Патч FORCED SHOWDOWN - Update 45.629( GOG

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Patch 45.629 (06 September 2016)

Free subscriber DLC expanded by community level up!


The community level just increased to 17!
Good work subscribing and watching the streams, it’s really great to see people engaging with our games this way.

If you’re wondering what that is, check it out at https: //
This unlocks the Raging Denver skin for all subscribers, and reveals the next reward: UltraSettsu skin!

Look at that cool blue and gold armor.. Doesn’t it remind you of something?

We’ve also sent out the first batch of subscriber keys with the Pink honor armor skin for the original FORCED, so go check an old friend out in new clothes ;)

The Subscriber benefits are now also available for GoG, check your newsletter mail for more information :)

On a related note, this week there’s DOUBLE XP for people subscribing, so share the love and we may get to that UltraSettsu skin before you know it!
We did a small patch to unlock the raging Denver skin and squeezed a few bug fixes in as well, you can see the changelog below.

Version 629 changelog

Fixed an issue where ranged characters couldn’t hit Ratbo the Terminator when enlarged
Fixed an issue with the boon “I have a Hulk” not displaying values properly
Fixed an issue with the card “Predator Tech” using the wrong description.
Fixed an animation issue that caused the Stormbringer’s bow to not bend when stretching

Unlocked the Raging Denver skin for Subscribers
Stay raging
(I know I’m gonna be playing some Team Red with Volco and Denver)