Total War: Rome 2 "Close Combat - Полный пак"

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Мод изменяющий BAI. Битвы длиннее и зрелищнее, воины сохраняют между собой дистанцию, убегающие вражеские юниты могут вернуться и броситься обратно в битву, уменьшена скорость юнитов и др.
Работает на 4 бета патче.
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    Автор Luntik
    Полное описание:
    Close Combat v1.0. (Updated 08.09.2013) Add 2 new tbl. in mod: land_unit and unit_spacings.
    Change formation spacing for pikemen (phalanx) and some melee inf, to prevent jostle around in their formation.
    Unit rank-dept decrease from 12(vanilla) to 8.

    Close Combat v2.0. (Updated 13.09.2013)Add 2 new tbl. melee_weapons and special_ability_phase_stat_effectsSome unit spacing updated.
    Some values in tbl. battle_entities updated for better AI behaviour.
    Kill rate decreased.Reworked unit speed, acceleration and deceleration.
    AI hoplites use phalanx when attacking and AI hoplites stay in phalanx when defended.
    Boiling oil at the city gates is more dangerous, an area of two meters from the point of impact.

    Close Combat Gold 4 feature:
    Kill rate decreased /from Close Combat v2.0/
    Unit speed /from Close Combat v1.0/
    Prevents units from bunching together /from Close Combat v1.0/
    Unit spacing to prevent jostle /from Close Combat v2.0/

    CloseCombat v3.0. (Updated 29.09.2013) Add 3 new tbl. _kv_fatigue, _kv_morale and unit_fatigue_effects.
    Ready for patch 3
    Rank-dept increase for ranged unit from 5(vanilla) to 6.
    Returned vanilla values for pike (according with patch 3).
    Unit spacings bit modified to better interact.
    Unit speed changed by a new technique to match the patch 3 (all unit can run and accelerated step in the forest).
    Unlike vanilla speed slower rate drops for exhaustion.
    Units more quickly restored when idle.
    I see that with my changes and vanilla moral works well, fixed only one (maybe) a bug where on my side units fear effect affect (extends) to the enemy.
    Kill rate reduction should work even better.

    patch 3 lowered melee weapons damage and increased by 10% - 12% units hit points
    + my part, I added 10% more hit points + decrease hit chance in melee by new method
    for ranged unit hit chance bit decrease
    protection shield from missile bit increase

    as a result - battle becomes even longer and more spectacular.

    CloseCombatGold v2.0.(Updated 29.09.2013)
    Ready for patch 3

    CloseCombat [missile kill rate reduction]
    CloseCombat [realistic warrior height]
    CloseCombat [missile weapon hit effect]

    CloseCombat [missile kill rate reduction]
    for arrow, javelin and sling reduced accuracy rate
    for flaming arrow and fire javelin damage reduced, remains only the possibility of igniting, now AI almost no use them in field battle

    CloseCombat [realistic warrior height] - this submod eliminate the disparity in height of warriors.
    Thanks PROMETHEUS ts, who first found out how to fix height of warrior
    CA used a variety of sizes in 3d model, so further enhance the difference in height too excess.
    And i am in submod gave the same coefficient of heights for all.

    Close Combat [missile weapon hit effect] submod +18
    Спойлер (скрытая информация)

    Instalation: UnZip and place into Rome II data folder.

    Useful bai related mods fully compatible with Close Combat:
    Stronger Walls by .Mitch.
    City walls now have x2 the hitpoints (so do the towers on them), so they don't fall after very few hits.
    It now takes an Onager about 75% of its ammunition to take down a wall section.
    Special Abilities Be Gone! by Pnutmaster
    Removes almost all special abilities from the game (with the exception of Frenzy - which has a fatigue penalty by default, and Generals' abilities, e.g., Rally)
    No more flaming javelins, and no more flaming arrows for mounted units (seriously CA, WTF) *
    All Roman infantry now have Shield Wall, Offensive Testudo, and Defensive Testudo (previously only Triarii used it)
    Increases the recharge time of remaining special abilities (e.g., Rally now takes 300 seconds to recharge)
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    не знаю у меня с самой первой версии так и было,что убегающие (сдающиеся) юниты обратно бежали в бой
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    Леонид Рубан
    Если честно сам не пойму...
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    И еще если кому не нравитсЯ что автор поменял плотность отрядов у римлян на более рарзрозненную вот исправленная версия v.3.1
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