Xpand Rally

Xpand Rally: All Access Cheats (English)

Описание и инструкции

Unpack the included rar file into your Xpand Rally /data/ directory and overwrite file, if asked.

In the menu press F12 to activate the God Mode which gives you max money, cars, tracks. (money does not update immediately)

F10 = Toggle HUD

F9 = Pause game

F8 = Stop Race

F7 = Toggle Respawn

O = Physics Reset

I = Toggle engine damage

Num Pad = Toggle car damage (wheels, driver, engine)

Insert/Del/Pos1/End/PgUp/PgDn = Move drivers seat (camera)

G = Destroy/Repair windows

1 = Toggle Wipers

Pause/Break = Fly around (also try Shift, Alt, Ctrl)

B/N = Display additional Information (when flying around)

We have also premodified the config to give access to all hidden races and championships. Go race your soul out!!

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