DarkStone's Regions & Heroes of Uma FAQ (English)

DarkStone's Regions & Heroes of Uma FAQ

Version 1.2

Based on the PC version of the game


Written by BaDBoY (badboy_@go.com)

On: Sunday, January 19, 2003

Last Update: Wednesday, January 22, 2003


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I. Introduction

A. My First Words

B. Updates History

II. Regions of Uma

A. Ardyl

B. Marghor

C. Ormar

D. Serkesh

III. Heroes of Uma

A. Warrior

B. Amazon

C. Wizard

D. Sorceress

E. Monk

F. Priestess

G. Assassin

H. Thief

IV. Conclusion

A. My Final Words

B. Thanks to


I. Introduction


A. My First Words


Welcome to this Regions & Heroes of Uma FAQ for DarkStone on the

PC. Here, you'll find the information of the Regions & Heroes taken

from the Manual. If you don't have it, this file will surely help



B. Updates History


<> Version 1.0 - 1/20/2003

- Wrote all of this.

<> Version 1.2 - 1/22/2003

- Fixed a small mistake while revising the FAQ. Could this be

the final version of the FAQ? Maybe.


II. Regions of Uma


A. Ardyl


The region of Ardyl has traditionally served as a refuge for

Uma's fiercest warriors, as well as for the renowned amazons. It is

now being threatened by the presence of goblins and skeletons.


B. Marghor


This region has long been the preferred haunt of Uma's most

powerful wizards. They used to live in isolation from the rest of

their world, in towers hidden away in the depths of Marghor's

forests. There used to also be sorceresses, but now Marghor is under

threat from the lizard and rat men, who have already burnt down the

wizards' towers and massacred many sorceresses...


C. Ormar


Ormar was home to the most loyal servants of the gods, and many

monasteries were built in the region. Monks and priestesses came here

for training, as well as to strengthen their faith and learn the arts

of magic and combat. But with this region now being taken over by the

Wyverns, the monasteries have gradually begun to disappear...


D. Serkesh


This land instills fear and dread in Uma's merchants. Its roads

are far from safe, despite being patrolled by village police and

guards, and there are very few that would dare travel along them

unaccompanied. Serkesh is the most barren of Uma's lands. Only

recently, snakes have begun to occupy the land at a quite astonishing

rate. According to some rumours, it is also inhabited by dangerous

thieves, but who can be sure?


III. Heroes of Uma


A. Warrior


The finest warriors are born in the heart of Ardyl's forests.

From their earliest years, they have to become tough and develop

absolute physical strength to be able to confront the dangers lurking

in their region.

As children, they learnt to survive in the most hostile of

environments, to overwhelm wild beasts with their bare hands and,

above all, to fight the goblins and skeletons which abound in their

land. They have also put their many expeditions to the various

villages to good use by acquiring the mastery of swordsmanship. They

usually end up as mercenaries or masters of arms.

These warriors are now the strongest men alive. Their powerful,

yet agile muscular frame makes them formidable opponents in direct

combat. Their strength fills the lords with dread and there are very

few that would dare challenge them in single combat. They stalk their

enemies with the patience of a hunting cat, and can swoop down on

them with the speed of a hawk. They do have once weakness, however:

they dislike magic because they consider it a demeaning means of

combat. They prefer by far the incisive cut and hard steel of the

sword to the use of spells.


B. Amazon


Amazons are fierce horsewomen who live in the region of Ardyl.

They are entrusted at a young age to a Mother and soon become

formidable warriors, showing no fear of either physical strength or

magic powers.

They learn as a group to compensate for their lack of physical

strength through their agility and flexibility. Guided by their

Mother, they must continually undergo a serious of stern trials with

the aim of strengthening their spirit and making them a match for any

warrior. The worst of these "character-building" trials involves them

venturing into the goblins' den and bringing back the skull of their


The Amazons gain the upper hand in direct combat thanks to their

agility and the way in which they can anticipate their opponent's

blows. Their enemies describe it as being involved in a relentless

dance of death.

Similarly to the warriors, the Amazons have mastered the use of

the sword, demonstrating impressive accuracy. It is, indeed, very

rare for them to use magic.


C. Wizard


The greatest wizards come from the region of Marghor. Tradition

has it that the ancient wizards always come to Marghor to choose

those who have the Gift to become apprentice wizards. This happens

when candidates are in their adolescence.

Their whole life is then turned upside down. They return with

their master to his tower, a solitary place conducive to reading and

learning. These young wizards spend most of their time immersed in

the spell books of the ancient wizards. For years on end they wear

their eyesight out poring over scrolls, spending endless nights in

their master's library. And then gradually, they begin to master

increasingly difficult and complex spells.

