Shadow Warrior 2 Patch

Имя файлаshadow.warrior.2.update.v1.1.4.0_v1.1.5.0.exe
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Патч для Steam версии, ставить поверх! Лично для меня главным плюсом являются переведенные печенюшки(=

Кому интересны детали, описанее ниже (онлайн переводчик в помощь, если кто предоставит грамотный перевод обязательно прикреплю)

Patch is live!

Thanks for getting back to us with all the feedback and emails - we are working hard to address all the issues and requests submitted.
Please keep the emails and discussions going!
Balance and gameplay changes:

- Boss spider: on higher difficulty HP will be restored only up to phase-related tiers.
- Boss spider: fix for lack of stomps during movement.

UI changes:

- Added Multiplayer Chat
- Browsing a list in the equipment menu will now stop when reaching topmost or bottommost item on the list.
- Added an option to skip prologue when starting New Game Plus
- Orbs of Masamune count will be displayed only after picking them up for the first time
- Fixed a crash with entering the inventory while dropping a turret weapon
- Weapon Selection Circle now supports inverted mouse, improved mouse selection acuracy
- 'Resume game' will no longer be grayed out when using controller
- Normalized aim responsiveness for controller

Engine fixes:

- Fixed refraction
- Compressed audio files / sound stutter fix
- Fixed shadow flickering

Photo mode:

- Editable text boxes
- Fixed screenshot saving issue for non-unicode languages in Windows.
- Fixed slow-mo effect and mouse speed when entering photo mode while performing Vortex attack
- Added 'Sharpen' option in photo mode
- Added 'DoF strength' option in photo mode
- Added 'Lock first person camera' option in photo mode

Multiplayer fixes:

- Fixed being stuck on menu screen when dying
- Fixed Marvin special rabbit proc
- Fixed Second Chance perk
- Fixed a blocker when players sometimes got stuck when using a vendor and teleported to a boss fight.
- Fixed Vanish being cast on host when a client used Blade of Exile
- Fixed interacting with vendors for co-op partners
- Fixed a situation in which client could lose a deployed turret weapon after disconnection / leaving the game
- Fixed host crashing when a client leaves game after using a turret weapon
- Fixed recovering multiple turrets in multiplayer mode
- Fixed a cutscene for clients in "Ninja'd Scrolls - Part 1" quest
- Client turret will now consume ammo
- Fixed the disappearing portal for co-op partners in "Big Trouble in Calamity" quest
- Fixed lack of music in main menu after disconnecting from co-op game
- Fixed gates for co-op partners in "Big Trouble in Calamity" quest
- Fixed several stability issues
- Fixed players gaining/losing movement speed
- Fixed acquiring Blade of Exile by co-op partners
- Fixed rotation of quest items for co-op partners
- Fixed disappearing minimap icon of shrines

Gameplay fixes:

- Fixed bug where player cannot gain Karma after reaching character level 95
- Fixed potential blocker while fighting Belly
- Fixed places in the Hub where player could get stuck
- Fixed weapon being transparent after it was used as a turret during Vanish and later picked up after Vanish ended
- Fixed hold RMB to channel healing
- Fixed auto weapon change when out of ammo.
- Fixed client climbing cancel on cutscene launch
- Fixed weapon autochange after running out of ammo for manual detonator and laser guidance gems
- Fixed places where player can get stuck
- Fixed a rare issue with katana force slash crashing the game.
- Fixed door opening in Yakuza Mansion
- Fixed enemy Herculon not attacking after loosing an arm
- Enemy navigation fixes
- Fixed enemy Hammerhead behavior after losing left arm
- Fixed weak spot achievement for melee weapons
- Fixed issues with enemies using 'harpoon'
- Fixed Ancient Goddess Ameonna hp bar on death
- Fixed sending sound signal from explosions

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