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Diablo II: Guide v1.0 (English)

Diablo II (v1.03)

Guide v1.0 by Spider Eternal™ (Spider0@Juno.com)

Last Update: 12/4/00

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Table of Contents


I. Introduction

II. Imbuement Guide

III. Common Mistakes

IV. Side Comments

V. Credits

VI. Copyright

I. Introduction


Ever get puzzled by what you should imbue? Or when you should

imbue it? Or why some imbues came out great and others were absolutely

horrible? Overlooking the fact that you give Charsi better items with

each difficulty, there is another factor which determines imbue

quality. And most people think it's the difficulty level that does it.

That in fact, is wrong.

II. Imbuement Guide


The reason most people think imbues are better in higher

difficulties, is because they are, in a sense, but its not difficulty

that influences the imbuement, it's the level of the imbuer. If you

think about it, it makes perfect sense. If a level 10 imbues an item in

normal (or any difficulty for that matter), the item will be imbued to

suit his needs. If a character level 20 imbues on any difficulty

whatsoever, he will get a better item than the level 10 because he

needs better items. So, the higher your level, the better the

imbuement, it's that simple.


A different way of playing can really make a difference, and could save

you a lot of grief and boredom.


The main reason people get not-so-good items from imbues, is the

fact that a lot of them rush through the game. So being a lower level,

they might imbue a great item, but will probably be disappointed. If

you want to receive better imbues faster, take your time with the game.

Sounds like an oxymoron, but its not. If you find an area in the game

where you can level up easily and kill the monsters there with fair

ease, then stay there. Once the experience starts going down, don't

leave the area. Instead of rushing to the next area, join or make games

that will have 8 people join them. For the most part the monsters will

get a little harder, but they will still be easy to kill, and you will

get good experience from them. The trick is to stay solo, that way you

get the maximum experience possible. Try making games that will have

the 8 people coming in play in a different act than you are. That way

you will have 8 people total in the game and an entire Act full of

experience for yourself. Once that area or act doesn't give you much

experience with maximum players, then its time to move on. Playing in

this consistent and thorough manner truly makes it an entirely

different play experience. I've seen level 44 characters in Hell

difficulty, and I've seen level 44 characters starting Act 2 in

Nightmare. I myself have stayed in Normal, and found decent experience

in hell with 8 people up until I hit level 37. Most people starting

Nightmare are in their 20s.

The best time to imbue is farther away than you might think. My

recommendation is to imbue at least after level 45. If you want to get

the best of the imbuements, imbue after level 60. Don't forget that

chance still does play a big role in these imbuements, but your chances

of getting a very good item are extremely higher than if you imbue

within the levels of 30-45. I do realize that doing so deprives you of

a rare item during your progression of the game. Still, wouldn't it be

better to have a great item that you keep for a long time, instead of a

mediocre item that you use for a little while and then sell off? You be

the judge. I found that this strategy works great for me, imbues are

rare and quite far in-between, I made the most of them.

And finally, as to what items themselves you should imbue, that

is really up to your character class. I recommend imbuing only the

exceptional types of equipment, such as chaos armor, executioner

swords, grim shields, etc. (Check out the specific stats on exceptional

types of items at the official Diablo 2 website, or try www.diabloii.net)

Common Mistakes (Updated 12/4/00)


You've all seen them before, people auctioning off exceptional superior

imbuable items that are sold for sickeningly huge amounts of gold or

good items. DON'T FALL INTO THIS TRAP!! Items lose all their properties

once they are imbued, so getting a superior sword imbued, or a cracked

one makes no difference whatsoever, the item type is what determines

the imbued item. So an exceptional piece of equipment is different from

a regular piece of equipment since it's already a different type to

begin with, and having it imbued will produce a higher quality item

altogether. The ONLY exception to this rule is with

wands/staffs/scepters. The regular vs. exceptional rule still applies,

but if you find one of these and the item is non-magical, (meaning the

text is white) and that item possesses magical properties, such as

additions to skills, (but improved damage or durability properties WILL

be lost after the imbue) these spell properties will PROBABLY be

retained in the imbuing process. In addition they might be improved or

more skill adding properties will be added. Chance is a factor here

again, so the perfect wand that you imbue might not keep the spell add-

ons that you'd like it to, but then again, it just might. :)

Another area where people could get misled is when imbues add the

improved damage/durability/defense. If you gave a superior item that

contained these attributes to Charsi, and she gave back an imbued item

that still had those properties, you might be misled into thinking that

they are kept during the imbue process. That's simply not true, what

really happened was the item was stripped of its attributes, and then

those properties were re-added to the item, giving the appearance that

they were kept. I suspect that it might work the same way as the wand

addition to skill feature, that sometimes it is kept, others it is not.

