
warehouse and kill the guard in front of the building to the north.
Judging by its reinforced construction and the racks in the lower
level, this building might be used for torpedo or missile storage,
but that's only a guess since I don't know the Cyrillic alphabet,
don't speak Russian, and can't read the sign above the door. A
passage below leads to the NE dock, but the door is guarded and
there's an easier way.


Alpha's going to love us. Continue around the east side of the
bunker-like building then head NW as far as you can. Go prone as you
pass the small ramp leading back and down to the sub pen and crawl
to the low chain link fence overlooking the dock. Don't shoot at the
patrol of two to the north -- wait for a lone patrol and then
another. The guard near the door at the end of the passage from the
previous building coughs and mutters: when the patrol of two
disappears out of sight to the north, raise to a crouched position
and look for him below where the fence jogs at an angle to the SE.
You might have to stomp your feet a bit for him to respond and come
out to see what's up.

Head down the small ramp, open the door (make sure Bravo is still on
recon), open the next door, and go prone. Crawl almost to the
catwalk and take out the four individual guards. Two patrol the
entire length of the catwalks on either side of the sub, so wait
patiently until they're close enough for a clean shot. Two more, one
on each side below, remain at your end -- the one down and to the
right stays mostly in the lighted area, so turning off night vision
temporarily may help locate him. Two passageways lead to the dock:
one is at the base of the near catwalk stairwell on the left and the
other is farther down near the end. Go ahead and explore if you
like, there's no one else down here -- military budget cuts since
the bad old days of the Soviet Union have taken their toll. For now,
we're going to let the two remaining guards out on the dock think
they're winning the war.


Once Tunney plants the demo on the sub in pen 51, the siren howls
and an entire enemy regiment springs into action -- the Russians are
not as unprepared as they seem. They emerge in three waves of nine
from the inaccessible barracks area to the south through the opening
in the fence near the well-lit guard shack next to the fuel depot.
Each wave fans out in three columns of three individuals. One column
heads NW to the two warehouses. A second runs straight north to the
dock area south of the insertion zone. A third heads east around the
fuel depot, arcs north, turns west at the connecting section of the
dock, then continues north to the insertion zone. We will be


Charlie heads south from the insertion zone and lies prone facing
south at the top of the slight grade. Position Galinsky about two
meters west of the railroad tracks with enough of her body over the
grade line so that she has a clear view ahead. Order Charlie to
hold. Her main responsibility is the second enemy column heading
straight north.

Bravo hikes back from sub pen 52 and goes prone on the edge of the
fuel depot platform just east of the center access ramp. Put Grey
next to the ramp, Ramirez to her right, both facing north and
slightly angled to the west. Order Bravo to hold. Bravo's job is to
stop the third column.

Alpha proceeds to sub pen 51 and Tunney is poised with the demo
charge. Alpha will be moving out to a position between the high wall
below the large storage tanks and the westernmost rail car, roughly
the same point from which Bravo dispatched the first fuel depot
guard. Alpha's job is to take out the first enemy column as it heads
for the warehouses.


When Bravo and Charlie are in position, switch to Alpha, and plant
the demo. Immediately switch to Bravo and bring up and zoom the map.
Set a single waypoint on the vertical grid line adjacent to the west
end of the rail car, equidistant between the car and the wall.

Fifteen seconds after the demo is planted, our presence is detected
and the siren goes off -- Alpha is en route to its destination.
Forty-five seconds later the first wave of nine appears -- Alpha has
reached its destination with two seconds to spare. Alpha and Charlie
begin firing. About ten seconds later the third column reaches Bravo
-- Grey fires at them as they approach on the railroad tracks, they
disappear behind the tanker car, then both Grey and Ramirez resume
firing. Mercifully, the enemy doesn't fire back.

The next wave appears from thirty to forty-five seconds later and
only after all nine are down -- if the next wave does not appear,
one of the enemy in column three has eluded Bravo. If so, switch to
Charlie, run north, locate the rascal, kill him, then run back and
resume your position.


With this setup you can switch to any of the characters with
reasonable confidence that the other squads can take care of
themselves. As Alpha, you can pick off enemy in columns two and
three as well. As Charlie, you can protect Alpha from enemy that try
to sneak around the corner by the rail car. And as Bravo, you can
help avoid letting one slip past -- these guys are tough and they
stagger and limp forward with a dozen or more slugs weighing them
down. Additionally, Galinsky can swing her sights to the east and
finish them off as they appear from behind the old brick train
station if they disappear out of Bravo's range. Use the map often to
get an overview of the battle.

