RACE 07: Official WTCC Game

RACE 07: Official WTCC Game: FAQ (English)

Q: Does RACE07 support DX7 and DX8 graphics cards?
A: No, RACE07 only supports DX9 compatible graphics cards.

Q: Do I have to be connected to the internet in order to play RACE07?
A: No, Race 07 will have the option of choosing between an offline and online version when the
player installs the game. The offline version will feature Securom protection, the
player will not be able to join in online multiplayer races with this version.
The online version requires Steam to be installed.

Q: Does RACE07 support custom skins?
A: Yes, RACE07 will support custom skins feature. Go here to find more information and download the templates.

Q: Where do I find help skinning my car?
A: Go to the official forum car skinning section forum.racesimcentral.com/forumdisplay.php?f=1199

Q: How does the custom offline championship mode work?
A: It's custom by all means, you decide what is included in custom championships. Just a few examples about available options:
- choose between all tracks included in the game, at least 2 tracks is needed to create custom championships
- choose between all car classes in the game, want to run single make championship? or really mix up the grid?
- choose between all available rules, including 1 and 2 race format, weight penalties............ and more

Q: What operating systems RACE07 support?
A: RACE07 fully supports Windows XP Home Edition and Windows XP Professional, RACE07 may run under other operating systems but this is not supported and can therefore result in reduced performance and even game failures.

Q: I want to move my Steam installation to a different disk or computer, how can I do this?
A: This and many other Steam related questions are answered by Steam support, support.steampowered.com/cgi-...duser/home.php

Q: I am having performance issues
A: Please make sure that the hardware used to play the game meets the minimum requirements stated on the back of the game cover, if your hardware meets the minimum requirements need to run the game and you still have performance issues you should try to lower the graphical settings.
Go to options->Visual Settings and change the General Detail setting to low, test the game to if performance has improved, if yes, you can try to go up one level on the General Detail setting, continue to increase General Detail level until you feel performance hits.
Important to note that a full field of cars takes more performance from your hardware than having one car on track in Practice Mode.

Q: Where do I see the hardware requirements of the game if I have downloaded the game from Steam?
A: www.race-game.org/race07/support/index.htm

Q: What Graphical setting have the greatest impact on performance
A: Shadows and Draw Distance settings both have a great impact on how the game performs, so these two values should adjusted to a lower setting should you experience performance hits during game play.

Q: How do I access the configuration program in Steam version?
A: Right click on RACE07 in the “my games” list within Steam. Select and left click on “RACE07 Video and Languages Options”

Q: Is there anyway to make sure Steam installed RACE07 properly?
A: Right click on RACE07 in the “my games” list within Steam. Select and left click on “Properties”. Now click on the “Local Files Tab” and left click on “verify integrity of game cache...”

Q: Does RACE07 feature In Game Advertising (IGA)?
A: Yes, there is In Game Advertising present in RACE07. To provide this functionality, technology developed by IGA Worldwide, INC. has been integrated into the game. This technology will automatically deliver location-based advertising and log and transmit certain information about your interaction with the advertising. If you do not wish to receive contextual advertising messages, do not play this game while connected to the Internet. The IGA Worldwide, INC. privacy policy can be found at www.igaworldwide.com/

Q: Will the advertising banners change when I am driving around the track?
A: No, they will never change during gameplay.

Q: Can a disruption of the In Game Advertising system cause my game to stop functioning?
A: No, the game is in no way dependant on the Advertising system to be working or being active.

Q: Does the inclusion of In Game Advertising force me to be connected to the internet to play RACE07?
A: No, you are never forced to be connected to the internet in order to play an activated copy of RACE07.

Q: Does the In Game Advertising system collect and transmit any data from my system?
A: The In Game Advertising system only transmits a count of how many times you have passed a given advertising board, this information is not send during gameplay and it does not contain any other data or information gathered from your harddrive.

