Star Wars: The Force Unleashed

Star Wars: The Force Unleashed: Коды [Nintendo DS]

Cheat Mode:
Complete the first mission to unlock Rogue Shadow. Then access
the Enter Code option in the Extras menu and enter the codes.

Increased health:
Enter QSSPVENXO as a code.

Unlimited Force energy:
Enter TVENCVMJZ as a code.

Maximum Force powers level:
Enter CPLOOLKBF as a code.

Maximum combo level:
Enter MOMIROXIW as a code.

Amplified damage:
Enter LIGHTSABER as a code.

Darth Vader:
Enter HRMXRKVEN as a code.

General Rahm Kota:
Enter MANDALORE as a code.

General Rahm Kota's costume:
Enter EEDOPVENG as a code.

Kento's robe:
Enter KBVMSEVNM as a code.

Sith robe:
Enter ZWSFVENXA as a code.

Sith Stalker armor:
Enter CPLZKMZTD as a code.

Ceremonial Jedi robes:
Enter CURSEZRUX as a code.

Kento's robes:
Enter WOOKIEE as a code.

Sith robes:
Enter HOLOCRON as a code.

Unlockable costumes/characters

Darth Vader for multi player: Beat the game

Jedi Robes Costume: Beat the game with Light side choice

Sith Stalker costume: Beat the game with Dark side choice

After you beat the game, the credits will roll in. Interestingly
enough, if you close the DS and open it again, you can hear Vader's
wheezing athsma sound.

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