Unfortunately, however, the wizards' towers have now disappeared

since the lizard and rat men invaded the region. They carried out

attacks on the towers, killing may apprentices in the process...

The young wizards have now been left with no alternative other

than to fight for survival. But as they have never handled weapons

they can only rely on their magic powers to defend themselves, as

they have always preferred to concentrate on developing their minds,

rather than their bodies. But, despite their lack of any physical

strength, they have managed to impress their enemies with the

intensity of their spells.


D. Sorceress


Very little is known about the sorceresses' early years. Rumour

has it that they learnt their magic by themselves in the shady

clearings of Marghor's forests. Others allege that the goddess

Kaliba, herself, took them under her wing.

The source of the sorceresses' power is Nature itself. And

indeed, they have no match when it comes to knowing the right plants

to combine in order to create terrible spells.

But their most terrifying power, which may be seen as either a

gift or a curse, is lycanthropy, which transforms them into a beast,

half woman, half wolf.

The sorceresses are universally feared on account of their

potent magic.

However, for some time now, the ingredients that make up their

strange concoctions have become more difficult to find. Worse still,

the rat and lizard men have overrun their territory. The Sorceresses

realised that they wouldn't be strong enough to confront them, so

they had to leave the safe cover of the trees and venture further out

towards the villages.

The village inhabitants still eye them with mistrust, even

today, but the sorceresses pay little heed to this as it is vital for

them to keep on the move, roaming the land of Uma in search of new

ingredients that will enhance their magic powers.


E. Monk


In the past, before the darkness descended, many monasteries

were established in the region of Ormar. The prospective monks were

sent to these monasteries where they became good men, enjoying the

respect of all. The monks spent many years in this place of prayer,

learning various combat techniques and spells.

Although less accomplished than wizards or warriors in these

respective arts, the monks have the advantage of being highly

competent in the complementary disciplines of war and magic. Isolated

from the rest of the world in their peaceful haven, they have had

years to master the use of blunt weapons (i.e. those weapons other

than swords). The staff has become their favourite weapon. They have

also studied white magic, so that they can use it to help their

neighbour and conquer Evil.

There are now far fewer monks than there were in the past.

Nearly all of the monasteries have fallen under attacks from the

wyverns sweeping across the region.

Monks now represent good, as well as life and its combat. They

are still held in high regard because of both their skills with a

staff and their ability to heal wounds.


F. Priestess


As with the monks, the priestesses have divided their lives

between religious devotion and learning the arts of combat and magic.

The source of their strength is their faith and they fight in the

name of the gods. In a world increasingly threatened every day by the

Darkness, they stand out as beacons of Good and Life.

During their travels they offer assistance to beggars, and they

are quite prepared to take on thieves in direct combat, or use their

magic to alleviate the suffering of the sick.


G. Assassin


In order to survive, assassins often begin their careers by

relieving merchants of their purses. From their youth, they know how

to move around in the dark without making a single sound and steal

from sleeping travellers. Their exploits always end up attracting the

attention of the Thieves Guild in Serkesh. The assassins have settled

in this region, so that they can benefit from the lessons of more

accomplished exponents than themselves. In time, the most able of the

young apprentices can even surpass their masters.

As they are cunning and nimble, assassins often use projectile

weapons when attacking their opponents in combat. Even if they are

capable of engaging in direct combat, they actually prefer to kill

their enemy even before he has had the time to draw his sword or use

his magic. This tactic is very effective against the serpents that

are rife in the region. The assassins have also mastered a number of



H. Thief


The thieves' reputation precedes them in the region of Serkesh.

All of these women have demonstrated at one time or other that they

have the stuff of which thieves are made. Thus, they became members

of the renowned Thieves Guild, where they could develop their natural

talents further.

Within the guild they learnt to use their skills to break into

merchants' lavish residences to steal gold and precious jewels. They

also learnt how to kill sentries using projectile weapons and to set

traps for travellers at nightfall. Their skill set is considerable

and makes them very dangerous opponents, both in direct combat and

when using long range weapons.


IV. Conclusion


A. My Final Words


I enjoyed making this in-depth FAQ. I hope it was useful to you.

If you are making a walkthrough for this game, and want to take the

things here, you can do so, as long as you've e-mailed me before.

Have a good play.


B. Thanks to


I'd like to give thanks to...

<> DarkStone™'s Game Manual

For the names and describtions of the Regions & Heroes of Uma

found in this document.

<> Electronic Arts and Delphine Software International

For making such a good game.

<> Loic Belland

For writing the Manual of DarkStone™.

<> CJayC, Webmaster of GameFAQs

For making the best game guides Web site ever on the www.

<> You

For reading or even scrolling my file down. Without you, this may

not be possible. Thanks a lot.

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