Euro Truck Simulator 2

Euro Truck Simulator 2 "Карта MHAPRO EU Версия 1.31"

Описание и инструкции

Карта MHAPRO EU Версия 1.31
Новые маршруты для DLC Oversize:
- from WGCC Koln (D) to ITCC to Amsterdam (NL)
- from Stein Bruch Mine Dortmund (D) to Stein Bruch Mine Hannover (D)
- from Stavanger (N) Mine to Mine near Oslo (N)
- from Berlin (D) NBFC to ITCC Szszecin (PL)
- from Reims (F) Stein Bruch to Stein Bruch Epinal (F)
- from Sheffield (UK) ITCC to Birmingham (UK) San Builders
- from Dresden (D) eAcres to Wroclaw (PL) eAcres
- from Kosice (SK) ITCC to Budapest (H) NBFC
- from Luxembourg (L) ITCC to Liege (B) ITCC
- from Palermo (I) Harbor to Farm near Catania (I)
- from Napoli Harbor (I) to ACC at Terni (I)
- from Nice (F) Tradeaux to Mine near Nice (F)
- from Cardiff (UK) Stokes to Tree-et in Birmingham (UK)
- from From Szeged (H) eAcres to Debrecen (H) eAcres

Тест на 1.31

Автор: Heavyalex

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