I'm currently in the process of checking whether this is true. At the

moment though, I would assume that all superior properties are lost, so

avoid spending big money on superior items.


Higher is not always better? The common opinion is that imbuing between

the levels of 30-45 is better than the higher levels because you don't

get as many damage dealing properties in items, instead they would be

more geared to resistances and regeneration.


I am not sure if this is correct or not, but I've gotten numerous e-

mails about it. I will be conducting numerous tests to find out if this

is truly the case, and I will soon post the information. Check back



For those of you curious to find out why people might think this please

read the small section below.


The Diablo 2 game stops dropping items after a certain monster level.

What I mean is socketed exceptional items, for example, will not be

dropped (or very rarely) in the hell difficulty because the game

considers those items to be too weak to be dropped. So in order to get

them you have to go back to hell on nightmare difficulty. For this same

reason you don't see cracked items dropped in the later difficulties.

It could be very well POSSIBLE (I dunno yet, testing) that the items

Charsi gives you will not have certain attributes that you may want in

your item, the game might consider them inferior to your level. Notice

how I said level, not difficulty. Certain items stop dropping according

to difficulty only because difficulty is what determines the monsters'

levels. So your imbue in normal should still be just as good as the one

in hell, since its based on YOUR level. This does not affect unique

items (not in my experience anyway, send in comments if you know

otherwise people!) so don't worry about it not being possible to find


Side Comments (Updated 12/4/00)


I am a very open minded individual, so if you think I have posted some

incorrect information here, please let me know so I may update the

Guide. Provide your name and e-mail and you shall receive credit for

your help. Also any suggestions about how to improve this Guide,

feedback of any kind, be it positive, negative, or even neutral; will

be read and responded to. Basically, ANYTHING that you consider

worthwhile to send, whether it would be a letter telling me to rot in

the bowels of hell, a spelling mistake, or a compliment on my work,

please send it. (No I'm not implying you send me hate mail just for the

fun of it! ;) )

CREDITS (Updated 12/4/00)


At the moment I wish to thank some of the ladder players on the WEST

Realm whose names I can't remember but nevertheless, your advice helped

me create this Guide. I also give credit to Andross who helped me

update the guide in the particular area regarding wand imbuements! And

thanks to all who sent in your comments! Please, send any thoughts you

have at all. I'd like to hear them!!! The more input I get, the more

often I can update this guide, and make it better for you guys. Be sure

to send me any experience with imbues, patterns, reoccurring

attributes, anything like that!



This document is copyrighted to Spider Eternal 2000©. I will grant

permission to reproduce this guide freely provided you mail me asking

for it and tell me where you will be posting it. It is also required

that the document remains whole and unmodified, and the original author

is credited, along with anyone else that contributed to the Guide.

Also, by asking for this guide (and not stealing it) I will provide you

with a modified MS Word version. It will make the guide easier to read

with some of the enhancements that are added, so it will look like a

real guide on your site, not a huge text file.


Necromancer Duplicating Item Method

To clone the item, you will have to do some trial and error, it's best that you

get at least a friend to stay connected in your Private Game. Blizzard is

intelligent enough to destroy a GAME ROOM immediately, if you leave... Tried that

dozen of times already.

1)You must set your frame rate in Diablo2 command line to above 45...

2)Able to summon at least 10 Revives....

3)Pandemonium is the best place for this trick to work....

4)Drop an item first, not the one that you want to dupe, works as a decoy...

Summon thy minions.... Lots of them

5)You will need to powerdown your modem or have a Firewall program to


You don't actually need to do the Black wall lag trick but just your minions to

get stuck at different places (Between rooms, between Outer Steepes and

Pandemonium Fortress).

6)Keep clicking on NPCs in town, if they don't talk to you or if you see black

wall, drop the ITEM that you WANT to CLONE/DUPLICATE and then picked up the

decoy... Tell your friend to respond and pick up your duplicate item and

disconnect yourself and rejoin the game...

If trick is done correctly, you will see that you still have the DUPLICATE ITEM

on the floor or in your inventory. Should have another copy in your friend's



Diablo 2 Battle Net Dupe Trick!

Duping on realms, how it's currently being done.

Ok, you probably get some BS things sent to ya, but this is a current way to dupe

on realms, and has been turned into Blizzard. So, use the info whilest ya can.

Ok, everyone is aware that backup copies of your realm characters are stored on

your PC. The reasoning is due to redundancy and corruption issues with battlenet.

a few friends and I discovered that Bnet WILL read that info in the case of a

corrupted character file, and will implement it into their servers if a few rules

are met when reading the info. Here they are.. if you want to see how it works in

a realtime basis, let me know...

