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Grand Theft Auto 5 (GTA V): Felix The Furry Trainer

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Do not comment asking if this will get you banned no one can guarantee you will or wont get banned so use at your own risk... Im not banned sooo ?

Forgot to mention if your name spoof is to long or has invalid characters it might act up and not let you into a game with others...
Also you have to spoof your name in game then join a new one...

Trainer Made By Felix The Furry!
How To:
Start GTA5.exe
Run This Tool
Select The Features You Want


1. Open cheat engine and attach It to GTA5.exe
2. Set Value type to array of byte
3. Search for this value:
01 00 00 08 60 F0 60 F0 54 F2 54 F2
4. You should be left with only 1 result
5. Now add this address Into the memory address box
6. Make sure you keep the "&H" so it should look like &H0E285FFC

In order to teleport you must be either standing still or in a parked car
then set a waypoint on the in game map and hold numpad 0 for a second or two
then simply walk forward or drive forward and your new location should update.

Note: If teleporting goes to the wrong location or underground then set your Height from -999 to something above ground level like 50 - 200 depending on location

Hotkey Controls:
Numpad 0

/F Key Mode
Insert Key

Note: If gravity is really high it might make your car move around and therefore wont teleport.

Note: Teleporting on foot can be a little ify if its not working well set a manual height
Teleporting in cars works 99999x better use this for 100% accurate teleports.

Sky Walker Mode:
In order to sky walk you must be standing still
and hold the key down for a second or two
then simply walk forward and your new location should update.

Note: this can be a little buggy and might not work so well but is fun to use for sniping from the sky!

Hotkey Controls:
Numpad 1

/F Key Mode
Delete Key

Car Gravity:
Setting a car gravity higher than 10 will increase the speed and handling of a car.

Hotkey Controls:
Numpad 7: Decrease gravity
Numpad 8: Set Gravity To 0
Numpad 9: Increase Gravity

/F Key Mode
F1 Decrease gravity
F2 Set Gravity To 0
F3 Increase Gravity

Player Gravity:

Hotkey Controls:
Numpad 4: Decrease gravity
Numpad 5: Set Gravity To 0
Numpad 6: Increase Gravity

/F Key Mode
F5 Decrease gravity
F6 Set Gravity To 0
F7 Increase Gravity

Never Ending Sky Dive Mode:
Start skydiving by teleporting to 555 height or jump out of a helicopter etc then once you are in free fall mode set your player gravity to 4-8 depending on desired speed

Slow-Mo Control:
Numpad *: Toggle On/Off
/F Key Mode
Page Up Key

RP Exploit:
RP exploit works by giving you 5 stars and then removes them and this earns you 800RP.
RP Exploit can be a little weird and not always work so here is what I do to make it work.
1. Restart the game
2. Join a server
3. Select wanted lvl
4. Select RP Exploit
You should then earn RP If not try again?

Note: If RP stops being earned turn off god mode then kill yourself that usually fixes it for me.

Все работает проверенно лично, дроп 2к юзать не советую. изменения имени работает! включаешь и читеришь без бана.

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