Stellaris "Update v2.1.1b-beta2"

Описание и инструкции

Для обновления нужна версия 2.1 или выше. В отличие от предыдущих патчей - здесь нет специального распаковщика, а только архив с изменёнными файлами. Их нужно забросить с заменой в корневую папку игры.

Закинуть в корневую папку и запустить Clean Junk Files.bat, чтоб он удалил устаревшие файлы или сделать это вручную.



 VERSION 2.1.1b 

# Free Features
* Hyperlane density can now be changed to "full", which guarantees every possible hyperlane will exist
* You can now choose to start in a trinary or binary star system when creating your empire
* Experimental ETA feature put in for starship movement orders, telling you the approximate date of arrival
* Now possible to achieve partial victory in subjugation and liberation wars with occupied systems splitting off as a new subject or ally in the event of a status quo peace
* Put in greyscale versions of strategic resources icons, to indicate that you currently lack the technology to collect them

# Balance

* Increased power usage of torpedoes
* Reduced frequency of gaining L-Gate Insights from unrelated anomalies by 70%
* A technology must now be researched after gathering all L-Gate insights before you can start the project to open the gates
* Reduced HP of missiles across the board, making point defense more potent
* The Prosperity faction will now be happier if you have war policy set to Defensive Wars Only
* The Imperialist faction is now also OK with ideological wars, and will only be angry if policy is set to Defensive Wars Only
* Reduced the chance of a Marauder Great Khan dying from noncombat causes
* Rogue Servitors can now allow organics to colonize planets
* Increased AI weight for naval cap & command limit techs
* Increased base weight of terraforming techs
* Reduced Materialist opinion boost towards Machine empires

# UI

* New icon for the L-cluster

# AI

* AI will now a wait some time before changing AI priority if it recently changed priority

# Performance

* Cached tile resource production for faster performance
* More border calculations optimization
* Borders are now only updated if they need to be, reducing unnecessary operations
* Removed useless recalculation of borders when planet change owners
* Bypass distance cache improvements
* Ensured Starbases owner modifiers are calculated only once, and parallelized that bit
* Parallelizing AI strategy monthly recalc and reducing the number of system evaluated
* More caching of tile related data performance - fixes a performance bug with previous caching of tile related data

# Modding

* Moved scripted variables for buildings into the scripted variables file
* Saved Event Targets should now always persist through Special Projects
* Added is_event_design setting for event ship designs that should be blocked by fleet manager
* Improved performance of Global SavedEventTargets
* You can now define in a section template whether its components (turrets etc) should be drawn graphically or not
* Effects that take name (such as create_ship or set_name) can now extract name from scope, ie set_name = root will take the name from the root object (even if it's a different type of object, such as naming a ship after a leader)

# Bugfixes

* Fixed a bug where guaranteed nearby colonizable worlds sometimes did not appear
* Fixed pop_modifier out of sync in MP
* Fixed several other OOS causes with convoluted causes
* Fixed several crashes with similarly arcane origin stories
* Added Distant Stars ownership icon for MP setup
* Fixed an OOS related to ship armor stats
* Fixed missing ambient sounds for certain star classes
* Fixed missing brain slug traits for scientists and admirals
* Fixed getting brain slugs and other non-robotic traits for event-spawned robotic leaders
* Fixed "Asteroid Collision" anomaly awarding the wrong deposit type
* Fixed "...and Hope?" achievement for opening the L-Cluster not being awarded
* Fixed missing text description for the L-Gate insight technology
* Missing word added in Phase Disruptor tech description
* Fixed other typos rendering the game literally unplayable
* Fixed some Horizon Signal-related building tooltips
* Improved janky Tiyanki death animations, giving rise to a desire for a new 1930's dance craze
* Fixed cases where you would sometimes not identify Leviathans after meeting them, this should also fix Curators not having anything to say about them
* Fixed The Gray Tempest event having 2 choices with identical outcomes, because it was painfully close to much of real life
* Gestalt consciousness can no longer pick liberation wars policy as it did nothing for them anyway
* Phaseshifting planet now has edge case handling if a nation completes the project before researching the anomaly
* Pacification of Space Amoebas or Crystals now turns them neutral instead of friendly because come on guy, you don't know me like that
* Fixed Fanatic Purifier, Devouring Swarm, and Determined Exterminator Empires suddenly becoming socially presentable when talking to the Curators about L-Gates
* Fixed instances where Empires created after initial L-Gate activation would be unable to use the L-Gates
* Fixed a text overflow issue in the Anomaly tracker
* Fixed "Bunker-Bot" anomaly not generating an L-Gate Insight
* Fixed a crash when the gateway type doesn't exist (affected certain mods)
* Fixed an OOS due to Experimental Subspace Navigation
* Added missing modifier string for all languages
* Marauder neighbor events can no longer trigger for empires that have no communications with them
* Properly calculate cached values when ships are created, meaning fleet power is now displayed correctly
* Fixed a bug where freshly created ships would not benefit immediately from bonus hull point effects
* Addressed a couple of edge cases that might cause improper Strategic Resource tech weights
* Added Go To buttons to a couple of Anomalies
* Fixed a cause of ship stats OOS. Some code was executed in unsafe order somehow when recalculating for hot join
* Scriptable localization error logging fix
* Asteroids can now glow
* Fixed L-Gates that were opened in 2.1.0 being unusable in 2.1.1
* Minor loc polish and fixes to events
* Fixed broken repair costs for ruined buildings
* Fixed the Great Khan being stuck bombarding the planets of Satrapies
* Fixed issue with Ancient Manufactory that could leave the system's star without a resource deposit
* Hid display of weapons when inspecting space creatures, to prevent Amoebas with frickin' lasers attached to their heads
* Added missing check to prevent Sea of Consciousness tech gain exploit
* Fixed the bug where it was impossible to land troops on planets captured by titanic life
* Fixed ruined gateways blocking construction of megastructures
* Fixed construction time being calculated incorrectly for defensive platforms
* Machine Intelligences will no longer look down upon Synthetic Empires for being Artificial Beings
* Fixed ludicrously broken costs for starbase defense platform upgrades
* Added missing selection sound effects for ice asteroids and brown dwarves
* Fixed Gray Goo and Marauder fleets sometimes just idling instead of attacking nearby targets
* World Shaper ascension perk is no longer available to Machine Empires
* Fixed hyperlane detection range wrongly showing up in every ship-related popup known to sentient life
* Autonomous Ship Intellects is no longer marked as a dangerous tech
* Planned Obsolesence can no longer fire for non-materialist empires
* Fixed CTD on loading save game from in game
* Fixed "Asteroid Collision" anomaly awarding the wrong deposit type

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    многоуважаемый Spillik скажите: "я скачал 2.1.0 последнюю доступную версию с рутрэкера и хочу обновиться до актуальной(последней) бэты версии. Я должен просто скачать этот файл кинуть в корень и запустить батник? или мне нужно качать обе последние бэты или что то ещё надо сделать... подскажите пожалуйста"
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    Беты, зачастую, как и эта - включают в себя предыдущие бета-патчи.