1.) Files on the local PC, can't be much older or younger than the ones on the

BNET servers. 8 mins in either direction seem to be the cap to allow for it to be

read from your machine.

2.) Anytime the servers crash, or your connection is severed strangely, the BNET

servers read the info, compare it to what is stored as a backup system on the

BNET servers, and decide how to handle the problem. (to either restore the

character from ITS backup, or to grab it from the local machine)

3.) Closing out d2 via f4, pulling your ISP connection, or simply CTRL-ALT-DEL

will not close the connection strangely enough to pass rule #2.

4.) Trading, leveling up, changing acts, and going thru waypoints all trigger

autosaves to the server. As well as randomized saves too.

5.) Every few saves to the server, will result in a saved version of your

character to your HD, if the save cannot complete on your HD for some reason, you

will get disconnected from Bnet. When the save goes thru, a response is sent to

Bnet (mixed into the keepalive routine, that lets the server know that you are

still there)

6.) there are a few bugs in the keep alive routine, we discovered these during

the closed beta, and up to today, still seem to exist. (which tells ya why from

time to time, you may lose connection, and still be able to type to people in

Bnet chat).

7.) Newer info that is stored on your local machine (eg: newer than the version

stored on the BNET servers) automatically gets ignored.

Now then, it is possible to do a variation of the dupe trick that was originally

used b4 the trainers came out, on the realms. The only thing you have to be sure

of, is that the file is older than the last save known to bnet, and your

connection was strangely terminated ;)

(heh, powering off your machine seems to work, due to the fact that you can get a

ping response from the net still, and many ISP's will keep a connection alive

even if you are disconnected, keeps lag down)

This has been tried, and works on a 80-90% success rate. I will be glad to share

any info we have collected in our tests and hack attempts. (we've hit a brick

wall, and are losing our minds)

All that I really ask for in return, is that if you discover the tradewindow

crash-dupe bug, let us know what causes it. Have had it performed many times on

us (goto trade something, something is done, diablo2 crashes, and the person that

was on the other end of the trade window gets a dupe of that item you were


Thank You,



Horadric Trick:

The Horadric Cube can be filled with 3 gems of the same type (flawless, chipped

etc.) and it will transmute to a single gem of a higher quality.

Horadric Cube Mixes:

3 health potions + 3 mana potions = 1 Rejuvenation Potion.

You may use any quality of potions for this one.


3 Health potions + 3 Mana + 1 Gem = 1 Full Rejuvenation Potion.

You may use any quality of potions and gem for this one.


1 health potion + 1 Strangling Gas potion = 1 Antidote Potion.

You may use any quality of health potion.


3 Gems of the same type and grade = 1 Gem of the next higher grade.

Useful to upgrade chipped and flawed gems.


3 Perfect Skulls + 1 Amulet = High % chance of getting a +1 or +2 to

character skills amulet.

Any 3 perfect gems can be used, but skulls seem to have a higher success

rate."Beware this one does not work 100% of the time"


3 Perfect Gems + 1 item "armor or weapon" = A new magical item of the same

item type. Items seem to be random, they can be better or worse. "This Can

not be done with unique, rare, or set items."


1 Axe + 1 Dagger + a Stack of Throwing Knives = One stack of Throwing Axes.

Any kind of axe, dagger, or throwing knives can be used, but all types

= plain throwing axes."so use the cheap stuff"


1 Ring + 1 emerald + 4 Antidote Potions = 1 Viridian Ring with 21-30 Poison


Quality of gem and ring used don't matter.


1 ring + 1 ruby + 4 exploding potions = 1 Garnet Ring with 21-30 Fire


Quality of gem and ring used don't matter.


1 ring + 1 sapphire + 4 thawing potions = 1 Cobalt Ring with 21-30 Cold


Quality of gem and ring used don't matter.


1 Ring + 2 Topaz gems = 1 Coral Ring with 21-30 Lightning resistance.

Quality of gem and ring used don't matter.


3 Amulets = 1 Ring

Quality of ring is roughly equivalent to the quality of the amulets used.


3 Rings = 1 Amulet

Quality of amulet is roughly equivalent to the quality of the rings used.


6 Perfect Gems "one of each type except skull" + Amulet = Prismatic amulet

with "16-25% Resist All" this one is buggy the amulet will morph when you

start a new game."Beware only about a 75% chance of working"


6 Gems + 1 Sword = One Socketable Long Sword

Any type of gem, and any normal or unique sword "magical and rare don't



2 Quivers of Arrows = 1 Quiver of Bolts

This Can save you a trip to town to buy more.


