Binding of Isaac

Binding of Isaac "The Charred Персонаж"

Описание и инструкции

This mod adds a new character called The Charred! He's got a short fuse!

The Charred starts with regular health and stats, but what makes him unique is the fact that he has bomb hearts!

Instead of using regular hearts, Charred regains health by picking up bombs. If that's not different enough for you, he can choose to hurt himself in order to drop infinite amounts of bombs. As long as he has health, that is! Depending on the type of bomb heart you drop, you get different effects.

Unlike his counterpart, Keeper, this little guy actually properly gains Health Up from items, so the challenge will be in trying to master his playstyle, rather than having the game on hard mode on top of that!

Because we've run into problems with the AI, the character always has curse of the unknown enabled, but you won't see it, because I've hidden the heart. This does mean, though, that if you play another character with this mod enabled, you won't see a question mark heart at the top. Everything else should work just fine.

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