Stellaris "Guilli's Planet Modifiers"

Описание и инструкции

Данная модификация добавляет более 200 новых планетарных модификаторов, а также увеличивает их максимальное количество до 3 (редко 4) для каждой планеты. Также:

  • Новые события, которые связаны с планетарными модификаторами.
  • Новые заблокированные плитки на колонизированных планетах
  • Новые армии, связанные с модификаторами.
  • Влияние планетарных модификаторов более заметно отражается на каждой планете.
  • Терраформинг убирает негативные модификаторы и с небольшим шансом может добавить позитивные.
  • Новые модификаторы для кольцевого мира, среды обитания и миров падших империй.
  • При генерации галактики, одна планета каждого типа(выбирается случайно) становится удивительной. Одна планетарная плитка будет давать хорошие бонусы смежным плиткам(аналогично Планеторной администрации), а также увеличивает счастье всей планеты на 20%. Когда вы или другой игрок исследуете данную планету - её имя станет синим, а изображение уникальным.
  • Среда обитания, построенная на планете с определённый модификатором, может дать бонусы связанные с данным модификатором.
  • Рамки модификаторов разделены на определённые цвета:
    Зелёный/Синий/Фиолетовый/Оранжевый = Только позитивные бонусы
    Желтый = Комбинация из позитивных и негативных эффектов
    Красный = Только негативные эффекты
    Серый = Никаких бонусов, только описание

Список изменений:

Обновление: 27 мая в 13:16


  • Added a balancing script to improve galactic mineral and energy deposit spawn balance. The total minerals and energy availible in the galaxy for space stations should be much closer to vanilla now.
  • Made planetary rings slightly more common
  • Added updated CGM API's
  • Mushroom growth event now has a 50% chance to spawn a mushroom tile blocker (was 100%) on every empty tile. 
  • Can no longer combine precursor starting civic and fallen empire lost colony starting civic with mechanists civic (for the time being). This to prevent starting with no pops and only robots. 
  • Fallen empire colony start will no longer change your homeworld to a random planet class. This because it caused your species to get the wrong planet habitibility class when gene modding.
  • fixed bug where already surveyed precursor worlds by ai would not yield an artifact research followup event for the player
  • fixed bug with ringworlds not getting planet modifiers
  • fixed bug where ringworld construction didnt remove planetary rings from space
  • some additional fixes for planets that are full of tileblockers. This shouldnt ever happen.
  • fixed armageddon bombing tomb world planets. They should now have most planet modifiers removed and roll tomb world matching planet modifiers
  • fixed cases where planetary diversity city/methane/ammonia starts didnt have planet modifiers when combined with deathworld start
  • fixed dark matter and neutronium anomaly events. No longer give a dark matter or neutronium deposit, instead it just gives some tech progression towards using it. The anomaly will now also only appear on black holes / pulsars with dark matter or neutronium deposits. 
  • added the < event gpm_debug.15000 > console command to fix passive gaia guardian in save games. Select the guardian, open the console and type event gpm_debug.15000 (while keeping the gaia guardian selected). That should activate him and make him hostile and attackable again.
Обновление: 24 мая в 15:20
  • fixed mod guardian being disabled on spawn (vanilla event to wake guardians up was changed so it didnt work anymore)
  • fixed issue with terraforming certain grey looking worlds
Обновление: 22 мая в 16:46


  • Updated to version 2.1 of the game.
  • When first discovering precursor modifiers, you now get a event to go dig for precursor artifacts for the event chain. (once you know which precursor race).
  • The resonant twins pulsar modifier is temporarily disabled so I can better integrate it into binary systems in the future.
  • fixed bug with edict to clear some negative planet modifiers if you have the mastery of nature ascension perk.
Обновление: 15 мая в 19:17

Added missing debug code for valuable world modifier

Обновление: 12 мая в 13:30

Lowered the spawn chance of Tiyanki feeding grounds modifier which will result in less tiyanki creatures roaming around. It was a bit much

Обновление: 11 мая в 23:07

Temporarily disabled error log fix duo to weird habitibility bug with modded planets.

