Raven's Cry

Raven's Cry "Саундтрек OST"

Описание и инструкции

01 Ravens Cry Epic Suite02 Port Royal - First Visit03 Port Royal - Strange Places04 Port Royal - in the Harbour05 Port Royal - The Challenge06 Port Royal - Second Fight07 Port Royal - Let them go08 St. Georges - The Followers09 St. Georges - No Mercy10 Treasure Islands - The Natives11 Treasure Islands - Into the Djungle12 Treasure Islands - Explore the World13 Santo Domingo - Theme14 Bridgetown - The Trap15 Bridgetown - No Rest16 Bridgetown - At Night17 San Juan - Stay Away18 St. Lucia - No way out19 Redonda - At the Pirates Cave20 Saint Johns - take a nap21 Saint Johns - Explore22 Sainte Rose23 Santorios Island24 Sea Battle25 Teasure Island26 Ravens Cry Theme re-Mix27 Santorios Theme28 Ghost Ship29 Amazing GraceMP3, 44kHz, 192 kbps