Carriertools - набор утилит для запаковки-распаковки игровых архивов

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1. Description:
A work in progress, and its initial version it's really just one tool, but it's all you need to start modding the game!

1.1. What does it do?

Carrier Command: Gaea Mission ships with three large data files (,, and, later referred to as PAC1 files, that are mounted as a virtual file system. Like many games, it also supports real files - it's even configured to do so by default, making modding very easy. I took a look at these big files and while I have no access to an Enforce3 SDK, the format is straightforward enough to write a simple reader that can convert it into individual files, which is kind of the prerequisite to modding. This first version of my CarrierTools is just this simple reader!

1.2. Who can use it?

Everyone, if you a) adhere to the EULA, and b) have a rough idea about how install Python and how to run a Python script.

2. Usage
You need Python 2.7 properly installed. Simply drag the .cc files onto the batch (extract.bat) file, or manually run the python script like so:

python extract [destination]

If everything is sufficiently nearby (i.e. you are in the right directory, and your python.exe can be found in your system's PATH), you should end up with a screen full of spam and a directory called that contains all the files from the package. Browse to your heart's content!

New: I have also added a repackaging functionality, that works like this:

python package mydirectory [destination]

2.1. How to make a mod?

I am still trying to figure the details out. Maybe the CarrierTools need some extra features first. I have been able to make very basic mods, but they are little more than tests, so I won't share them. Instead, you should experiment and take any content you wish to add / override and place it in the directory where the original data0?.cc files are located. For instance, if you wanted to change the intro video, create a folder video and place an appropriate video named intro.wmv in it. The game should, upon launch, display the new intro video instead of the original one.

2.2. Distribute mods as a package

Yes, but it's a little tricky to install them - and it works differently for steam and non-steam versions. I am still working on improving this process.

3. How to install a mod
It's a little tricky to install them - and it works differently for steam and non-steam versions. I am still working on improving this process.

Put all your mod components into a directory named like you want your mod to be named, and then pack that directory using or by dragging that directory onto the package.bat that I conveniently include with the CarrierTools. Put the resulting .pak into your Carrier Command directory. Depending on the version of the game, you need to do different things.

Open the ccsettings.xml that belongs to your player's profile - this is NOT the one in the Carrier Command directory, it's the one where your save games are.
Add the line to the top of the filesystems list, replacing mymodname with the name of your mod, obviously.

Name your mod patch01.pak (or maybe later) and place that in the Carrier Command Directory. Alternative: on version 1.2, unpack patch00.pak and put the mod into it as well (overwriting the originals), then re-pack.

4. guts API
1.1. What does it do?

I added the first version of guts, which is my bare-bones modding API that I will be working on to allow mods to coexist, and allow people to write an entirely new game (and hopefully, one day, multi player modes). guts is not playable, it's an empty game shell. I even took all the campaign and ai code out. This will go into the mod modules instead. Currently, guts doesn't have a working mod dispatch - this is what I'm working on before I continue my actual mod coding. The design goal behind guts is: Code should be closed for change, but open for extension.

1.2. Who can use it?

Modders who want to write a mod from the ground up, i.e. a total conversion. At a later point, two pre-made mods will be added: minimal, which should be the smallest possible playable mod, and stock, which is the current released game adapted to the guts API.

4.3. How does it work?

There's no well-defined way to use guts yet, I suggest you put it into a separate package or directory, and your own mod into yet another directory, and add them to the top of ccsettings.xml, with guts coming first, your mod coming second, and the game files coming third.

5. Can I help?
Contributions and forks are welcome, my code is public domain!

6. Important
Don't use this or any other tools in any way to breach the EULA. Bohemia Interactive is very permissive when it comes to modders, let's give them good reason to keep it this way.
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    1. Распаковать архив в отдельную папку на диске
    2. Для распаковки - перетащить мышкой файл .cc или .pak на extract.bat и дождаться завершения процесса.
    3. Для запаковки - перетащить мышкой папку с файлами вашего мода на package.bat и дождаться завершения процесса.