You gotta give them credit: the Russians have guts, but now they're
splattered all over the ground.


Switch to Alpha and plant a demo charge in the fuel depot. Take
Bravo's previous path to sub pen 52, plant the demo, and leave
through the far exit as described previously. Open the door at the
end of the corridor, find the two oblivious enemy out on the dock,
and shoot them.

You can either head back to the insertion/extraction zone or finish
off the last three enemy in the naval base. They're in the building
with the satellite dish on the roof, NE of the old brick train
station. Head around to the back and shoot right through the
bulletproof window at the guy standing in the corner. Enter the
front door, sidestep through the doorway to the right, and kill
another through the open doorway of his office. Finally, go down the
hall, sidestep right and finish off a third in the next office. Want
to get out of this godforsaken place in a hurry? A round of rocket-
fired grenades for everyone.

MISSION 13 - Arctic Sun

Arkhangel'sk, Russia
October 3, 2008

"It looks like civil war. The Centrists in the government and
military have formed an alliance against the Ultranationalists.
We're getting reports of Russian-on-Russian fighting from Smolensk
to Vladivostok.

"We're continuing our strategy of raids against military bases that
are backing the coup. Your next target is the air base at
Arkhangel'sk. It's the test site for both the S-37 "Berkut", a new
experimental fighter prototype, and the Ka-50 "Hokum", Russia's next
generation attack helicopter. Your objectives are to plant demo
charges in both the "Berkut" and "Hokum" hangars as well as
completely shutting down operations in the control tower.

"Intel indicates that security at Arkhangel'sk is light --
apparently there's been a sharp increase in the number of desertions
since the coup -- so don't worry about trying to finesse your way
in. Based on our analysis the best approach is a direct frontal
assault. Hit them hard and fast and get out as quickly as possible."

1 - Secure Control Tower
2 - Destroy S37 Berkut
3 - Destroy KA-50 Hokum
4 - Get to Extraction Zone

ALPHA: Jacobs, Cohen, Loverso
BRAVO: Tunney, Grey
CHARLIE: Galinsky

Tunney moves to Bravo replacing Ramirez; Loverso joins Alpha.


Alpha enters the base and simply runs north in the middle of the
street east of the long two-story building. Go prone at the
intersection and shoot the guard near the flagpole in front of the
low building ahead. Six more obediently respond. Switch to Charlie,
enter the base, run up the storage tank embankment to the left, and
shoot the flight controller up in the control tower. (If Alpha
spotted no one by the flagpole, Charlie's shot will surely rouse
them.) Run north on the embankment and find and shoot the patrol of
three ahead on the tarmac west of the KA-50 Hokum hangar. Run east
(don't step on Alpha) all the way to the chain link fence, face
north, and wait for another patrol of three to approach from the
west side of the Hokum's sister hangar.

Switch to Alpha, enter the low building (looks like an officers'
lounge), explore if you wish, and exit through the west door. Head
north down the alley, open the NE door of the control tower, and
shoot the guard as opens the door in the far right corner of the
room. Head through the open doorway on the far wall (ooh, love this
carpet), head down the hallway, jog around the sofas, sidestep into
the hallway at the far end, and shoot the guard by the door. Another
controller is up the stairs in the tower, but we're going to spare
him for now until the two targets are destroyed.


Exit the building the way you came, run north to the east side of
the KA-50 Hokum hangar, and duck into the open door. Head up the
stairs to your right, go prone at the top, turn right, crawl to the
edge of the balcony, and take out the three guards below. Call Bravo
(you can set a single waypoint outside the door you just entered),
switch to Bravo, head through the door, turn left, enter the hangar,
and set the demo charge by the chopper.


Switch to Charlie, retrace your steps, head west to the north end of
the storage tanks, and wait for another patrol of three to appear
from around the northernmost unmarked hangar. Head NW and take out
another three in front of the S37 Berkut hangar. Switch to Alpha,
head for the door on the south side of the northernmost unmarked
hangar, and repeat the Hokum hangar procedure. (You might want to
put Alpha on hold and recon for this one -- the enemy is clearly in
view across the hangar.)


