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X Rebirth "MCE - Manual Command Extension v.0.16"

Описание и инструкции

Это обновленная (последняя) версия мода MCE - Manual Command Extension. Автор данного мода Jack08, сделал нам несколько необходимых команд для наших судов. К сожалению, я не сильно владею английским, поэтому описание на английском и взято из мануала. Методом "тыка" там все довольно понятно:

Prior to going into the layouts of the Manual Commands...

1. Changes to default behavior of ships

The default "protect" behavior of following ships has been disabled.
Ships only protected you if their firepower was stronger than the ship attacking you.
Plus, they only followed you if you were over 32.5km away from them.
Use Escort Me(In-squad Orders 2-1-1) to have them stay close and actively defend you.

Removing a ship from squad no longer makes a following ship stop.
Use Hold Position(In-squad Orders 1-1) to make them stop where they are.

2. Clarification of targeting terms

"Target*" refers to the "MCE Target"
It is set using Set Target(In-squad Orders 3-1) or through the Select Target(Universe menu 1-1).

"This**" refers to the ship you opened comms with.
Should not be selectable through the Universe menu, but if it doesn't grey out, do not use it.
No telling what'll happen.
It should also be greyed out when directly used with In-squad Orders, unless you went through Targeting(In-squad Orders 3) to issue the actual order to some other ship.

In-squad Orders

1 Navigation
1-1 Hold Position (Stop and stay there.)
1-2 Follow (Vanilla behavior, minus the defending part.)
1-2-1 Follow Me
1-2-2 Follow Target*
1-2-3 Follow This**
1-3 Move to...
1-3-1 Move to Me
1-3-2 Move to Target*
1-3-3 Move to This**
(1-3-1 through 1-3-3 move to a position within 2km of the target when the command is issued.)
1-3-4 Move Forward (Uses boosters. Select between 5~25km.)
1-3-5 Move Through Gate (Only when the MCE Target is an active Gate. Created specifically to avoid having ships taken during the plot.)
1-4 Align to
1-4-1 Align to Me
1-4-2 Align to Target*
1-4-3 Align to This**
1-4-4 Track Target*
1-4-5 Track This**
("Track" commands are basically automatically repeating "Align" commands.)
1-5 Move to Zone

2 Combat
2-1 Escort Menu
2-1-1 Escort Me
2-1-2 Escort Target*
2-1-3 Escort This**
2-1-4 Fighter Escort Options
2-1-4-1 Engage Distance
2-1-4-2 Formation on Fighters
2-1-4-3 Formation on Capitals
2-1-4-4 Sub-Formation on Capitals
2-1-5 Capital Escort Options
2-1-5-1 Break Distance
2-1-5-2 Formation
2-2 Main Battle Fleet
2-2-1 Join Fleet as
2-2-1-1 Capital Battle Group (Capital ships only. Forms up around the Fleet Commander.)
2-2-1-2 Escort Squadrons (Fighters only. Distributes between the Fleet Commander and the Capital Battle Group.)
2-2-1-3 Vanguard Strike Group (Fighters only. Forms a screen in front of the main group.)
2-2-1-5 Fleet Commander (Capital ships only. A Fleet Commander needs to be appointed before any of the other choices become selectable.)
2-2-3 Capital Options
2-2-3-1 Break Distance
2-2-3-2 Formation
2-2-4 Escort Options
2-2-4-1 Break Distance
2-2-4-2 Formation
2-2-4-3 Sub-Formation
2-2-5 Vanguard Options
2-2-5-1 Break Distance
2-2-5-2 Formation
2-2-5-3 Sub-Formation
2-2-5-4 Offset Distance
2-3 Attack Target*
2-4 Attack This**
2-5 Patrol Zone (Move to zone and patrol.)

3 Targeting
3-1 Set Target (Sets This** as the MCE Target.)
3-2 Reset Target (Clears the MCE Target.)
3-3 Mass Selection
3-3-1 Add to Selection : This unit**
3-3-2 Add to Selection : Units near...
3-3-2-1 Me
3-3-2-2 Target*
3-3-2-3 This**
(After selecting 3-3-2-1 through 3-3-2-3, you select the distance you want to consider "near" the unit.)
3-3-3 Add to Selection : All ships
3-3-4 Remove from Selection...
3-3-4-1 Remove : This** ship
3-3-4-2 Remove : Ships near...
3-3-4-3 Clear Entire Selection
3-3-5 Mass Command (Gives the same order to all ships in the Mass Selection. Only units in your squad follow orders.)
3-3-4-1 Navigation (In-squad Orders 1)
3-3-4-2 Combat (In-squad Orders 2. 2-2-1 "Join Fleet as" is replaced with "Join Fleet" that automatically puts all capitals in the Capital Battle Group and all fighters in the Escort Squadrons. Requires a Fleet Commander to be appointed.)
3-3-4-3 Recall Drones
3-3-4-5 Squad
3-3-4-5-1 Join my squad
3-3-4-5-2 Leave my squad
3-3-4-5-3 Join my squad (Idle only)
3-4 Escort Commands
3-4-1 Recall Escorts (This**)
3-4-2 Recall Escorts (Target*)
3-4-3 Recall All Escorts
(Recalled escorts returns to and starts escorting the player.)
3-4-4 Fighter Escort Options
3-4-5 Capital Ecort Options
3-5 Fleet Commands
3-5-1 Navigation (In-squad Orders 1)
3-5-2 Combat (In-squad Orders 2)
3-5-3 Capital Options
3-5-4 Escort Options
3-5-5 Vanguard Options
4 Utility
4-1 Eject/Come back aboard (Only on fighters. If the pilot was hired, they come back aboard if there's enough space. If not, they eject.)
4-2 Drop Cargo (Drops all cargo except Fuel Cells.)
4-3 Recall Drones

Non-squad Comm menu

1 Targeting (In-squad Orders 3)
2 Trade Options
2-1 Limit wares to cargo (Experimental. For trading/mining ships assigned to station managers, it should change their warebaskets to the cargo they already have in the hold, so they only mine/trade those items.)
2-2 Reset ware limits

Not-owned Comm menu

1 Targeting (In-squad Orders 3)

Universe menu

1 Targeting (In-squad Orders 3, with the exception of 3-1 "Set Target" which is replaced with "Select Target". All commands that use "This**" should not be usable.)
1-1 Select Target (Sets the MCE Target by selecting an object through an iterated list based on size. Ships/stations are limited to ones in the same zone. Also includes jump beacons in the same sector and gates in the same cluster.)

УСТАНОВКА: разархивировать и скинуть папку "Manual Command Extension" в диск:/Steam/SteamApps/common/X Rebirth/extensions. Если папки "extensions" нет, создайте её.
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