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Mount & Blade Warband "A Clash of Kings 4.1 (RUS)"

Описание и инструкции

Мод, основанный на книгах из серии "Песнь Льда и Пламени" Дж.Р.Р. Мартина. Фактически, игровые события берут свое начало от одноименной книги "Битва королей".  Как и все подобные модификации, основанные на фентезийной вселенной, A Clash of Kings предлагает нам новую карту, новые фракции (всего 18 штук, то есть фактически все стороны, присутствующие в оригинальном цикле) и, конечно же, новых солдат. Кроме того, так как мод базируется на Floris Mod Pack, он добавляет огромное кол-во OSP:  Narf's Plate Armor Pack или OSP Rhodok/Nordic Armor Pack), спутников и наемников. Наконец, стоит отметить, что в мод было добавлено множество OSP проектов: Custom Commander, Battlefield Tactics Kit, Diplomacy, Pre-Battle Orders and Deployment Kit, Warband Entrenched и других.

Для игры необходима версия Mount & Blade Warband 1.166 и выше.

Установка: распаковать архив в папку Modules. Русификатор встроен в мод и не требует установки.


Added a new quest: The Lights.
Added a new quest: The Disappeared.
Added a new quest: Where is Lord Beric.
Added a new quest: Brotherhood of the Winged Knights
Added a new quest: The Kings Attention.
Increased cost of upgrading troops.
Nerfed Long Club.
Streamlined some simple_triggers.
Added more ranged units to Riverlands garrisons.
Added bandit lairs for all bandit parties.
Buffed slingers.
Gave High Priest Caltos heavier armor.
Tweaks to Dragonstone troops armor.
Added new bandit party: Kingswood Outlaws.
Added new bandit party: Sellsword Marauders.
Tweaked Mountain Bandits gear slightly.
Added new raidable location: Caravan Market.
Buffed the Templetons.
Buffed Two-Handers and Halberdiers.
Buffed Shields.
Lowered renown requirement for recruit peasants.
After any quest that involves combat, you'll now be presented with a loot screen.
Lowered amount of grass on battlemaps slightly.
Slight changes to dialogue.
Added new music.
Changes to how loot is handled after a victory.
Slight changes to troop equipment.
Added a few new shields.

New scenes:
Mhysa Faer.
Gulltown interior.
Lordsport interior.
Hull interior.

Fixed Mero Tavellen banner.
Claimants now get a banner.
Fixed some claimant dialogue.
Faction Arms are no longer messed up.
Fixed claimants clothes.
Fixed Pentos Vanguards upgrade progression.
Fixed Sticks and Stones quest note.
Fixed Tower of Joy typo.
Fixed Mya Redwyne face.
Fixed some Free Folk lady ages.
Fixed The Horn prison scene.
Fixed Tom dialogue.
Raider Skirmishers no longer have the wrong kind of bow.
Fixed Pyke prison.
The Iron Islands should no longer declare war on the North twice.
Fixed Aysel Keep ladder.
Added chest to Raventree Hall interior scene.
Fixed minor Tyrosh siege bugs.
Fixed Deep Den and Acorn Hall AI mesh.
Fixed Jess dialogue.
Harlaw family is now connected to each other.
Connington family is now connected to each other.
Fixed GOOD lord typo.
There is no longer two Ser Bennard Brune.
Fixed attackers getting stuck at Littlesister.
Fixed Sisterton defender getting stuck on bed.
Fixed Wray defenders getting stuck on roof.
Fixed Brownhollow defenders getting stuck on barrel.
Fixed Dyre Den defenders getting stuck on table.
Fixed ssh_huscarl_armor weight.
Fixed Wray scene with belfry.
Fixed Dragonspire scene with belfry.
Fixed Freelancer archers/horsemen having wrong guarantees.
Fixed Last Hearth siege scene.
Fixed Highpoint defender spawnpoint.
Fixed music abrubtly stopping when you left an explorable scene.

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