Dead Age "Update 1.5"

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Here is the list of changes. They were made in the last couple of weeks for the final version 1.5


- added: option menu button in the main game menu
- added: "no quests avaible" text to bar screen when no quests are available ;)
- important fix for Ambulance, Car und MilitaryLKW Events. They used the wrong attribute (survival) now they use the level of "cunning" skill correctly.
- tryfix for customers who couldn't see any gui elements on the start screen
- fixed a bug with Dexter and the boss loot
- fix for spending skillpoints together with switching partymembers sometimes caused a problem with scripted events or in combat
- fixed a bug for Bill Quest 2 (and possibly other) where he was dead but the quest still activated
- fixed earning no medals for the 6 endings


- Boss loot got improved. Now you get only high quality gear, weapons or tools randomly. For the boss in the wood you can also get some larger food rations. We removed ammunition, medic, upgrade and syringe loot there
- balanced family helping achievements to only need 2 and 4 acceptions respectively
- healing now costs 2 AP because it was possible to spam the skill with several chars.
- when Liz or Jamal join your camp in the later stages of the game they now will be stronger to match the general character level progression

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