Land of Legends

Land of Legends Updated

Описание и инструкции

Доработанная демо-версия Land of Legends включает в себя:
* Play as the steadfast humans or the enigmatic elves. The full retail game features six more playable fantasy races, each one boasting its own unique units and special abilities.
* Three maps designed specifically for multiplayer mayhem. The retail version will have a total of ten multiplayer maps.
* There are four missions ripped straight from the full campaign game (which features a total of thirty-two missions, and an extra special "Legendary" version of the campaign that will really test your strategic mind) and the full in-game tutorial, designed to quickly acclimate new players.
* Hotseat, skirmish, and campaign modes ready for action. The retail game will also include free Internet matchmaking, with an integrated game lobby.
* Updated version allows for online play.