Transistor: Таблица для Cheat Engine (+6) [2.2] {Cielos}

Описание и инструкции

- Massive Magnetism isn't very stable. the game may not use these codes nor the magnetism value to do the calc even. you should just ignore this script.
- added Instant Function Cooldown.
- added Custom MEM Size.
- added player check to Massive Magnetism, it won't add Magnetism to enemies anymore.
- added Ignore Enemies' Invulnerability.
finally back to the game, it's been a while since my old PC "start dying" when I was cheating this game....
- rewrote the whole table for GOG (v2.0.0.1?) x64 version, check the descriptions below for the "new" options.
- can't "fully" utilize CE's mono feature for this game (CE don't recognize MonoGame.Framework.Windows.dll) (or it's actually the engine.dll?), so the scripts are using AOB scans to locate the injection points. as a result, you may have to wait a few seconds for the scripts to enable after you tick the box, and some of them can't be activated until you do the corresponding action in-game. see the description below for details.

- changed the default value for min Health from 1 to 50, as I found that you may loss some "skills" (forgot the in-game terms for skills) if using 1 as min Health.
- added Inf. Turn and Instant Cooldown.

- health still drop but Red won't die.
- works on the final boss too. so remember to temp deactivate it when you want to deliver the killing blow.
- can be activated after you attacked once (any function will do, as it just need the HUD to be shown once actually).

Reduced Stamina Usage
- stamina usage for all functions in a turn are greatly reduced.
- works on the final boss as well. remember to temp turn it off when it's the final boss' turn, or the boss won't proceed past the planning to the actual attack.
- can be activated after using stamina in turn once.

Ignore Enemies' Invulnerability
- as title says.
- you will be able to destroy some entities that you're not supposed to in the vanilla game. e.g., "Assess Point", the bike, some entrance, etc. but don't worry, you can still access them when you go near them.
- can be activated after you attacked once (any function will do).

Instant Function Cooldown
- as title says.
- can be activated after you attacked once (any function will do, as it just need the HUD to be shown once actually).

Instant Turn Recovery
- no need to wait for the stamina to regenerate to full in-between turns.
- can be activated after executing a turn once.

Custom MEM Size
- when activated, set the MEM size to 50.
- you can change the MEM size via the table.
- after changing the MEM size, you need to re-access the "Assess Point" to save the changes.
- yes, the changes will be saved when you access an "Assess Point", that means you don't need to worry the game would just un-install the functions the next time you load the game IF you actually don't have enough MEM to install those functions with your original MEM size.
- can be activated after you access an "Assess Point" once.

Massive Magnetism
- the "enemy remains" can be absorbed from anywhere on the map after you killed one.
- not stable, should leave this script alone.

- the scripts use aob scan instead of LaunchMonoDataCollector() to locate the injection point, it may take a second or two (duration depends on your system) to activate a script.
- remember you may need to do some corresponding action in-game first before you can activate a script.
- the scripts are made for x64 only.

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Комментарии (6)
как им пользоваться? Подрубил игру, выбрал процесс, подключил таблицу, а дальше то что?
Всё работает.Спасибо.
Maarginal #
Cheat Engine 6.5, Transistor v 1.42591, как запустить правильно? Я запускаю игру, потом чит энджай,выбираю процесс - транзсистор, затем добавляю таблицу. Не подхватывает.
как обычно содрали с анг. сайта а перевод забыли((
Вот частичный перевод в Яндексе:
- здоровье все еще падает, но Красный не умрет.
- работает и над финальным боссом. так что не забудьте отключить темп, когда вы хотите, чтобы доставить смертельный удар.
- может быть активирован после того, как вы напали один раз (любая функция будет делать, как это просто нужно HUD будет показан один раз на самом деле).

Уменьшенное Использование Выносливости
- использование выносливости для всех функций в свою очередь значительно уменьшено.
- работает и над финальным боссом. помните, чтобы temp Выключить его, когда это очередь последнего босса, или босс не будет продолжать мимо планирования к фактической атаке.
- может быть активирован после использования выносливости по…
Кей Овальд #
Не работает на последней версии.