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Патч Kona: Day One, (GOG)

Описание и инструкции



Notable changes

  • Fixed a game-breaking bug that disabled the Pause Menu.


Notable changes

New settings

  • Settings: Added custom keyboard layout. Ui is temporary and may not be intuitive, but the underlying functions should work.
  • Settings: Added FOV slider
  • Settings: Added View Distance slider
  • User interface tweaks
  • Loading: Now 1080p-friendly, but still WIP
  • Switches: Now back to normal interactor, less confusing
  • Lights: Is now a light bulb, but still WIP
  • Combine: Changed the icon to better represent "repairing" Under-the-hood massive clean up of sprites


  • Increased the crappiness of the crappy setting
  • Tweaked quality options. Among other things, it is now possible to disable foliage animations and change view distance.
  • SplashScreen: Moved initialization call to SplashScreen. We have moved some initialization calls to the splash screen. It might hang a bit on Parabole logo, but it's better than having the game stuck on grey screen.
  • MainMenu: Removed some useless assets
  • MainMenu: Reduced view distance
  • MainMenu: Simplified particle shader Plus dozens of small bug fixes and minor tweaks.
  • Known Major Issues / WIP Features
  • Only TWO visions/ghosts to find. IT IS NORMAL for beta
  • Initial loading is still really long. Working on it.
  • The game takes a lot of memory. Working on it.
  • The journal still doesn't work.
  • The polaroid does not serve any purpose at the moment.
  • Planned for next update
  • The mighty Journal!
  • The manificient Photography interactor!
  • More optimizations YEAH!
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