Sid Meier's Civilization 5

Sid Meier's Civilization 5 V: Трейнер (+17) [] (DX9)

Описание и инструкции

First run the trainer.
Then run the game.
Hit the hotkey to enable/disable cheats.

CTRL+1 : Get 9999999 Gold
CTRL+2 : Instant research
CTRL+3 : Get 9999999 Culture points
CTRL+4 : Get 9999999 Golden Age points
CTRL+5 : Unlimited Strategic Resources
CTRL+6 : 5000 production points for buildings (enough for every building to be ready)
CTRL+7 : 5000 production points for Projects (Apollo Program, Manhattan Project, Utopia Project)
CTRL+8 : 4000 production points for units (every unit can be built in 1 turn)
ALT+1 : Instant building production
ALT+2 : Increase building production points
ALT+3 : Instant unit training
ALT+4 : Increase unit production points
ALT+5 : Increase food reserves in city
ALT+6 : Full experience for the selected unit
ALT+7 : Unlimited movements for the selected unit
ALT+8 : Unlimited movements and attacks/turn for the selected unit
ALT+9 : Full health for the selected unit


All of the cheats are working for the human controlled player only, but only if You turn them off before You press "Next turn". If You leave the cheat on and press "Next turn", the game may crash or give the cheat's effect to the AI too.

Get 9999999 gold:
Turn it on, bring the mouse cursor to the gold's amount in the upper-left corner and You will have lots of it.
Then turn the cheat off.

Instant research:
Activate the cheat.
Open the research panel. You will see that every research in the research panel needs only 1 turn to be researched.
If You have checked it, turn of the cheat.

If You want to change ALL research progress to 1 turn:
Activate the Instant research cheat.
Open the Technology Tree (not just the research panel but the whole technology tree).
You will see that ALL research will take 1 turn only.
Then make sure to turn off the cheat.
After You have done this, every reasearch process will take 1 turn only.

Get 999999 Culture points:
Working the same way as the gold cheat.
Activate cheat, check Your culture, deactivate cheat.

Get 999999 Golden Age points:
Working the same way as the gold cheat.
Activate cheat, check Your Golden Age points, deactivate cheat.

Free all available strategic resources (unlimited strategic resources, like horse, iron etc.):
Make sure You have at least 1 strategic resource from the type that You need to use.
Activate the cheat.
Produce/purchase the units/buildings. You will have unlimited strategic resource so build what You want.
Deactive the cheat before You proceed to the "Next turn".

Instant building (working for buildings, not for units):
This cheat will change the production progress of buildings in cities to 1200.
Activate the cheat.
Enter a city, and You will see that You have 1200 production points for the building You build now.
If You want to enable the same effect to all cities, open the Economic Overwiev and You will see that all buildings production has been set to 1200.
If You are done, turn off the cheat.
IMPORTANT: You will get gold for Your remaining production points after the building is ready. So if You have build something that would cost 100 production points, You will get lots of gold when it is done, for the remaining 1100 production points.
Also the amount of production points has been optimized for the "Standard" time pace.

Add some building production points (working for buildings, not for units):
Activate the cheat.
Enter a city, and You will see that Your production points for the building that You build now has been increased a bit. Leave the city and if You need more production points, enter again and Your points will increase. Repeat it until You have enough points.
If You are done, turn off the cheat.

Instant unit training:
Working the same way as for buildings. It will set Your points to 1200.
Also optimized for the "Standard" time pace.

Add some unit production points:
Working the same way as for buildings.

Add some food to the city:
Activate the cheat.
Enter Your city and You will see that the food reserves has increased a bit.
Deactivate the cheat.
If You want more food, exit the city and enter again. Each time when You enter or leave the city, You will get more food.
If You want to give food for all of Your cities, open the Economic Overview.
Be careful with this cheat. High population in a city can cause unhappiness.

Full experience for selected unit:
Turn on the cheat.
Select Your unit.
Now it has 9999 exp points.
Turn off the cheat.
It will be promoted after battle or in the next turn. High level units are really much more powerful than ordinary units.

Unlimited movements for the selected unit:
Turn on the cheat.
Select any of Your units and the unit will have 99 movement points.
If You have moved with Your units, turn off the cheat before You press "Next turn".
If You still have movement points but You don't want to move with the unit anymore, press Space.
This cheat also works on units that are out of movement points already! You can use this advantage in many ways. For example:
Build something with Your worker, click on the worker and You can move with it again or build something else so You can build unlimited improvements in one turn.
Also if You purchase a unit, simply click on it in the city and move out of the city with the unit. Then You can purchase another one and repeat it. This way You can purchase unlimited number of units (if You have the gold for it) in one turn only. Experiment with it. Very useful.
This cheat will not enable Your units to attack twice in a turn, but combined with the Blitz promotion, it will be even more useful.

Unlimited movements + attacks for the selected unit:
The same as unlimited movements but You can attack with Your units as many times as You like in one turn. This means unlimited movements and bombardment possibilities for ranged units without retaliation from most of the enemies.

Full health for the selected unit:
Turn on the cheat.
Select Your unit and it will get full health. If the unit was already selected when You have turned on the cheat, click on the unit again to give full health to it.
You can see the correct health amount of the unit in the lower left corner next to the movement points and unit strength. If the unit health is not displayed there, it means the unit is on full health.
Combine this cheat with "unlimited movements and attacks" and You can win the whole game easily in a few turns (or even in one turn).
Of course turn off this cheat too before You press "Next turn".

New options:

5000 production points for buildings:
You will have 5000 production points for building productions. Should be enough even on Marathon settings. But You will get lots of gold for the remaining production points, so if You wanted to avoid cheating with gold amount, this option will surely ruin Your plans. If it bothers You, just send to Your gold to the enemy. They will appreciate it. :)

5000 production points for Projects:
The same as for buildings. Projects: Apollo Program, Manhattan Project, Utopia Project. This cheat will give production points for You only for these projects.

4000 production points for unit training:
Same as above but for units. Should be enough for every unit even on Marathon settings.

Here are some known bugs:

1. If You use unlimited movement points and You try to step more than 19 squares with one click, the game will crash. Clicking on Auto explore or Auto actions for workers may also cause a crash. It seems this issue can't be fixed by me, the problem is with the game itself. They didn't think about a situation like "what would happen if the unit would get unlimited movement points". It wasn't a problem in previous Civ games but Civ5 seems t o have a problem with moving the units intelligently.

2. If the "Full experience for selected unit" cheat is turned on and You adopt a policy, Your nation will get a major happines penalty. Solution: Turn off the full experience cheat before You adopt a policy.

3. The instant build is not working with the Manhattan Project and the Utopia Project. It may happen that other buildings are exceptions too, need some more info on that. (added option in the +17 trainer)

4. It is my fault because I forgot to mention, "Instant building production" and "Increase building production points" cannot be used at the same time. Only one of them can be activated. If You need to use one of them, make sure that the other cheat is turned off or they will overwrite the other cheat. The same applies for "Instant unit training" and "Increase unit production points".
"Unlimited movements for the selected unit" and "Unlimited movements and attacks/turn for the selected unit" is also incompatible with each other. Use only one of them at the same time.
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Робит, правда вылетает иногда. +10
Ужасный трейнер, он действует не только на игрока, но и на противника в начале игры противники уже перешли в средневековье, пока я копался в древности XD
От упыри! Шож у вас все трейнеры то вируснюками заражены =(((
Здесь все трейнеры такие, в смысле для цивы 5.
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