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XCOM 2 "[WOTC] Field Medic Class"

Описание и инструкции

Модификация на добавление класса, "медик"

(локализация присутствует)

Описание способностей в архиве

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"Описание способностей в архиве"
А тут описание влом было оставить?

– First Aid (Passive)
* Gives 4 uses per Medikit equipped and +1 healing.
* Associated Ability: First Aid Heal (replaces Medikit Heal)
* Heal for +5 HP
* All other functions like regular Medikit Heal
* Associated Ability: First Aid Stabilize (replaces Medikit Stabilize)
* Just like Medikit Stabilize, also adds temporary defense boost for stabilized unit
* Associated Ability: First Aid Revive
* Removes mental conditions from unit, also adds temporary will boost for revived unit

*First Responder Tree*
– Dedication (Passive)
* Gain extra Mobility and ignore overwatch/reactive fire shots from enemies.
– Debilitate
* Take a concussive shot at enemy, a successful hit lowers their mobility with a chance to stun.
* Cross-class enabled.
– Aptitude (Passive)
* Gain extra healing and uses for Medikits.
– Triage (AoE)
* AoE Heal for allies within range. Requires Medikit charges.
– Precise Strike
* Take a careful shot at an enemy, grants extra aim and damage.
* Cross-class enabled.
– Renewal (AoE)
* AoE minor heal for allies within range. NO Medikit required.

*Preventative Care Tree*
– Inoculate
* Give ally/self a brief boost to Will and Dodge plus immunity to poison.
– Analyze Weakness
* Just like Advent Captain’s Mark, except:
* Free action.
– Defensive Treatment
* Gain free Overwatch whenever using First Aid Heal.
– Hearten (AoE, Aura)
* AoE Buff to Will and Dodge for allies in range.
– Vital Strike
* Take a crippling shot at enemy, grants extra Crit Chance and applies Rupture on successful hit.
– Calm Demeanor (Aura)
* Gives all allies extra Aim and Crit Chance.

*GTS Skill*
– Self Defense (Passive)
* Gain Will, Dodge, and Defense permanent boost.