Portal 2 "BEE 2.2.5 Alpha"

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Мод BEE 2 для Portal 2.
В архиве содержится установщик.

Отличия от BEE 1(лишь только на мой взгляд):
Возможность выбора стиля тестовой камеры в пазмейкере

Возможность выбора палитры для создания тестов

Скриншы приведёные мной демонстрируют BEE 2 мод с некторыми аддонами. Сам мод устанавливается чистым, без каких либо аддонов. Если нужно будет, я их потом выложу.


Design your own palette, choose your style, and export to Portal 2! Now there is no limit to the number of different types of items you can have in a single room!

Update Log:

Alpha .2.5

I’ve made the variants for the drawbridge and vent. The vent’s working perfectly fine, but I did have to switch the drawbridge to the PTI model to work with portals correctly. I’ve got the timings pretty close, it really shouldn’t mess with any maps. I made a diff of all the changed files for this patch… -TeamSpen210

  • Added descriptions with authorship for all Valve, BEEMOD and HMW’s items.
  • Added more filters for ^ items, putting them into groups
    • Test Elements – Laser emitters, cubes, pellet catchers etc
    • Panels – including doors, Geometry – light strips, obs rooms, goo, glass
    • Logic – triggers, both logic gates, portal helpers
    • Custom – really new things like vents, crushers, reflection gel, pellets and paint fizzlers.
  • Added packer commands for all the custom content.
  • A heap of changes to the logic and other things in the drawbridge.
  • Added a grating to the Old Aperture bridges, to provide an explanation for why gel on the bottom side isn’t useable.
  • Fixed a few “leaks” in instances like obs rooms, lasers and some of the entry/exit corridors so VBSP optimises away the 128*128*4 backpanels and squarebeams brushes if they aren’t needed to seal the map (Gets rid of the large room around the observation room).
  • Added the quiet styles back for the styles that already have the instances (not for P1 or Art Therapy).
  • Retextured old frame instances so they properly line up together.

Alpha .2.4

  • Item fixes
  • item details filled out morethoroughly.
  • Maybe More?

Alpha .2.3

  • Who can remember?
  • Could have been adding that piston panel

Alpha .2.2

  • Added missing/ broken palette models
  • instance updates
  • Supported icon size for XP users

Alpha .2.1

  • Added missing Portal 1 style files

Premier Release Alpha .2

  • Includes everything (more than I care do mention)
  • BEE2 application: palette designer and script generator, will manage all your items sort via filters, and let you easy create your own palette
  • Portal 1 style
  • Mevious’ new Rexaura Items
  • New items by Carl
  • BEEMOD items
  • HMW’s items
  • FGE collection of items
  • Bisqwit items
  • Does not include the custom compiler
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