2 Quivers of Bolts = 1 Quiver of Arrows

This Can save you a trip to town to buy more.


1 Spear + 1 Quiver of arrows = A stack of Javelins.

Only makes javelins, never higher quality Javelins, no matter the type of

spear or number of arrows used.


Diablo 2 Gem Attributes! By JoeyDK87

The following trick/hack is actually a blizzard 1.03 patch bug which allows the

following. This bug will only work for necromancer class characters.

Necromancer exits town just outside enough to activate bonewall spell.

necromancer casts a smuch bonewall he can the more the better. Necromancer

finishes casting he must immediately run into town. he can stand anywhere in town

as long as its not close to the bonewall he cast.

The alloted time to wait varies. But the longer youw ait the better the items.

39 secs and under gives you normal items

40-50 secs good chance of getting rare item

anything above 50 secs and on a good day you will get a unique item.

This bug is more affectionately called the bonewall trick. These items are random

and all are legit.

This trick will be voided if any creature or character including necromancer hits

the wall attacks the walll or is standing at the wall when the.

secondly if any character is standing at the wall upon completion of casting an

does not run away when necromancer does the wall will not produce rare or unique


And yes, the level of difficulty determines whjat items u get. The hardert he

difficulty setting the better the items generated.

And yes there is a hack called the trade window hack an this hack is for real.

How it works:

When another character ask u to trade when u open ur trade window an the hack is

used, the would be thief makes a duplicate of everything u are wearing an items

in window. The hack causes your system to freeze or crash depending on how stable

your OS is. But in either case you get booted out of bnet. This is an actual hack

and not fiction. This hack was used on me twice. How its done is beyond me.

The dupe trick is also real have not determined how to do an in game dupe trick

yet. But a friend of mine keeps telling me it happens to him by accident when he

vists fara in act 3 lut gholein. he was ale to dupe a sword ans everal other

items by accident.


By The GamePros

To kick off our Diablo II strategies, we've tapped some of GamePro's foremost

Diablo II masters to pass on their wisdom. Sit back, relax, and enjoy random

tidbits and tips from the 'Pros as Dan Amrich and Chris Patterson crack open

their brains and pour their knowledge out for all to enjoy.

Dan Amrich

The three most important words in Diablo II are "Of The Leech." You can save

yourself a lot of storage space if you don't have to carry around tons of potions-

-and the best way to do that is to acquire life-stealing weapons and jewelry with

the suffix "Of The Leech" on it. If you can get about 10% total Of The Leech-

ness, you should be fine; 15% would mean that, so long as you keep hitting with

your weapon or don't lose the jewelry, you can get by with only two or three

health potions. Try it.

If you have to dump potions to make room for other items in your inventory, dump

health. As you may or may not have noticed, you can't buy mana potions in town.

Sometimes, an unenchanted Superior-grade item will be worth more than a low-level

magically enchanted item--so don't throw those "normal" items away just because

the text ain't blue.

When you're not questing, grab a few of the "Of Greed" enchanted items (boots,

belts, rings, whatever) and fill your gold coffers--then store 'em and forget

about them. Gold is relatively easy to come by, so in the long haul, you'll want

boots, belts, rings, and whatever that enhance your skills, not increase your

stash account. You can't kill the undead by throwing coins at them.

For you Diablo newbies, take note: When you're in the Palace at Lut Gohlein,

shoot your magic attacks (or, if you're an Amazon, your arrows/bolts/javelins)

through the grated walls without opening the doors. It's the proverbial fish in a

barrel, except the fish shoot back...but it's still better than opening the door

to let them rush you.

What the hell do you do with Wirt's Leg? You hold on to it. It's gonna come in

handy late in the game.

Unlike the original game, potions in Diablo II take time to drink. Rejuvenation

potions refill health and mana instantly, but regular health and mana potions do

not. If you quaff one in battle, retreat (or run) while your meters refill.

Three of the same type and condition of a gem (ie three chipped diamond, three

flawed topaz) can be transmuted in the Horadric Cube into one gem of the next

quality level up. Similarly, three rings can be turned into one amulet and three

amulets can be turned into one ring.

Learn to listen for the sound of a booby-trapped chest or urn (or whatever). If,

in addition to the creaking or crashing you also hear what sounds like a log-and-

rope switch being pulled, RUN. Popular traps include lightning, fire, fireballs,

and flash.

Chris Patterson

If you kill the head, the body will die. Always go after creatures that can heal,

resurrect or spawn other creatures first (Fallen Shaman, Blood Hawk Nest, Hollow

One, Sand Maggot, etc.). Ignore the riff-raff, they'll be easy pickings once the

big boys are gone.