Switch to Charlie, take up a position at the NE corner of the
unmarked hangar, wait patiently, and watch through the open bay
doors for three more enemy inside the Berkut hangar to walk into
view from right to left. Shoot when they're on the left side -- you
don't want one or more to duck for cover. Switch to Alpha, exit the
way you came, hook left around the front of the hangar (don't step
on Astra), head for the aircraft on the tarmac, and make your way
around to the back of the Berkut hangar. Open the door in the NW
corner, step in, sidestep to the right and shoot the fixed machine
gunner in the SE corner of the hangar obscured by the box next to
the jet.

Hoof if back to the control tower, take off your boots and socks and
feel the soft all-wool stain-resistant fibers between your toes, go
up to the top of the stairs, down the short hallway, sneak up
another flight, sidestep left through the open doorway, and kill the
other controller. Too easy.

MISSION 14 - Willow Bow

Toropec, Russia
October 23, 2008

"Early reports indicate that the Centrist forces are stalled in
their fight with the Ultranationalists. Popular support for the
Ultranationalists has withered away to practically nothing -- they
lost all legitimacy when they executed the president -- but they
still control a sizable chunk of the military. Acting Prime Minister
Karpin has privately requested a NATO force to help the loyal
Russian troops crush the coup.

"1st Armored Division has already crossed the Latvian border and is
headed for Moscow. Satellite images show the main Ultranationalist
force massing near Toropec, about 200 klicks east of our current
position. Your mission is to link up with them and spearhead the
assault. Expect extremely heavy resistance -- armor, Spetznaz, the
works. You'll need to take both passes through the mountains and
hold them against all Russian counterattacks. But if we achieve a
breakthrough here, the coup is finished."

1 - Take North Pass
2 - Take South Pass
3 - Take Top of the Hill
4 - Neutralize Russian Camp

ALPHA: Jacobs, Cohen, Loverso
BRAVO: Grey, Ramirez
CHARLIE: Musingo

Ramirez replaces Tunney in Bravo; Musingo replaces Galinsky in
Charlie. Musingo's M24 is more accurate than Galinsky's SVD from a
crouched position and in this mission our sniper does not always
have the luxury of going prone. Alpha plays a support role and Bravo
freezes their butts at the insertion point.

SPECIAL NOTE: In previous missions, a friendly tank pushes you ahead
harmlessly if you get in its way. In this mission, it runs you over
and you're dead. However, other squads and squad members will
automatically move out of harms way.


Switch to Charlie, crouch, head NE along the fence, past our tank,
stop where the fence ends, scope the near rocky peak to the south,
find the enemy sniper about a third the way down on the left slope,
go prone, and shoot him. You're looking through tree branches and if
he's not there, stay prone, and crawl sideways to your left against
the rocky cliff until he appears.

Hug the outer cliff perimeter up through the valley, and as you
approach the rocky outcropping north of the pass, one of our tanks
pulls out. Hook left around to the opposite side of the outcropping,
turn around facing south, go prone, find the microwave tower
obscured in the frosty haze at the top of the hill, and scope the
ridge to its left for the white silhouettes of two sentries. Shoot
the one on the right first, then try for the one on the left. (We'll
assume the one on the left escapes -- there's a good chance he does
not come back into view for Charlie to take a second shot.) Set a
waypoint for Alpha at the south tip of your outcropping -- the tank
and the accompanying soldiers will come to a halt south of them and
face the pass.

Scenario 1

A. An enemy comes down the pass from the house (visible on the map
NW of the North Pass marker): shoot him and wait to see if there are
any more.

B. Continue east along the cliff, up the valley, and go prone where
a boulder blocks your path. Crawl between the boulder and the bush
on the right and far enough to see up into the valley ahead where
three enemy patrol. Watch for them to come into view, stay still,
and wait patiently for them to walk back up the distant slope before
taking them out.

C. Climb up the right side of the steep slope of the next pass
leading to the house, go prone when you see the roof, and crawl the
rest of the way to the right side of the boulder at the top. Crawl
to your right until you can see the distant ridge to the SW, zoom
scope, and find and kill another enemy sniper.

