Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire

Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire: Чит-Мод/Cheat-Mode (Чит-Консоль / Unity Console v.0.3)

Описание и инструкции

Так, для тех кто не играет на Железной Воле и Эксперте, Путь : *\Steam\steamapps\common\Pillars of Eternity II\Plugins\Console\Lib , куда вы поместили файлы чит-меню, есть файл pillars.ini , в нем shortcuts вызова меню, тп, заморозки здоровья и сброса использованных навыков.

Установка: закинуть в корневую папку игры, перетащить ярлычок игры на файл IPA дождаться патчинга и можно запускать из стима(если стим) или через гог(если версия гог)

Так же у кого уже установлена консоль достаточно перенести папку plugins .



при замене папки Plugins необходимо заново настраивать хоткеи

  • Version 0.30

    • Update for v1.2 changes related to CharacterClass changes
    • Use CrewInventory instead of StashInventory for editing crew list
  • Version 0.29

    • Cheat shortcuts (Ctrl+A, Ctrl+T, Ctrl+S, ...) must be enabled from Options or from pillars.ini file before working
    • Put scrollbars and toggle button to hide mods while adding/removing mods on items using inspector windows
    • Handle error in inventory when displaying debug items without proper description
  • Version 0.28

    • Reset Empower Points when Full Heal activated
    • Import KeyCode for default keys when pillars.ini is missing or corrupt
    • Add Pose/Personalities to Character Sheet page
  • Version 0.27

    • Patch to use getprivateattr for some variables for unpatch assemblies. (Patching with IPA fixes issues some with permissions in scripts)
    • Fix shortcut list in pillars.ini to put entry on new line
  • Version 0.26

    • Add shortcuts for manipulating time (Shift+Numpad /*-+)
    • Add settings for setting default font size in pillars.ini
  • Version 0.25

    • Redo Scrolling on Inventory, Items for better performance. Use <<, <, >, >> to scroll by blocks.
    • Fix bug when editing global variables
    • Fix bug when trying to use invalid subrace selections like marine godlike.
    • Change tooltips to be multiline area for improved readability
    • Persist visible status between screen reloads
  • Version 0.23

    • Add Globals Variables editor to Journal
    • Add (re)spawn NPCs on the world map
    • Add ability to change crew back to level 1 (or reset job trait count)
    • Add Ship Duel cheats to fix repair damage or ignore altogether.
  • Version 0.22

    • Bug Fix: Fix Add Inventory not working in 0.20 or 0.21 (use global to workaround)
    • Add Character Scale in appearance
  • Version 0.20

    • Add TextField for editing number where +/- used previously
    • Add a Enable All but to load all subclasses for heads and colors when editing appearance. (Probably does not handle unique faces still)
    • Add Remove Mods to on Grimoire editor. Add and Remove mods Launches from Edit Mod button.
    • Allow Teleportation to maps via world and area maps.
    • Rename Restore to Reveal as maybe thats less confusing?
  • Version 0.19

    • Character Sheet: Remove effects, New Inventory Sorting, Appearance editing, change hair, face, skin color, hair color, subrace and others
    • Bugs: Fix Inventory bugs on stash, crew, ship. Edit achievements.
    • Map: Reveal all world map option, edit speed, reveal radius, and others.
    • World overview: Allow party manager screen at any time when no other dialogs open (under actions)
    • Grimoire: Allow mods on grimoire editor screen
  • Version 0.18

    • Bug Fix release for the error with adding abilities (3rd times the charm)
    • Add ability to activate all achievements on options
    • Force remove 1st level subclass abilities when changing classes
    • Add globals for unique item vendor on options page
  • Version 0.15

    • Remove PoE v1 scripts leftovers
    • Fix redraw of Paperdoll after changing appearance
    • Grimoire spell editor
    • Inventory Sorter
    • Fix Abilities for Chanters
  • Version 0.14

    • Add Race, Gender, Background, Racial Appearance changes
    • Fix error with private variable access
  • Version 0.13

    • Add Ship Crew Editor (Xp, Tales). Remove Add XP to all from ship.
    • Split Crew from Stash Inventory in Ship screen
    • Add enable/disable cheats/achievement in options screen
  • Version 0.12

    • Bug fix for non-English ability list
    • Add ShipCrew to inventory on ship stash
    • Add ability to add any number of classes (max 11)
    • Combine Focus/Chants/Wounds to single max traits button
  • Version 0.11

    • Bug fix when changing classes when not a Ranger with Companion
    • Add ability to add new Ships to fleet
  • Version 0.10

    • Update to avoid issues with beta, new version and various partially patched games
    • Add Remove Abilities to Character Screen (and ranger companion)
    • Add ability to change character names (blank to reset name)
    • Fix Ingredients missing from stash filters
  • Version 0.9

    • Add ? for Inspecting items and abilities while browsing
    • Add ability to modify Animal Companions. Also Class change with Ranger will add or remove Companions.
    • Greatly Improved performance on Inventory Screen. Changes to Open Item Inspection window detection
    • Add more filters on Abilities allowing for adding Weapon specialties and or watcher abililties. No checks are made about validity on these lists
    • Show Difficulty sliders on Options screen
  • Version 0.8

    • Add XP / Level by XP buttons to Character Sheet
    • Fix the Character Change to hopefully work correctly now (Still Experimental)
  • Version 0.7

    • Change Class and Abilities to Character Sheet (Experimental)
    • Add Debugging to Dialog to allow selecting invalid options (Advanced)
    • Add Teleport shortcut (Ctrl+T)
    • Fix healing to remove Afflictions that are not Injuries
    • Change to minimize cheat window by default
  • Version 0.6

    • Bug fix for wrong file uploaded which broke the main window
    • Bug fix for the Add Mod Window
    • Add shortcut for heal all (ctrl+a)
    • Add shortcut for reset abilities/spells/cooldowns (ctrl+s)
  • Version 0.5

    • Fix the Heal All, Afflications, Traits buttons for all party members (under Players button)
  • Version 0.4

    • Fix bug where items without tooltips were being removed from the item list incorrectly
  • Version 0.3

    • Added Create / Add Item Window to Inventories
    • Changes filtering and display options on Stash inventory to show correctly on Character vs ship pages
    • Get Item Mod list from the data files and show complete list
    • Change AutoRun/Heal script to run when Minimized (still does not run when hidden)
  • Version 0.2

    • Add Stash, Food, Drink Inventory lists
    • Remove Skills and AutoGrant Abilities options which dont work in character creation
    • Shrink font in Reputation and Inventory (leave a comment if its too small)
    • Added Character Disposition for Active Party Members
Комментарии (6)
после смены класса уровень сбрасывается на 0 и не получается его поднять, т.к. при повышении все оружие каким-то образом значится как знакомое (хотя в обзоре перса его нет) - невозможно потратить 2 соотв очка и, соответственно, кн "далее" неактивна. Как чинить?
Такая же проблема. У вас случаем не мультиклассовый перс?
У меня в окне Item Window вместо списка предметов высвечивается Error: GUILayaut.
sesilben #
у меня кнопки в редакторе поведений глючат связано это с читом или глюк игры не знаю.
Теперь знаю это в версии 1.2.0017 такой баг, сам же чит норм работает. Ещё не пробывал клас менять.
Splinter888 #
В игре версии 1.2 отлично работает. А вот в игре версии 2.1 уже не очень.
S.M.Tactical #
А консолька для 3.1 будет?