Empire Earth

Empire Earth: Guide (English)

show you the buildings line of sight. It merely reveals
THE BUILDINGS and no more than just the buildings. Many people I played
with decide to exclude this wonder from the game, so that if anyone has
a base around your base or begins to exclude you from your ally so you
cannot foresee his actions and kill him. Or vice versa. So its
understandable. But try to get the people you play with to agree that once a
person looses his first base, if they want to continue. Then they should
allow this wonder to be built. This guy once kept moving a group of
citizens around the map, building camps and then populating them, had half
the map to him. you can also use this to see when your enemy begins to bring
units through his gates, scince the gates are shown, you see when they open and
when they close.

Gates of Ishtar (or Ishtar Gates something like that): these increase
the HP of your towers and walls. This is a must for anyone, but for some
reason it doesn't always seem to work. Build this no matter what strategy
you use.

Temple of Zeus: this will enable your units to heal themselves if they
are standing still and have no commands. Build this building before
your main attack. Combined with a strategist hero, your units self heal
from the wonder, and get to self heal from your hero. making them heal
remarkably fast. Combined with a warrior hero, your units will self
heal and have increased morale; making them harder to kill, and heal. ;)

Tower of Babylon: This enables your priest to convert a group of units
if they're close to each other. A more appropriate way of putting this is to say
that your preists begin to convert with an area affect :D Build this building
and have several
priests in some of your fortresses. when your attacked, unpopulate the
fortress and convert as many enemy units as you can. otherwise don't
build this wonder, because it's useless unless your enemy uses groups of
units and you use priests.

That's about it for wonders. when playing I suggest you disable
wonder victory, unless you decide on not attacking each other. Because most
people tend to have a good defense, good not unbeatable, and then build
wonders and win. so it can be a bad thing to enable wonder victory.
If you got any other strats that'll work with specific wonders, or hints
on how to use wonders, email me. And of course as always ill have your
name put in with appropriate credits.

My email is sinful_666@excite.com
10.0 What do you call them? The people you thank? Credits, whatever.
you'll find them here...

here're the credits. being among first version release of this guide the credits will be short.
thanks go to:

Sierra and Stainless Steel Studios, for making this wonderful game,
Which many people tried to understand and couldn't. ended up mistaking it
for a good game trying to be great, whereas it's a great game.
pringles, once you pop you can't stop.
Mountain Dew, for being a great friend in time of thirst.
Toshiba for making this awesomely fast laptop, on which I play EE and wrote this guide.
Sierra again.
And my friends GuArDiAn(no one knows what I'm thinking as well), SAL JIN
KHAZMA(some dude who thinks he rocks in tekken.) and not least but last
IMF_Spyder, for giving me the chance to play EE and AOE2 over and over and over
again in multiplayer.
Misr25536 (did I spell it right?), for telling me to make this guide,
after kicking him several times over.
all those people out there who thought they could beat me and
didn't. I learnt that I'm the best from you guys.
and all those other people who thought they could beat me and did. Made
me think twice about thinking I'm the best.
and of course my big bro. If it wasn't for him playing warcraft2 and
letting me watch. I wouldn't have played Warcraft2 and become in love with
strategy games.

My email is sinful_666@excite.com
11.0 "Must read"'s (short section, wit