D. Switch to Alpha, continue up the valley, past the three new
corpses, up the next pass to the ridge at the top of which is a
section of the pipeline, order Alpha on recon and advance at all
costs, crouch, and head for the left side of the boulder obscuring
the microwave tower. Below is the house with five more enemy and
they're either in the yard on the side of the house by the road (to
the left) or in back and to the right mostly hidden by trees. Fire
off two or three rounds in quick succession from the GL end of your
OICW and retreat to the middle of the ridge. (If you get all of
them, you're notified that objective one has been completed. If not,
our tank will roll up and finish off any survivors, but you don't
want to stick around because one of them may send a grenade your

E. Head under the pipeline and find the spot behind the bush on the
left where you can see down into the outer valley -- about forty-
five seconds after the North Pass is secured, a group of two then
three enemy come up this valley. Step back from the edge, wait for
your threat indicator to glow red, wait another five seconds, then
step to the edge again and fire another OICW grenade between them.
Take up a prone position to the left of the large boulder (almost
under the pipeline) and wait for the group of three to appear one-
by-one (making a big stink as they advance) from around the end of
the rocky wall to your right.

Scenario 2

A. More than one enemy comes down the pass -- in fact the entire
platoon may descend and you're there mainly to protect the
friendlies from enemy grenades.

B. The enemy patrol of three may not come into view. Wait a while
then fire a shot or two over the near rise to get their attention.

C. Same as above.

D. If the entire enemy platoon descends and is destroyed on the pass
and objective one is complete, there's no need to fire down on the
house. But you must proceed to the same point as described above to
invoke our tank.

E. The second group of three hostiles may not follow the first group
of two -- they may instead approach the house from the North Pass
road in the inner valley. By now our tank has arrived at the house
and the enemy are either killed or pinned down below you on the
other side of your ridge. Crawl to the edge and finish them off.


Switch to Charlie, head for the North Pass road (south of the
house), and set a series of waypoints for Alpha to meet you there.
Switch to Alpha, head west up the road, and take up a position next
to the wall of rock on your left such that you have a clear view of
the area at the base of the pass to the top of the hill with the
microwave tower. Switch to Charlie, cross the road, circle from the
other direction, and stop as you approach the pass to the right
leading up to the tower -- a patrol of two appears from behind the
left side of the near boulder ahead to the SW. (If your threat
indicator glows as you approach the pass to the tower, turn right,
step sideways and shoot them at close range on the pass.) Continue
up to the pipeline stairs near the tower, crawl up, and shoot the
sniper at the opposite end of the pipeline to complete objective


Cross over the pipeline, head for the other end, go prone to the
left of the corpse, and peek over the edge: a bunker on either side
of the road below guards the South Pass. Take out the enemy rifleman
first then the machine gunner in the near bunker, then the rifleman
and the machine gunner in the far one. Crawl sideways to the your
right if necessary and shoot a fifth standing at the base of the
ridge behind the far bunker, then a sixth up and to the right on top
of the ridge to complete objective two.

Crawl sideways to your right until you can see the small portion of
the South Pass road in front of the chalet, then find a group of
four enemy to the left of the chalet. (If you don't see them, wait
until they return from the front of the building, out of view.) Pick
off as many as you can through the V in the rock ridge in front of
the chalet, then wait for any survivors to advance on the road. If
any get through, let Alpha finish them as they advance up the hill.

Climb over the near pipeline stairs, go back down the hill, and head
SW to the dead end ridge east of the South Pass. Crouch and follow
the outer edge (the bunkers are directly below on your right), zoom
scope as it angles to the south, continue slowly, and search for a
distant enemy standing due south in the V created by your ridge's
sloped face and the face of the southern tip of the rock ridge
across the road. Shoot him and wait patiently for two more to appear
one after the other on the road below.

Two more enemy are hidden in the trees on the southern part of the
ridge across the road. (On the map, they're due west of the one you
killed in the V.) Here are two tactics for flushing them out:

1. From a point about 4 meters from the south end of the edge of
your ridge, search the far ridge SSW for a small boulder and
sidestep back and forth until you see his legs to the right of it
(the other one is farther back and completely hidden). If you can't
find him, simply shoot into the trees a few times -- regardless of
whether you score a hit, they'll both run south after a few moments
and come after you. Take them out in the V or below on the road.

