Wizardry 8

Wizardry 8: Supplemental FAQ v2.5 (English)

Wizardry 8 for Windows
Supplementary FAQ (Version 2.5 - Incomplete Struggle)

Current Update: Monday, 18 March 2002
Previous Update: Wednesday, 13 March 2002
Created: Thursday, 13 December 2001

By Don "Gamera" Chan (crs1219@hotmail.com)

Note: I read Guiler's WIZ8 FAQ as I play WIZ8. This
FAQ is "supplementary" because this FAQ skips the
details that his FAQ already explained. OTOH, this FAQ
reports details that aren't or weren't in his FAQ,
and clarifies details that are ambiguous in his FAQ.

0. Wanted
1. Acknowledgements
2. 1st Impression
2.1 2nd Impression
3. The Party
3.1 Character Creation
3.2 Character Development
3.3 Strategies and Tactics
4. The Adventure Begins
4.1 Lower Monastery
4.2 Upper Monastery
4.3 Arnika Road
4.4 Arnika-Trynton Road
4.5 Arnika
4.6 Trynton
4.7 Trynton Upper Branches
4.8 Rattkin Tree
4.9 Swamp
4.10 Mine Tunnels
4.11 Northern Wilderness
4.12 Umpani Base Camp
4.13 Mt Gigas Caves
4.14 Mt Gigas Upper Caves
4.15 Mt Gigas Peak
5. The Alchemist's Guide
6. The Gadgeteer's Guide
7. The Ranger's Guide
8. Recruitable NPCs
9. Links

"Setsunasa!" (*1)


I'm looking for:
- A list of merging which two potions will produce
which other potion.
- A list of quest items, including their names,
locations, and the NPCs who need them. For example, the components that Antone in Arnika needs to make his special items.
- A list of swear words that the NPCs dislike.
- Any Easter Egg or weirdness that the overworked and underpaid Sir-Tech Canada programmers planted, or any undocumented feature that the debuggers missed.
- WIZ8 players who will write entire chapters of useful hints about the areas that my party hasn't explored, including Ascension Peak and even Marten's Bluff!
- Osama bin Laden, dead or alive.

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