TransOcean 2: Rivals "Update 1.0.8"

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Changelog от 20.05.2016:


  • Some more improvements to the pause function have been implemented.
  • Automated ships now commence their journey correctly after loading a saved game.
  • In the endless game mode ships no longer remain stuck after casting off.
  • After a subsidiary has been bribed, its correct (sabotaging) owner is now indicated as such.
  • The reach of the upgrade “Contraband scanner“ has been fixed, which results in less found contraband alerts.
  • A bug has been fixed which often resulted in the wrong length of the ship parameter’s orange bars in the wharf.
  • If you repair a ship via the contract list, you will only be able to load the ship with cargo once more after the repair has been completed.
  • You cannot skip while naming a ship any longer.
  • The contract sizes for class 2 container ships have been reduced so that the little “Mustang II” has a bigger choice range.
  • In the voyage evaluation menu the wear and tear is now correctly calculated on basis of the local repair dock.
  • It is no longer possible to sabotage yourself.
  • If a sabotage action is cancelled, the game is no longer paused but keeps running.


  • The current ship name instead of the model name is now shown in den upgrade dock.
  • Several localization bugs have been fixed.

Mini game:

  • The game now pauses during manual docking and casting off in the ports.
  • The correct remaining time of the strike is now shown after the mini game has been cancelled while still in progress.


  • The tutorial could not be continued in some cases. This problem has been fixed.