2. Head down from the ridge to the bunker on your side of the road,
crouch on the wrong side of the bunker, and in a few moments you'll
spot them running up the far ridge. If you miss, they'll return
fire, and come after you along the base of your ridge (following the
same route as the others) -- go prone where your ridge angles south
and wait for them. These two pose a threat to the guys accompanying
our other tank, which starts rolling up to the South Pass road as
you approach the bunkers.


Follow the road to the plateau at the south end of the map and take
cover behind the end of the rocky ridge that separates it from the
next plateau to the east, the one with the shed. Scope NE along the
ridge north of the shed plateau and find and shoot the guard
partially hidden by a bush. Head up along the same ridge toward his
corpse and find another by the ridge. Circle clockwise around the
rock hill to the north, hug the east perimeter rocky wall, and make
your way to the opening in the ridge overlooking the Russian camp.
Crouch and take all of them out from left to right, near to far.
When/if they start firing back, either cross your fingers or step to
the right momentarily behind the cover of the ridge. One may hide
behind a bunker, but sooner or later he'll move and give away his
position. One may leave the camp via the east-west road and hook
around the ridge above the shed plateau -- he's not hard to find.
The mission ends when all eight Russians are dead.

MISSION 15 - White Razor

Moscow, Russia
November 10, 2008

"I never thought I'd see U.S. troops fighting in Red Square on
behalf of the Russian people. This is the final showdown, gentlemen.
The Ultranationalists hold the Kremlin and not much else. We're
going to finish this thing right here.

"First order of business is a squad of U.S. troops pinned down just
to the east of your current position. Make your way through the
medieval quarter, eliminate any resistance you encounter, and
relieve those GI's. From there head south through the GUM department
store to get to Red Square. The street will be full of refugees so
watch your fire -- remember that we're here as liberators, not as

"Red Square is heavily defended. Be prepared for armor. There's
almost no cover, but fortunately the snow should cut visibility and
give you an advantage.

"Now get out there and do your job. Let's win this one and go home."

1 - Relieve pinned down troops
2 - Take Nikolskaya Tower
3 - Take Spasskaya Tower
4 - Avoid Civilian Casualties

ALPHA: Jacobs, Cohen, Loverso
BRAVO: Tunney, Grey
CHARLIE: Galinsky

Tunney replaces Ramirez in Bravo; Galinsky replaces Musingo in
Charlie. The streets are indeed full of refugees so take extra care.


Set a waypoint for Charlie on the west side of the street at the
first intersection south of the insertion zone. Stick Bravo, for
safekeeping, in the SE corner of the small park across the street.
As Alpha, run east through the street past the large park with the
broken fountain, crouch, zoom scope, and find either of the two
enemy to the south in the intersection in front of the GUM
department store. As the mission begins, an unseen enemy patrol of
three walks north through the buildings SE of the insertion zone --
directly into Charlie's sights. When the patrol of two hears
Charlie's shots, they follow and Alpha has two choices: take them
out (be mindful of the many refugees) before Charlie fires or let
them meet their buddies' fate at the business end of an SVG.

Head south to the street in front of the GUM, then east again, and
couch behind the rubble pile. Shoot the unsuspecting hostile
standing beyond the parked car ahead on the left at the next
intersection, then wait for four more to emerge, one-by-one, from
behind the building in front of the car. Objective one is complete,
but don't blow it by shooting the NATO troops as they, too, emerge.


Enter the vestibule, make way for any fleeing refugees, activate
night vision, wait until all of Alpha are inside then go prone,
order Alpha to hold, stay against the outer wall, and crawl
counterclockwise around the center vestibule barrier such that you
have a clear view of the inner entranceway but remain as far from it
as possible. A patrol of three guarding the entrance strolls back
and forth in the arcade beyond and two other patrols of two and
three make their rounds out of sight on the arcade's upper level.
Wait for one of the lower patrol to come into view, shoot him, and
pick off the two others as they enter. The other five may eventually
fire a few grenades, descend to ground level, and venture in -- if
you count a total of eight corpses, the GUM department store is
clear and you can shop at your leisure.

