Syndrome "Update 1.044f, 1.05f"

Описание и инструкции

- FOV slider (ingame menu);
- Rebindable keys (in the main menu);
- Hardware mouse cursor;
- Elevator symbol in the elevators;
- Inventory fixed in 21:9 screens;
- Mouse sensitivy fixed after leaving the menu;
- Objectives now disappear from the screen while playing with the controller. They can be displayed by pressing left joystick down;
- Fixed collision bugs;
- Improved physics in general;
- Fixed issue with head showing back (no spoilers);
- Improved performance;
- Fixed the "Read all logs" achievement;
- Added a security check on the config.txt file. If the file is corrupted, the game generates a new one, preventing ingame issues;
When this file was corrupted, it could cause all kinds of weird game issues: buttons not working, etc
- Mouse flicker problem fixed;
- Added uncap FPS variable, which can be changed through the registry;
- Additional VO added;
- AI tweaks;

The English, German and Russian versions are already updated. The remaining versions will be updated in the following days.

If you have any issues with the game after the update, please verify the integrity of game cache.

- New "event" added;
- Tweaked the hacking minigame (the symbols are now showing in a pattern, instead of completely random);
- Added bullet impacts to some enemies (the weakest enemies now react to the bullet impacts);
- Fixed a collision on level 5;
- Fixed a bug where the keypads wouldn't clear if too many digits were clicked;
- Fixed a collision issue on a staircase on level 4;
- Fixed a couple of floating objects on level 6;
- Fixed an issue with the map on level 6, on specific languages