S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Pripyat

S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Зов Припяти "Arsenal Overhaul 3 + Atmosfear 3 + Absolute Nature 3"

Описание и инструкции

Сборник из трех неконфликтующих модов, которые улучшают графику, атмосферу и добавляют много оружия высокого разрешения и разные предметы. Выглядит это все просто замечательно!Полный список изменений:
  • Atmosfear 3 & Absolute Nature 3
  • All vanilla weapon models replaced with high quality versions
  • Multiple scope attachments enabled for rifles, shotguns, machine guns and sub-machine guns
  • Multi tool, used to remove optics from weapons
  • 100 weapons
  • 24 new ammunition types
  • Realistic ballistics
  • Caliber specific suppressors
  • Battle rifles
  • All new weapon sounds
  • New holster and deploy sounds
  • New footstep sounds
  • New supersonic bullet crack sounds
  • Attachments list added to each weapon description
  • Increased grenade launcher blast radius and fragmentation
  • Increased F1 grenade blast radius and fragmentation to 15 meters
  • Realistic damage to npc's, a shot to the head or neck is a kill, 1-2 hits to the chest kills
  • CoP Variation Mod
  • Eliminated strafe weapon sway
  • Right side ejecting shells for all weapons
  • Random stashes that change with every new game
  • 6 New suits
  • Added night vision goggles
  • Added night vision to SEVA suit
  • All new scope overlays
  • All npc's rearmed with new weapons and ammunition
  • Nimble now functions like a regular trader
  • Trapper, Shulga and Loki are now traders that sell weapons specific to their faction/occupation
  • Lowered Owl's buy condition to 60%
  • Lowered Hawaiian's buy condition to 50%
  • Kirillov only issues Warsaw pact ammo and grenades
  • The mod comes as a lite version with just the weapon and trader mod. Everything else can be added on yourself
  • The mod also includes a fixes guide for common issues with the game and mod addons
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