If you count fewer than eight corpses, circle clockwise around the
vestibule barrier, face west, stay prone, crawl sideways toward the
arcade, and peek left often until you spot another. Their
location(s) will be, in order of priority, as follows: a) in the
entrance of a short hallway about 30 meters west on the upper level,
on the other side of the arcade directly above the rubble pile; b)
in the entrance of a lit short hallway about 35 meters west on your
level, on the other side of the arcade; c) against the wall, a few
meters away, at the corner of your entranceway; d) farther west
against the wall.

Once they're down, you can relax and hunt down the remainder, if
any. They will be: f) just around the corner in the lit hallway; g)
at the opposite end of the same hallway; h) left, at the top of the
stairs; i) approaching on the upper level west of the entrance as
described above in (a)... a grenade from your OICW works fine if
you're weary of face-to-face combat. If one of the patrols on the
upper level is far enough away when the battle begins, they may not
have noticed your presence and are easy to stalk.

Order all squads advance at all costs (so no one holds when they
hear the enemy tank outside) and move your platoon to the west end
of the south upper level of the GUM -- could this be bigger than the
Mall of America? Switch to Bravo, move counterclockwise around the
exit barrier wall, and destroy the enemy tank as it turns around and
begins to exit the east-west dead end street. (It patrols a small
area and can be destroyed anywhere, but let's not provide more cover
for the enemy to hide behind. Also, note the dead tank sitting off
the left at the intersection, so don't waste a rocket.) Move Bravo
back behind the exit barrier wall.


Here's the plan. An enemy patrol of three circles counterclockwise
in Red Square and covers a small area south of the GUM exit -- they
cross the intersection behind the dead tank, inspect your street on
the west end of the GUM, walk to the barriers at the end of the
short east-west street, walk east around a rubble pile in Red
Square, and return to the dead tank. Another patrol of two circles
clockwise and covers a much larger area to the south. Two fixed
machine gunners in bunkers are placed one behind the other north of
Nikolskaya Tower. We want to take out the trio first, then the duo,
and the machine gunners last.

Switch to Alpha, order all squads advance, head down the north steps
into the outer exit vestibule, go prone facing the dead tank, and
wait patiently for the trio to appear from behind the dead tank.
Depending on where they are when their tank is destroyed, they may
pause and reflect before recklessly exposing themselves -- if they
don't appear, fire a shot at the dead tank to get their attention.
Alpha gets five easy kills if the duo follows, but more likely
they're in the vicinity of the Kremlin and haven't noticed they're
about to lose the war. Either way, switch to Charlie, crouch, go to
the end of the sidewalk, and when you get to the end of the railing,
head back downhill so as not to be seen by the near machine gunner
in Red Square. Move out into the middle of the street, go prone,
crawl ahead, and stop when you can see over the incline. Scope the
area to the south for the duo and shoot them. If you don't see them
and don't want to wait, find and shoot the near machine gunner (the
one on the left) through the small openings between the dead tank's
wheels and tracks. Check to see if the duo is in sight, and if not,
shoot the far machine gunner. Shoot the duo from a safe distance and
objective two is complete.

Crouch, approach the corner of the GUM building by the dead tank,
poke your head around, take out the two unsuspecting enemy near the
newly-arrived tank to the NW, and then a third as he appears from
behind the tank. Order Charlie to hold, switch to Bravo, step around
the same corner, and destroy the tank. Move Bravo out of harm's way,
switch to Charlie, and scope the top of the long low distant
barricade behind and to the right of the tank for three enemy heads.
Patience is the key -- sooner or later they'll show up. Take as many
out as you can, then wait patiently again as they crawl and try to
sneak up on you through the opening in the near barricade.

Head for the newly-destroyed tank, then move out into Red Square and
find and shoot the fixed machine gunner to the east. Find the shell
crater about 25 meters NE of the tank, get in, go prone looking over
the top and facing east, and wait for a patrol of two to appear in
the distant breach in the rubble beyond the back end of the bus.
Switch to Bravo, take up a position at the front of the car beyond
the bus, and wait for the third and final tank to appear through the
same breach.

Switch to Charlie, crouch, head east through the breach, sidestep to
the left around the rubble pile, and find another fixed machine
gunner far ahead to the SE. Wait for a patrol of two to come into
view, then shoot them also. Head north for the demolished main
entrance of the GUM, walk east, find a bunker with a pickup truck
and another beyond and to the right, queue the Star Spangled Banner,
and shoot both machine gunners to end the mission.
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