Kane and Lynch: Dead Men

Kane and Lynch: Dead Men: Трейнер (+6)

Описание и инструкции

Numpad 1: Kane Mega Health- Kane has increased health and cannot be killed
by most things. May not work in all instances.
Numpad 2: Mega Ammo- Selected weapon gets 10000 more ammo.
Numpad 3: Mega Clip- Selected weapon hass 1000 round clip.
Numpad 4: Mega Grenades- Adds more grenades if you are carrying them.
Numpad 5: Revive Buddies- Revives all fallen Buddies. No need for
epinephrine shots anymore.
Numpad 6: Mega NPC Health- Note! This affects all characters in the area
at the time you press it! This increases the health of your buddies
as well as any other characters in the area. Other characters can
still be killed instantly with hand to hand combat but your buddies
will be more invincible. Probably best to use this at the beginning
of a mission before the enemies come out, since it will affect those
enemies in the general area as well
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