Обновление: 11 мая в 21:43


  • Added 8 new modifiers; 4 metallic rings and 4 ice rings including new planet ring graphics.
  • The new planetary rings have a chance to spawn space resources. These mining spots, will change name depending on surveyed status or if they have a minign station on them (Resource Extraction Sites).
  • Some new planetary rings are used by the local Tiyanki space creatures. 
  • Significantly expanded the debug console commands for the mod. See the debug discussion section on the steam page.
  • Added a spawn chance modifier on gas giants so they have a slightly higher chance to get a planet modifier.
  • (Awakened/) Fallen Empires that colonize or gain planets trough conquests will improve them with their supperior technology after 2 years. (Remove bad modifiers and spawn a random unique fallen empire modifier).
  • Slightly reduced precursor modifier spawn chance.
  • The number and spawn chance of teraforming, ringworld and habitat modifiers is now also dependant of the choice you picked during the start of the game (singleplayer only, multiplayer will use the recommended settings).
  • Plasmoid life on stars is a bit rarer.
  • Caverns no longer appear on molten worlds.
  • Extremophiles will look for more extreme planets.
  • Toxic gas will no longer spawn on gaia or gaia like planets.
  • Precursor civic start will no longer start with the planetary shields but can randomly get them. Also improved what modifiers you get. You will no longer start with modifiers like colony development speed. 
  • Can no longer pick machine assimilators and machine servitor civics along with the precursor and fallen empire lost colony start civics. This because they end up missing their secondary species.
  • Improved the Fallen Empire colony start civic modifiers. Remove the chance of getting modifiers that your starting world has no use for.
  • You can now pick the "Charismatic" Trait alongside the Fallen Empire Colony Start civic's trait "Respected Beginnings"
  • Improved what modifiers can spawn on Planetary Diversity Mod's Eucomopolis world
  • Improved terraform compatibility with Planetary Diversit Mod, no more double entries and you can finally terraform hothouses if they have a terraform candidate or valuable world modifier.
  • Further improved compatibility with Planetary Diversity
  • Further improved compatibility with Real Space
  • Further improved compatibility with Hypothetical Stars
  • Further improved compatibility with More Star Classes
  • Further improved compatibility with Star Trek: New Horizons
  • Further improved compatibility with Star Trek: New Worlds
  • Precursor Planetary Shields have improved graphics.
  • Precursor Shipyards now have a unique model.
  • Fallen Empire Planetary Shields have improved graphics.
  • Precursor/Fallen Empire shield graphics and precursor shipyard graphics are now scaled if the planet is a moon.

  • Fixed several missing localisations.
  • Added missing tileblocker localisations.
  • Growth events will no longer happen on ringworlds or other artificial worlds.
  • fixed some cases where the terraforming candidate modifier wasnt getting removed after terraforming.
  • ringworlds that get destroyed with a planetcracker will now correctly remove all modifiers.
  • ringworlds that get destroyed with a planetcracker will now be able to get new modifiers upon rebuilding.
  • Planet cracking a world with shields will now correctly remove the planet shield graphics as well.
  • Fixed bug where a world turned to a tomb world by the unbidden would have a terraforming candidate modifier.
  • Made improvements to the error log spam. Should now see less error log messages (these arent actual errors).

Модификация от 27 мая 2018 года для версии 2.1.*

Как устанавливать моды в Stellaris
Создаете путь:
C:\Users\%USERNAME%\Documents\Paradox Interactive\Stellaris\workshop\content\281990
C:\Users\%USERNAME%\Documents\Paradox Interactive\Stellaris\mod
Запускаете скачанный архив. Папку из архива заносите в созданную "281990", а файл с расширением "mod", естественно, в папку mod.
Если у вас лицензионная игра - модификации устанавливаются по-другому, прямиком через Steam Workshop и, соответственно, находятся в папке Steam.
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