Know your role, jabroni! If you're playing with others, work to play to your

collective strengths. Don't force your necromancer or sorceress to tank for the

rest of the party. It's inefficient, and will annoy your party members.

Similarly, if you're not playing a melee character, be good support for the

players who are in harm's way. A well-placed Curse or Glacial Spike spell will

often turn the tide of a closely fought battle.

Never go adventuring without at least one Town Portal scroll, and make sure you

have a hot key set for it in case things get suddenly hairy. Think of it as your

American Express card.

If you just can't manage to complete a quest, go wander the wilderness for a

while. After going up a level or two, you should be able to finish that quest

with ease.

Jay Turner

Don't ignore leveling up to rush through the quests. Whenever you find a cave,

hole, or dungeon that doesn't pertain to your quest, clean it out anyway. Usually

you'll find some good items and gold in there, but most importantly you'll be

gaining XPs and getting more powerful by the moment.

When you come up against a named monster with a horde of wimpy monsters around,

melee characters will want to take out the unique, while Amazons and spellcasters

might want to focus on the cannon fodder. Killing the "named" baddie sometimes

weakens the other monsters around it, but weaker characters may have a hard time

fighting with ten weaker enemies beating on them at once.

Necromancers thrive where there are dead things. For this reason, it's not

always the best idea to use freezing weapons when a necro is in your party.

Corpse Explosion is more effective than almost any ice weapon you can use (except

some of the Sorceress' ice skills), so try to drop at least one corpse in a group

of enemies.

Spellcasters may want to look for mana regeneration and mana-stealing items.

Items exist that increase your mana recharge rate, steal mana with each hit, or

add points of mana with each kill. These are great for the Necromancer, who never

gets a mana recharge skill. Weapons that steal mana with damage are great for

Paladins and Barbarians, who never get nearly the amount of mana the other

classes enjoy.

The ALT key is your friend. Whenever you've just finished a huge battle, walk

around with the ALT key pressed, and any items that were dropping in the melee

will show up on screen, and you can pick them up by clicking on their name label.

More Horadric Cube formulae: 2 quivers of arrows = 1 quiver of crossbow bolts; 2

quivers of bolts = 1 quiver of arrows; 1 spear + 1 quiver of arrows = 1 bundle of

javelins; 3 perfect gems + 1 magical item = random high level item; 2 Topaz + 1

ring = Coral Ring (gives lightning resistance). Experiment with other items in

the Cube and you just might be surprised.

When you're fighting a boss, it's nice to have at least one Town Portal open in a

relatively safe location. If you're in a party, have at least two in different

areas, so that at least one will always be open. This way you can run to town,

stock up, repair, heal (by talking to certain people in town), and go back down

at full strength.

Throughout Act I, collect all the anti-poison gear you can, because Andariel

poisons with each hit and spews poison bolts. Items that reduce poison length are

often better, because the resistance items you find in Act I aren't necessarily

strong enough to resist the boss' poison attacks.

Save any set pieces you find, even if you don't plan to use them. You should be

able to find someone on Battle.Net who needs the piece you have, and you can

usually trade those pieces for good money.

Danny Lam

Don't under estimate the value of poisoning potions, especially when dispatching

enemies that stay at a distance like those Fetishes.

As the Barbarian, use your Find Potion ability to get as many potions as you can.

If you don't have enough room, throw them into your Horadric Cube and transmute

some health and mana potions into rejuvenation potions.

The Barbarian's leaping attack can: a) get you out of a jam b) allow you to leap

to areas that may not be accessible without a bridge c) attack enemies with one


The Barbarian's War Cry will scare minions away so you can attack the big boss

(like annoying Shamans that raises the dead or whatever).


General Diablo II Hints

If it is your first time around playing the game, you might want to go with the

Barbarian. This way you won't have to worry about being as vulnerable to close-up

combat as you learn the game.

Do you have a hundred or so Oompa-Loompah creatures gathered around your dead

corpse, and you desperately need your equipment? You can save and exit the game,

and when you return, your corpse will be in the town near the starting point.

Don't believe me? Check page 14 of the manual. The only downside is that your

gold falls separate, which goes into the next tip..

Use your stash to store gold as well as items you wish to keep! If you don't have

sufficient gold on hand when buying items from the various vendors in the game,

it will conveniently use the gold from your stash. Even more importantly,

especially at lower levels, is that you should keep gold in your stash to buy

emergency items for when you die and need to retrieve your corpse, such as a new

weapon, potions, and the like.

