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Armikrog "Update v.1.01, v.1.02, v.1.03, v.1.04 GOG"

Имя файлаarmikrog_update_v.1.01_v.1.02_v.1.03_v.1.04_gog.rar
Размер124.18 Мб
Дата добавления
Описание и инструкции


v.1.01 ( GOG)

  • Missing Localization or No Localization

v.1.02 ( GOG)

  • Fixed an issue that caused some levers to not spawn correctly
  • Final Octovator languages have been fixed
  • Controller no longer can grant all items
  • You now have to find the last piece of P-Tonium to beat the game
  • Fixed an issue where Beaky wasn’t required to sit on a certain green button to get the door open
  • Fixed a few subtitle issues
  • Saved Game Override now works correctly

v.1.03 ( GOG)

  • Added custom context sensitive cursor
  • Fixed bug that allowed player to watch "Finding P" cinematic multiple times
  • Fixed bug where Beak Beak would only sit on buttons if facing right
  • Added visual feedback to puzzles that need to be unlocked
  • Fixed a variety of issues where Beak Beak could become stuck while flying
  • Other minor bug fixes

v.1.04 ( GOG)

  • Music now plays consistently throughout the game
  • Fixed issues where audio volumes unexpectedly lowered or cut out
  • Buttons now give visual and audible feedback even before they are active
  • Fixed issue where Tommy could walk through closed door in Tower 3 before solving door lock puzzle
  • Fixed issue where Tommy was unable to place the translation lever
  • Lullaby puzzle - Player can now click anywhere on the ring to advance the lullaby song
  • A variety of sub-title display fixes
  • Other minor bug fixes


  • Установить по-очереди патчи 1.01 ( GOG), 1.02 ( GOG), 1.03 ( GOG), 1.04 ( GOG) (если у Вас 1.00, по той же логике остальные 1.02 на 1.011.03 на 1.02 и 1.04 на 1.03).
  • Внимание!!! На стим-версию и пиратские релизы патч не встанет! Только GOG!!!