Titan Quest

Titan Quest Anniversary Edition "Update 1.43"

Описание и инструкции

Update #8 (1.43) Various gameplay fixes
Gameplay Fixes
20th June 2017
- Fixed bug where kills from spreading Plague did not count for the player
- Standard attacks now continue smoothly while a skill on LMB is not available
- Fixed bug where scrolls could be stacked incorrectly in the Caravan
- Various stability improvements
- All pets now display their basic attacks as skills
- Anatomy no longer requires a spear, bow or sword
- Freezing Blast damage absorption reduced to 66%
- Fixed bug that caused the effect of Blade Honing to be invisible
- Tweaked Ice Shards mana costs
- Added proper sound and weapon trace to Lethal Strike spear animation
- Fixed Warhorn effect and added short expansion time
- Tweaked Squall effect sizes
- Ji Bao and Umayma (Skeleton heroes) reworked, no longer mere copies of Fenuku
- Odontotyranni do more damage and give more experience
- Increased health of Nessus and Polyphemus in Epic and Legendary
- Fixed Ancient Scorpos using normal weapons in all difficulties, buffed health
- Fixed Act 1 gear appearing on Act 3 skeleton heroes
- Dune Raider hero archers can now drop Eldritch Bows
- Tweaked some Ratman heroes
- Tweaked size of Chimera
- Added 1s of stun to Ormenos' stalactite throw
- Typhon's Life Leech now does less immediate damage and more over time
- Zombie Blightcaster poison grenades are now more visible
- Fixed Wildfire bonus on Nu Ba's Nagamaki
- Fixed some common torso armors being invisible on Tigermen and Jackalmen
- Fixed various NPC animations
- Fixed a number of dead database links
- Improved Kalixenia's defeat sequence
- No more normal bone piles spawning near Boar Snatcher
- Vince no longer targets pets
- Orient quest raptor is less stoic
- Hades' shadow cloud now shares his creature type
- Hades' shadow cloud no longer generates pet anger
- Various text improvements
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