When you begin the game, you start off with four quick-use slots, which can hold

helpful items such as potions and scrolls. Getting a belt should be a priority

sometime in the game, as you can double this amount up to eight slots, and some

unique belts such as the Goldwrap can you give you twelve slots. SuperRob mailed

in to correct my wording, you can find belts that aren't unique and contain

twelve slots and even sixteen slots, which I failed to mention.

Learn what the different colored names of items mean: White is a normal item,

blue is a magical item, bright yellow is rare, a dull gold is a unique item, grey

means the item is socketed, and a green item is part of a set of items. Rare and

unique items are commonly confused, so be on the lookout for them.

Early on in the game, especially be on the lookout for gems of any kind, which

includes skulls. You can pick up socketed items, whose names are colored in grey,

and attach the gems to the slots to upgrade its power. Lower level characters can

benefit greatly from using a homemade magic item until they find their own.

Also, here's a little tip for you concerning gems: Once you have the ability to

transmute (combine) items into one, three of one kind of gem class (chipped,

flawed, normal, flawless, perfect) can combine to make one gem of the next

highest quality. For example, three flawed rubies will yield one normal ruby.

No matter what class of character you are, invest in a Tome of Town Portal. This

handy little book will store up to twenty scrolls of the spell, which will save

much space in your precious inventory. Always keep a high supply of Town Portals

handy, and whenever you are low, replenish them in town.

Diablo II has implemented a run feature, which also includes a stamina bar. If

you are having trouble in a battle, run away to the nearest safe location, which

might just be a quick couple of seconds to buy enough time to teleport right out

of there.

Health potions in the game do not regenerate hit points immediately, they recover

hitpoint by hitpoint at a fast rate until the maximum amount is recovered. In the

heat of combat, this may not be enough time to fully heal. After downing a

potion, run around for a bit until it takes full effect. Nothing sucks worse than

to drink a potion, only to be back at the level of health you were because you

were being attacked while it was taking effect. An addition by SuperRob is that

rejuvenation potions do indeed regenerate hit points immediately, making them an

excellent asset to have.

The three towns of the game all have a character where you can hire a companion

to travel with you, helping you with the duties of slaying monsters. While they

are not overly strong, they can be very important as hirelings can ward off an

entire group of monsters as they split up to attack you and your partner. This

could be life or death for weak fighter classes, such as the Necromancer and


Once you get a certain cube in the game, you can use it to store items just like

you can use your stash to hold extra goods. Most of you are probably aware of

this item, but in case not, I don't want to post a spoiler. Just be careful with

this tip, as when you use the item, you should clear out all things stored in it

as they will disappear.

When battling a large amount of monsters, never under and circumstances back into

a corner or let them surround you, if you can help it. There should always be

room for you to escape if that need arises.

There are many dungeons in the game that are not necessary for completing the

various quests. You should always clear these out if you have time, because they

can give valuable experience and treasure and will help you out in the long run

of the game. This is especially important to the Necromancer and Sorceress, as

they progress slower than other classes and will need more experience to fully

come to power.

For another hint on gaining experience, simply save and exit the game. The

monsters will be reset and you can slay again, traveling to the areas where you

think you can nab the most experience.

Here's another one from SuperRob, who mentioned that it is handy to keep a town

portal spell available with the F1-F8 hotkeys. Doing so will enable quick escapes

in a battle where you need to return to town in a hurry.

More Diablo II Tips

Submitted by Biomunky: I think that you should add a tip about talking to Akara

(Act 1) or Fara (Act 2) that they will always replenish life and mana to full.

Its always been really helpful and easy on the wallet, especially when you're low

on money and have to buy town portals constantly. So you kill two birds with one

stone. Ed's Note: Don't forget about Cain in every act, who can identify your

items for free. Addition by John Pamplin: Be sure to mention that Akara (Act 1)

or Fara (Act 2) both not only heal YOU, but also heal any creatures you have

summoned in your party, such as a golem or skeletons. This can be helpful to a

low level necromancer who can't afford to recreate golems all the time.

Submitted by Hans Bergengren: One thing worth mentioning is that when a player

encounters a lot of monsters that can be resurrected by a "leader" monster, it's

often a good idea to show oneself so the monsters see the player, and then run

off. The minions will follow the player while the "leader" - who is much more

cowardly - will stay behind. When the little minions are outside resurrection

range (which is not based on line of sight, annoyingly enough), just turn around

and slaughter them. Rinse&repeat as necessary in case not all of the little

buggers came after you. 8-) When all of them are dead, just go in and waste the

leader(s). There's often no point in going for the leader at once as it's just a

waste of health and/or mana hacking one's way through the throngs of re-

resurrecting followers, and there's no extra experience to be gained by killing

an enemy more than once either. Ice-magicked weapons also help with this, as

occasionally a killed enemy will shatter. Ice cubes are difficult to re-animate...

