NBA Live 2003

NBA Live 2003: Hints (English)

Easy fouls

When your opponent is backing you down, press [Taking Charge] to get the CPU to foul you. Information in this section was contributed by Virethab.

Easy freethrows

Pause game play, then change the controller setting to the CPU. Resume game and after the CPU has shot the freethrow, pause game play again and change the controller setting back to its original value.

Easy 3 pointers

On defense, get a good 3 pointer or even someone that cannot make that many. Then do not move until it is your ball. In other words, let the other players do the work. When you get the ball, pass it to that person. Do not use turbo or any tricks. Just shoot a 3 pointer close up and he will make it.

Easy dunks

When you get possession of the ball, pass it to someone who is known to have good dunking abilities. You can usually tell if they are good dunkers when they have the icon with a shoe and lightning. Players such as Jerry Stackhouse, Vince Carter, Kobe Bryant, and Tracy McGrady are good choices. You also need to make sure that your player has good dribbling skills. Move around near the three point line. Do a few crossovers and spins on your opponent, and he will usually trip slightly. Then, press [Turbo] to make a drive into the basket. Hold [Shoot] until your player is ready to dunk the ball.

Pump fakes

To do a pump fake, simply tap [Shoot]. Usually when a defender is near you, he will jump and try to block your fake. While he is in mid-air, shoot the ball and about 80% of the time it will goes in because there is no one interfering with your shot. Make sure you do not try to move after doing a pump fake, because you will get called for traveling.

Bypassing tough defenders

If you are trying to shoot and have a top defender on your player (for example, Ben Wallace, Bruce Bowen, Kevin Garnett, Kobe, Jason Kidd, Tim Duncan, etc.) and he will not go for a head fake, take a few dribbles. After that, do another fake and he will usually go flying. This also can help you draw easy fouls.

Iverson's tattoos

Take the sleeve off his right hand to see more tattoos that the NBA has banned Iverson from showing because they consider them inappropriate. You can also make Iverson bald with no headband to see two tattoos of girls kissing.

Change players ratings

You can change player ratings in regular season or franchise mode at any time while your team is in the playoffs. Just go to "Team Management", then "Edit Player". Select a player on your team and you will be able to choose the "Ratings" option. You can now change that player's ratings in any way desired. You cannot do this during the regular season. You can also change a player's gear any time you desire (for example, socks, armbands, etc.)

Slower speed

Change the game type to "Arcade" and select the desired rules for the game. It has a much slower game speed and easier control.

Frame rates

If you notice that your game is running slow after awhile when playing, press [Alt] + [Tab] to minimize the game and go to your Desktop. Click NBA Live 2003 on the menu bar again and it will go back to the game. You will now notice that everything is running smoother again. You should attempt this trick every time a quarter ends to keep the game playing with faster frame rates.

Starting in franchise mode

The first thing you should do when beginning franchise mode is to release all your minimum salary (30,000 points) players that have ratings below 73 to sign other players that have higher ones. For example, if you have Jannero Pargo in your Lakers franchise, he has a salary that is 30,000 points with an overall rating of 72. Release him and sign Tim Hardaway for the same 30,000 point value. You will get a better deal because Tim Hardaway has an 80 rating. Try to make a strong bench line so that when one of your starters gets injured, a good replacement can fill in for that person.

Franchise mode trading

If you want trade for a player but the team that has him does not want to accept your offer, simply change the player you want to trade to the other player's position. Most of the time the team will accept. For example, if you have a Lakers franchise and are willing to trade Robert Horry for Ben Wallace but the Pistons will not accept your offer, change Robert Horry's position to Center and the Pistons will most likely accept. Try to do this trick as often as possible for better trading.

Franchise mode All-Star game

In franchise mode, no player less than 85 in overall rating can be chosen as an All-Star player in the All-Star game during February. The CPU randomly picks players who have high ratings and are on the "League Leaders" list.

Sign good free agents when over the salary cap

In the off season of franchise mode, when you get to the option to sign free agents, skip over it. Select the option to trade players. The game will confirm that you want to skip signing free agents. Answer "Yes". If you leave at least four roster spots open, the CPU will automatically sign free agents for you on one year, 30,000 point contracts. The better the year your team has had, the better the players you will get. Also, the more roster spots you leave open, the more players you will get.

More players want to sign

If you want more or better players on your team, win the championship. Players will ask for longer term deals, but for 300,000 points.

Signing free agents

If a player refuses to sign with your team, try offering him a longer contract.

Older players in franchise mode

Be careful when signing players over the age of 37. Those players usually retire after one or two years.

Smaller crowds

If you are playing in franchise mode, try to stay above .500 in winning percentage. If you go under .500, most of the time fans will stop going to your games.

Michael Jordan fadeaways

When playing with Michael Jordan, always hold [Left] or [Right] while shooting the ball. That maneuver uses the fadeaway shot that he made famous. The ball goes in about 85% of the time when doing fadeaways with Michael Jordan.

Shaking the backboard

The backboard and the basket will shake after doing a slam dunk.

Dunk from the freethrow line Michael Jordan or Julius Irving

During practice or exhibition mode select either 90's All-Star Michael Jordan or 80's All-Star Julius Irving anytime during a game. Get clear enough to jump from the freethrow line and dunk. Note: This will not work during a one-on-one game.

5 on 4 advantage

At random times, your opponent will shoot the ball from the 3 point line and make it in while his partner tries to intercept the shot and attempt an alley- oop, but that person will not be able to make the alley-oop succeed since the ball already went in. For example, Larry Hughes will try to shoot a 3 pointer from the 3 point line. The shot makes it in; however, Jerry Stackhouse also tries to get the ball in mid-air. When this happens, the person trying to alley- oop the ball hangs on the rim for about three to five seconds, which leaves you enough time to inbound the ball to the farthest person on the other side of the court. This is perfect for making easy shots on a quick 5 on 4 advantage.