Shadow Warrior 2 "Soundtrack(MP3)"

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01. Shadow Warrior 2 Main Theme
02. Appearing In The Wilderness
03. Full Of Holes
04. Nothing Like A Fresh Clip
05. Master Smith
06. It Explodes
07. Steel And Carbon
08. Fresh Ammo
09. Clever Goddess
10. Smells Like Victory
11. Cerberus
12. Infiltration
13. Challenger Appears - Challenger Gets Decapitated
14. Looking For Ameonna
15. Monster Tea Party
16. Stop The Propaganda
17. Hot Blooded
18. Off With Your Head
19. Larry's Blues In Blur
20. Ashes To Ashes
21. Kagimoosha!
22. The End Of My Road
23. Changing Position
24. I Need A Painkiller
25. Bulletproof Glass
26. Chi Engine
27. Rabbit Hole
28. Prince Of Peace
29. Serenity
30. Master Of Archery
31. Judgement Of Blood
32. Heika's Palace
33. Emperor's Touch
34. ZI-R0B1N
35. Finding The Temple
36. Shockingly Effective
37. The Sacrament Of Battle
38. Kyoko And Kagami
39. Temple Of Wang
40. Little Bug Wants To Play
41. Chi Bender
42. I Am Power (Bonus Track)

Original Music composed and produced by:
Michaі Cielecki
Krzysztof Wierzynkiewicz

Additional music:
Adam Skorupa

Bonus track no 42 "I AM POWER":
Monster Music Ft. Mr. Illch a.k.a


Aleksander Grochocki
Electric guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Bass Guitar

Miho Mizumachi
Japan Vocals ("Shadow Warrior 2 Main Theme")
Ethnic Flutes

Mark Knight
Electric Violin ("Shadow Warrior 2 Main Theme")

Katarzyna Bonikowska
Vocals ("Looking For Ameonna")

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