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  • Audio Performance Optimizations
  • Fixed missing strings in options for certain languages
  • Fixed Glitchy Text on Gameplay Options.


  • More Performance Optimizations attempting to resolve Stuttering issue.
  • Secret Rooms no longer count towards rooms explored for 90% Explore Quest
  • Reduced Resolve XP Requirements for Levels 4, 5 and 6, by 4, 6, and 6 respectively. (roughly 10%)
  • Added 1 more available Dungeon Quest to account for Darkest Dungeon Plot Quests


  • Performance Optimization to address stuttering
  • Fixed Camping Skill buff Icons not showing by Quest Text while Active
  • Added Durations to Camping Skill Tooltips
  • Fix for Trinket loss from DDQ2
  • Fix so that players stop getting extra DDQ2 Quest Trinkets. (Max is 3)
  • Fixed item sell back exploit. ( SORRY ;) )
  • Fix to some heroes not saving upgrades
  • Fix for Selected Skills being Locked on Characters.
  • Fixed VO subtitles for Czech


  • Fixed Aboms doing weird things while charmed by the Siren
  • Fixed some more heroes not having skills unlocked.
  • Fixed ability to drop trinkets into provisioning inventory
  • Fixed Save Reload issues around exiting the game after completing a quest


  • Removed the ability to use items while dragging them
  • Fixed leave while camping exploit
  • Fix to embark party crash when previous raid only has 2 heroes
  • Fix to ambush camping skills not showing all effects on the quest info panel once camp is done
  • Fix to error showing up about difficulty during quest selection
  • Fixed quest not being completed bug
  • Fixed sell back provisions exploit
  • localization string updates
  • save crash fixes
  • backer hero fixes


  • Random target logic will not target corpses.
  • Resolve overstressed heroes before quest complete plays.
  • Hopefully fixing problem when steam doesn't have a language set.
  • Making sure you can't retreat if you get teleported to a room.
  • Fixed problem with act outs during friendly skill removing actors that didn't act out by mistake.
  • Making sure that you can't go into battle while you're going through a door.
  • Missing localization strings


  • Fixed Fungal Bloat AI targeting issue
  • Fixed blind fire when targeting a hero.
  • Corpses now have battle modifier entry that should prevent random targeting
  • Reduced XP thresholds by 15% for levels 4,5 and 6
  • Fixed Shuffle Chance for DDQ4 Boss
  • Increased Base Damage on Leper
  • Fixing Camera Zooms when hitting an encounter while backtracking.
  • Tweaks to Afflicted and Heroic FXs. (Scale/Positioning)
  • Reworded the Surprise Enter in Glossary to better describe how Surprises work.

Never Again

  • Characters who have the Never Again trait, now also carry a 30% Party XP buff when running dungeons. This effect does not stack.


  • Tuned Back Resolve XP Thresholds: Left L6 a bit lower to reduce the 5 > 6.
  • Updated Localization based on community feedback
  • Fix Death’s Door Recovery Buffs not saving
  • Fixes to Tooltip Positioning for Tray Icons
  • Fixed On the Old Road, We Found Redemption and Strict Mode
  • Achievements (These should be retroactive)
  • Fixed area name length (mostly for Russian Localization)
  • Fix target spamming bug where you use an item (dog treats or holy water) to select multiple targets same or different targets with a one target skill.
  • Fixed crash when going to the Quest Select Screen
  • Fixed to Man-at-Arms Command ability not affecting CRIT like intended.
  • Crypts tutorial quest now gives dungeon xp to fix the case where you die in old road and have limited selection of first post tutorial quest.
  • Removed loot from the summons on the Necromancer, Siren, Brigand Pounder and Ectoplasm fights.


  • Fixed “It takes more than brawn...(Learn a new Camping skill)” achievement being awarded without having learned a new skill.
  • Fixed problem with disappearing or already opened curios after reloading a save game while in a battle.
  • Fix to being stuck at 3 roster when going into dd quest and retreating out immediately with an empty stage coach. Darkest dungeon quests always progress town.
  • Updated Polish Translation
  • Fixed Monster and Skills Names for Spanish Translation.
  • Fix for Special Boss Backgrounds not loading when relaunching the game.
  • Various UI positioning tweaks. (Centering text, Text overlapping in Blacksmith)
  • Fix problem where backer heroes would have their selected combat/camping skills reset.
  • MAC: Fix for Control not working when trying to right click.
  • New Icons for OS X and PC
  • Misc Save Fixes
  • Fixed a crash when starting a dungeon.
  • Fix to activity log showing random trinket when gambling and gaining a trinket.
  • Updated SDL Library to improve application stability


  • Установить по очереди патчи,,,,если у Вас необновлённая(изначальная) версия игры, по той же логике остальные на, на на, на, на и на
  • Внимание!!! На стим-версию и пиратские релизы патч не встанет! Только GOG!!!
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