Grim Dawn

Patch Grim Dawn ( HotFix 2)

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V1.0.0.7 Hotfix 2

It's a Christmas miracle!? As my wife rushes about to try to get the children ready to go to my mother's, I'm furiously typing away trying to get the build out and bust out this change log, it's quite a scene... I apologize for various things that have gone awry in the past builds, honestly, it's mostly my fault and I attribute at least some of it to my brain being scrambled these past couple weeks between everything going on here at Crate plus the impending holiday madness. Hopefully this should mostly address current build issues, at least to an extent that everyone can resume enjoying the game and we can pick up with any remaining fine-tuning needed in the new year.

I hope everyone has a great weekend and happy holidays for those celebrating them!


  • Fixed a bug with DPS comparison on weapons when using an item skill located on a weapon as your primary attack.
  • Fixed a bug with stacks of Illusion items.
  • There is a known inexplicable bug where Phantamsal Blades lost their trails... probably a sync error but we felt it was better to release the important fixes sooner and fix that minor graphics issue later.

  • Environmental lighting and atmospheric changes re-adjusted to something closer to
  • Camera reverted to as close to original settings as I could manage without being able to dig up the old dbr.

  • Enery potions revised to 25s cooldown, 250 flat and 35% energy restored.
  • Health potion flat health reduced from 1200 to 800.

[Class & Skills]
  • Added flat physical dmg to Laceration

  • Increased health regen on higher levels of Vindictive Flame
  • Added energy cost reduction to Ulzuin's Chosen
  • Reduced energy cost of Grenado
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