Diablo 2

SHADOWMASTER v0.82beta: Character Editor

Описание и инструкции

Notes on this release:

Shadowmaster was designed to open and edit Diablo II character files saved with the expansion 'Lord of Destruction'. Although it inherits the core code from its predecessor D2Ed and therefore could handle also older character versions I have disabled this feature for now. I have done this to focus on the new character and item format and to be sure to receive only problems related to these new formats. It is likely that later versions of Shadowmaster can handle all character and item formats.

Notes on items:

Diablo II patch 1.08 as well as the expansion introduced a completely new item format. 'Lord of Destruction' and Diablo II v1.08 cannot handle old item formats any longer. They are converted once you load your character with the new version. This means that importing old items to new characters will possibly
crash the game. Actually all old items are deleted on start. The only way to save your old items is to create a Newbie character with an old version of Diablo II (or D2Ed) and to convert this character starting a game with the expansion. Therefore, Shadowmaster does not support importing old items to expansion characters.

Notes on item decoding:

The new item format is nearly deciphered but there are still some aspects which are not well understood. The item decoding works for magic items for now, although some magical properties will be displayed as "???". All other item types are not yet supported, but work is on progress and decoding of some rare items works fine already.
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