Binding of Isaac

Binding of Isaac "Melis Mod"

Описание и инструкции

Данный мод добавляет нового песонажа - суккуба Melis !

You will start with flight and spectral tears, however you cannot shoot, as she has 4 other mechanics to play with:

- A demonic aura that damages all enemies inside it and increases with Melis' range and damage

- The ability to charm nearby enemies when they hit lower health scaling with luck, the ability to control these enemies with the crosshair using the arrow keys, and the ability to then devour their souls when her aura pulses.

- Damage and range scaling with souls, a sin heart for every 20 and familiars

- Succubus children that inherit your tear effects, orbiting your aura along the chains and shooting at the target you control with your arrow keys.

Out-manoeuver your enemies and devourtheir souls to create an army, and use this to beat all in your way! Synergises with:

All tear effects (death's touch, ipecac, cricket's body, spoon bender etc)
All laser effects (tech, techx, brimstone)
All multi-shot effects (20/20, the inner eye, mutant spider)

There are 3 challenges in the Custom Challenges tab to show off interesting synergies whilst keeping the game challenging! WARNING: These challenges only work if the only character you have turned on is Melis!

I hope you enjoy playing the ever-hungry Succubus, Melis!

P.S. Скопировал оффициальное описание. Если что, то переводите с помощью гугла.

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А где скрин? И кто такой суккуб? Я так понял это что то из мифологии, легенд, бестиария в конце концов?
Pechenkas #
Гуглом пользоваться умеешь ?
привет, а какие будут следующие моды ?)