Darksiders 2

Darksiders 2 Savegame (Boosted Stats, Clean NG+ start)

Описание и инструкции

Playgound 1 - Completed 100% (All legendaries, story and side quests) - 17 hours gameplay save + 2 for modding and testing.
Playgound 2 - 00 seconds played save and 23 seconds played save (for evade any kind of problems).
All items are sold. Possessed Scythe and Secondary weapons equiped (stats in the screenshot). Full Abyssal Set equipped (or in inventory).
Statistics are not HEX edited. - They are permanently and wont change if gear switch or something.
89 skill points (you can get 10 more while playing quests and take all 5 relics = 99 = All skills maxed) - NOT HEX edited (you will have 89-99 points even after reset em at Vulgrim).
Stats are boosted not too much - around 999-1000; Weapons are not HEX edited; HP is ~maxed 21000, Wrath is ~5800 - Both not HEX edited and game calculated (they not cross the limit)
Level 30 - HEX edited not by me (I just fix the bugged XP).
The save is tested and works fine!
IMPORTANT: If you play the new DLC's - Abyssal Forge and Arguls Tomb the game may start crashing -> This is problem by THQ (you can read in forums about that) not by the save!
-Save 00... its not even started - You can choice the difficulty when you start it.
-Save 1... its at the very begging (23 seconds played just to test it (later I played 2 hours and its all fine)).

Here is the screenshot for more details ->farm9.staticflickr.com/8342/8157793389_0cabf6095..

To play it you will need to have Darksiders 2 client with the all DLC's (16 ready atm), HEX editor to make it playable on your PC (you can find more info about that here in the forum)

Have fun!

Sorry for english, but my russian is even worst :c Greeting from Bulgaria!
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