Day of the Tentacle

Day of the Tentacle "Патч GOG"

Описание и инструкции


  • Audio - attempt at addressing the reported audio corruption issue. The development team has not been able to reproduce this problem but we are attempting to work around it based on the information provided by players.
  • Audio - on Windows fixed a minor timing issue leading to slightly delayed music looping.
  • Achievements - fixed Moronic Drone not unlocking correctly when using the "give" verb instead of "use."
  • Concept art - fixed a bug where art numbered 140-144 would sometimes not unlock depending on how a puzzle was solved.
  • Controls - added support for '+/=' key to modify subtitle text speed to go along with '-' key.
  • OSX - fixed a crash when opening the bonus menu while set to German language.
  • Windows - fixed a crash when running the game under a Windows username that uses "wide" characters.
  • Windows - fixed a similar issue when the game install path contains wide characters. This fixes a crash on launch when using a Japanese username, for example.