Submitted by Hans Bergengren: Always, always *repair* all the loot you bring back

to town before you sell it! You'll make a tidy profit from it! (Or you will,

until Blizzard kills that particular bug in an upcoming patch, unless it's an

actual feature of course...)

Submitted by Hans Bergengren: Note that running around next to monsters lowers

your defense to near ZERO. If they can reach the player, they'll likely hit with

their attack, so avoid running around in a throng of enemies unless absolutely


Submitted by Hans Bergengren: Rejuvenation potions will bring back health and

mana instantly, unlike the normal potions. But, normal health potions will

continuously heal the player until the health level has risen up to the new top

health level. Unless the player takes damage faster than the potion can heal,

it's possibly to stand there taking a pounding. Of course, if the player takes

damage *faster* than the potion heals, it's better to run, quickly!

Submitted by Hans Bergengren: Non-gameplay related hint: copying the

file "d2music.mpq" from the Play Disc (#2) to the main Diablo 2 folder on your

hard drive will stop the CD-ROM spinning and making lots of unnecessary heat and

noise during play just to read the music scores... The file is almost 338MB in

size, so hope there's enough free space on your hard drive!

Submitted by Felirinthegrey: Just a note but using F1-F8 as the hotkeys is much

more difficult than changing your hotkeys to e r t y (F1-F4) and d f g h (F5-F8)

you change the skill tab to whatever you like and toggle run to say caps lock or

whatever floats your boat. No one uses help after a few days anyways so no loss

there right? This makes your hot keys more accessible and allows you to use your

potions and control (run) / shift (stand still) / alt (find item) more easily


Submitted by Petri Lyytikдinen: Other tactics include mana draining items....I

use leap attack with weapon which has 38 to 168 damage range. I get full mana

after each jump and monster don't stick around after getting 200 to 700 damage.

All fighter classes need that mana drain item it seems....we tested for 4 days

(with party of 5 player) and played up to 33'th level. It almost seems like a bug

in the game that you have to get that mana-drain item.

More Diablo II Tips (07/21/00)

Submitted by Matthew Cox: When you're fighting a large unique critter like the

blacksmith or just a really tough unique that is not an easy kill for you... such

as a magic resistant critter and you're a sorc... Sometimes you can trap them in

a corner of a wall, or run into a room with windows or barred walls and close the

door. Most often the critter can't/won't open the door and will continue to walk

into the wall. It's a bit cheezy, but after dying a few dozen times to that #$@

() blacksmith I started looking for ways around it. Seems that your defense

numbers are largely meaningless as nothing ever seems to miss when it swings at

you... sometimes it's best to trap stuff at a distance and slow-roast it over a


Submitted by Matthew Cox: Resistance is key! Don't forget to collect as many

resistance building items as you can.. A paladin of mine had all 4 resistances

at MAX and walked through normal difficulty level half awake. Granted, a handful

of fetish shamans with that inferno spell will cook you through resistances, but

only if you get hit by more than one stream at once. (yes I got surrounded by

them and roasted)... note: a paladin is done cooking when his eyes pop out of

his head...

Do you have more general or class tips you want to shine upon us? Submit them to

us and we'll include them in the next update of the tip guides! You can even

write a full blown article and get it posted on the site


Gems statistics

in such order:


