60 Seconds

60 Seconds "Update 1.164"

Описание и инструкции

Changelog от 24.05.2016:

24/05/2016 1.164 Blitz bug fixes

- fixed black screen with bandits kidnapping the last remaining survivor
- fixed a problem with gamepads not accepting interaction input

Atomic week version 1.163

23/05/2016 1.163 Anniversary week patch

- Remapping keyboard and mouse control layout
- Apocalypse mode scavenge to survival transition crashes fixed
- rebalanced counter attack and invasion events to make kidnappings more common and in consequence the chances to earn the much desired Liberation achievement
- fixed issues with not receiving food or water in events
- fixed Timmy's wrong placement in one of the bathroom layouts
- disabled right click interaction in survival
- book fixes
- fixed issues with 5:4 aspect ratio scavenge gui scaling
- Mac OSX and Linux startup crash fixes
- new beta Linux/SteamOS build (available on opt-in beta branch)
- engine upgrade to Unity 5.3.5

To infinity and beyond! - version 1.160 future plans

Till next time!

10/04/2016 1.160 Post-megaupdate patch

- infinite loading screens fixed
- scavenge start & end crashes fixed
- gift event - removed a bug where you would get no outcome of your decision
- reunion events - removed a bug where people could get sick and die instantly after coming back
- book fixes
- experimental 21:9 support (please let us know if it works well!)
- beta Linux/SteamOS build (available on opt-in beta branch)