Q: Space on my C: Drive is dropping day by day after having installed RACE07, what is wrong?
A: You have the Timestamp Replays option enabled, this will cause the game to save a replay of every race or additional race event you do in the game, these are stored in your replay folder witch is located in the RACE07 directory (default location) C:\ProgramFiles\Steam\SteamApps\UserName\race07\RE PLAYDATA
Replays can be deleted from within the Replay Theatre or by deleting them manually in the Replay folder. You can turn off Time stamped replays by going to Options-> Game Settings and then choose Off for Timestamp Replays.

Q: What ports is needed to host RACE on the internet?
A: TCP+UDP 48942 – 48957 and UDP 26900-26907

Q: I am on a firewall protected LAN network and want to a RACE server for other users of the same LAN network, what ports do I need to open?
A: TCP+UDP 48942 - 48957 and UDP 48958-48973

Q: Is the weight penalty system supported by the dedicated server?
A: No, the dedicated server does not support the use of weight penalties.

Q: Why does nothing happen when I click join after having selected a server from the server list?
A: If you click to choose a server and then click join and nothing happens it is more than likely that the server you are trying to join has not been set up with incorrect or missing port forwarding, it is not likely that the problem is related to your internet connection or hardware.

Q: When racing online, does the race start when the countdown reaches zero ?
A: No, the countdown shows how long drivers not yet ready on the track have to get there. Once the counter reaches zero, only then will the race start procedure begin. The start procedure is, start lights comes up, they turn on, and when the lights turns off the race has officially started.

Q: Why can I not give gas and brake at the same time when I am using a wheel with separate brake and gas pedals?
A: You have not enabled dual axis (the opposite of combined pedals on Logitech products), enable dual axis (or disable report for combined pedals on Logitech products) and you will be able to brake and give gas at the same time.

Q: My car is not having enough top speed in long straights?
A: Go to the car setup screen and click on the overall tab, in the lower right side you can see the gear ratio settings, extend 6th gear (5th on the BMW’s) to allow for higher top speeds, try to keep the spacing between gears as even as possible.

Q: Why will my car not go more than 60 km/h (approximately 37 MPH)?
A: Turn off the pit speed limiter, default mapping L on keyboard.

Q: Why can't I control the car in the pits?
A: Since pit stops are not an integrated part of the WTCC series, they have been made fully automatic in RACE07. You will regain control at the end of pit lane.

Q: How do I best see the rain effect in the game?
A: In order to see the full effect of rain you must use the cockpit camera.

Q: I have a hard time hearing my own cars engine sound while driving close to other cars?
A: Go to options->Audio Settings and adjust other car volume to a level that suits your preference.

Q: I can't hear when I am locking up my tires under braking ?
A: Turn up the volume of the tire skidding sound until you reach a level that allows you to hear it easily, note that Tire Scrub, Skid and Road Noise volumes can be adjusted to values between 0 and 100%

Q: During pitstop, how much fuel will I get?
A: You will get the same amount you started with, for example if you started the race with 40 liters you will get tank filled up to 40 liters instead of getting 40 liters more. Note that if you have enough fuel to complete the race you will not get refuelled during the pitstop.

Q: What does the percentage mean in offline championships race lenght?
A: Real WTCC races length is 50km, 100% equals full real race distance. Selecting 50% in this results 25km races. Custom championships use the same system.

Q: Why can I not upload a ghost in the Online Time Attack?
A: You must first save a ghost before you can upload a ghosts.

Q: Why can the game not connect to the MP lobby or the Online Time Attack ghost server?
A: Either your computer is not connected to the internet, or, if the computer is properly connected to the internet but still not able to connect to the MP lobby or the Online Time Attack ghost server the cause is more than likely firewall or anti-virus software related.

Q: I have troubles running two or more dedicated servers in Vista, what is wrong?
A: This is most likely due to that your anti-virus software is not fully compatible with Windows Vista. Some anti-virus software blocks the second server from starting the connection. This issue can be resolved by uninstalling the anti-virus software however it's not recommended. Until these issues are solved by the anti-virus software developers we recommend using Windows XP for hosting multiple servers.