NBA 2K15

NBA 2K15: Трейнер/Trainer (+19) [1.0] {ALI213}

Описание и инструкции

Автор: ALI213
Издание: Steam Build 6
Язык Трейнера: Китайский
Количество Функций: 19
Дата Создания Трейнера: 14-10-2014

F1 - unlimited game time (game time is reset to 6 minutes and locked after closing the current section 6 minutes from start time)
F2 - end the game immediately (immediate end to the current section of the game)
F3 - unlimited time attack (attack time will be locked in 24 seconds will not reduce (the ball one minute, all right))
F4 - Empty attack time (attack time cleared the offensive end of the back, can be used when the other ball, quick to make one's own offensive opportunities to get again)
F5 - infinite skill points (MC mode infinite skill points, skill points to upgrade property becomes 999,999, you can buy character attributes, etc.)
F6 - accelerate upgrades (MG (legendary manager) mode, when you turn on the character upgrade (ie choose when to get medals or equipment) selection is completed, Get 5000 experience points, going directly to the next one, do not want to continue the upgrade is closed)
F7 - career unlimited income (income career at MC mode becomes 99999999)
F8 - The maximum number of fans (number of fans at MC mode becomes 999999999)
F9 - unlimited upgrade points (unlimited use skill points to upgrade points)
F10 - unlock the badge (badge at all MC mode unlocked)
CTRL + 1 - unlimited stamina
CTRL + 2 - to the next season
CTRL + 3 - Go to the previous season
Modify the game time and time attack
Click to read the value you can get the current value of the corresponding item
After entering numerical values click Edit, then modify success
This section of the game remaining time (numerical units / sec, the input 300 game time is 5 minutes)
The attack time remaining (value units / sec, the input 30 game time is 30 seconds)
Weight (in character to use when creating MC, general initial weight values around 200 (corresponding to the displayed value to 90KG or so), you can directly modify the entry into force, and finally the best change, otherwise it will change the weight when modifying height)
Height (in character to use when creating the MC units CM, ie enter 280 characters into a 2.8 meters tall)
Wingspan (initial plus point bar shows 100, the corresponding values are read to 1. That is, if this changed to 2, written after wingspan plus point bar shows 200)
Shoulder (initial plus point bar shows 100, the corresponding values are read to 1. That is, if this changed to 2, after writing Shoulder plus point bar shows 200)
Note: After modifying the height, in the game itself select Modify to change the height of the place, Model next turn will make adjustments for the value (height maximum display value is 2.31M, but the actual value of writing has been changed)
Shoulder modified after wingspan and can add a little bit of body length, Model next turn will make adjustments for the value of

Скопировать все файлы из архива в корень установленной игры.
Запустить сначала трейнер, потом игру или наоборот.
Во время игры нажимайте на клавиши указанные в трейнере.

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работает у кого?
все на китайском, и не понятно, какую кнопку надо нажать, чтобы включить трейнер
Трейнер офигенный!Всё работает