Starbound Beta: Трейнер (Furious Koala)

Описание и инструкции

Latest Update: 1/26/2014 (Furious Koala)
- Updated for the latest game update. Yes, I know that there's less codes this time. I don't have the time or energy to do everything.


Run Starbound.

Run the trainer that matches the version of the game you have open (normal or OpenGL).

Press one of the shortcut keys to activate an option.
(If the activation is successful the code will turn red after a second or so.)

Press the same combo to turn a code off again.


Will I get a VAC ban for using this?

No, Starbound doesn't use VAC.
(99% of games on Steam don't actually use VAC.)

Does this work online?

Unfortunately yes, most (if not all) of the cheats work online. Unless Chucklefish completely rewrites the way Starbound's online works (or somebody comes along with heavily-modded server software), most cheats that work offline will also work online.

How do I stop people from using this to grief my sever?

Seriously, this is like the first rule of running a server for a game like Minecraft, Terraria, or Starbound.

If you can't trust what people will do with your stuff, then don't let them touch your stuff in the first place. You don't see banks letting just anybody walk into the vault, right? If they can't get onto your server (not whitelisted, don't know the password, etc.), then they can't do anything to it.

Can you make a Mac version?

No, I cannot. I do not have a Mac, I am not going to spend $1,000+ on a laptop just for this, nor am I going to spend the time to make a hackintosh just so I can spend more time making something for a minority of users.

If somebody who knows how to do RAM/assembly editing (or code injection) in OSX wants to, they can contact me to get what they need to make an OSX version of this trainer. Be warned, this is NOT just some C++ source you can toss into a compiler, if it was that easy it'd already be done! But chances are anybody that knows enough to make a Starbound OSX trainer could just make their own anyways.
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