Socketed Weapon

Socketed Shield

Socketed Helm


Chipped amethyst

15-19 to attack rating

+5/6 to defense

+3 to strength

Flawed amethyst

20-29 To attack rating

+7/8 to defense

+4 to strength


30-39 To attack rating

+9/10 to defense

+5/6 to strength

Flawless amethyst

40-49 To attack rating

+11-13 to defense

+7/8 to strength

Perfect amethyst

50-60 To attack rating

+15-17 to defense

+9/10 to strength


Chipped topaz

(1-6) lightning damage

10-12 percent resist lightning

+7-9 percent chance find magic items

Flawed topaz

(1-7) lightning damage

13-16 percent resist lightning

11-13 percent chance find magic items


(1-8) lightning damage

17-20 percent resist lightning

14-17 percent chance find magic items

Flawless topaz

(1-10) lightning damage

21-25 percent resist lightning

18-20 percent chance find magic items

Perfect topaz

(1-12/13/14/15) lightning damage

26-30 percent resist lightning

21-25 percent chance find magic items


Chipped sapphire

(1-3) cold damage

10-12 percent resist cold

+6-8 to maximum mana

Flawed sapphire

(2-3) cold damage

13-16 percent resist cold

+9-11 to maximum mana


(2-4) cold damage

17-20 percent resist cold

+12-15 to maximum mana

Flawless sapphire

(3-5) cold damage

21-25 percent resist cold

+16-20 to maximum mana

Perfect sapphire

(3-6/7) cold damage

26-30 percent resist cold

+21-25 to maximum mana


Chipped emerald

+2 poison damage over 3 sec

10-12 percent resist poison

+3 to dexterity

Flawed emerald

+3 poison damage over 3 sec

13-16 percent resist poison

+4 to dexterity


+4 poison damage over 3 sec

17-20 percent resist poison

+5/6 to dexterity

Flawless emerald

+4 poison damage over 3 sec

21-25 percent resist poison

+7/8 to dexterity

Perfect emerald

+5 poison damage over 3 sec

26-30 percent resist poison

+9/10 to dexterity


Chipped ruby

(3-4) fire damage

10-12 percent resist fire

+6-8 to maximum hit points

Flawed ruby

(3-5) fire damage

13-16 percent resist fire

+9-11 to maximum hit points


(4-5) fire damage

17-20 percent resist fire

+12-15 to maximum hit points

Flawless ruby

(5-6) fire damage

21-25 percent resist fire

+16-20 to maximum hit points

Perfect ruby

(6-7/8/9/10) fire damage

26-30 percent resist fire

+21-25 to maximum hit points


Chipped diamond

125-129 percent damage vs. undead

5/6 percent to all resistances

+10 to attack rating

Flawed diamond

130-135 percent damage vs. undead

7/8 percent to all resistances

+15 to attack rating


136-145 percent damage vs. undead

9-11 percent to all resistances

+20 to attack rating

Flawless diamond

146-155 percent damage vs. undead

12-15 percent to all resistances

+25 to attack rating

Perfect diamond

156-170 percent damage vs. undead

16-20 percent to all resistances

+30 to attack rating


Chipped skull

Hit steals 2 percent life, 1 percent mana

Attacker takes 2 damage

Replenish Life +2, Regenerate Mana 8 percent

Flawed skull

Hit steals 2 percent life, 2 percent mana

Attacker takes 3 damage

Replenish Life +3, Regenerate Mana 8 percent


Hit steals 3 percent life, 2 percent mana

Attacker takes 4 damage

Replenish Life +3, Regenerate Mana 12 percent

Flawless skull

Hit steals 3 percent life, 3 percent mana

Attacker takes 5 damage

Replenish Life +4, Regenerate Mana 12 percent

Perfect skull

Hit steals 4 percent life, 3 percent mana

Attacker takes 6/7 damage

Replenish Life +4, Regenerate Mana 16-20 percent



As you explore the various areas of Diablo II, you'll encounter shrines (marked

with a unique icon on the automap) that provide a temporary power-up to your

character. In this section, you'll find the list of Diablo II shrines and their


Refilling (Recharges)

Fully refills your health and your mana

Health (Recharges)

Fully refills your health

Mana (Recharges)

Fully refills your mana

Mana recharge (Recharges)

Increases the rate at which your mana refills by 50 percent

Armor (Recharges)

Boosts armor by 100 percent

Combat (Recharges)

Increases to-hit by 200 percent and maximum damage by 200 percent

Resist Fire (Recharges)

Increases fire resistance by 75 percent

Resist Cold (Recharges)

Increases cold resistance by 75 percent

Resist Poison (Recharges)

Increases poison resistance by 75 percent

Resist Lightning (Recharges)

Increases lightning resistance by 75 percent

Skill (Recharges)

Increases all your skills by two levels

Recharge (Recharges)

Recharges your mana 400 percent faster than normal

Stamina (Recharges)

Gives you unlimited stamina

Experience (Does Not Recharge)

50 percent more experience per kill

Portal (Does Not Recharge)

Opens a town portal, which can be used several times

Monster (Does Not Recharge)

Nearest enemy becomes a unique monster

Fire (Does Not Recharge)

Firebolts explode in a ring of flame, damaging anything close - including

monsters, you, and your allies

Poison (Does Not Recharge)

This shrine poisons you when you touch it, but also drops gas potions

Exploding (Does Not Recharge)

Similar to the poison shrine, this shrine will cause damage when touched, but

will also drop exploding potions.

Gem (Does Not Recharge)

Upgrades one gem selected at random from the player's inventory and drops it onto

the ground. If there is no gem to upgrade, it drops a random chipped gem.


Secret Cow level!!

Having beaten the game in normal difficulty, return to the Rogue Encampment.

Place a Tome of Town Portal, plus Wirt's leg into the Horadric Cube and

hit 'Transmute'. Close the Cube to find a red portal in the encampment leading

to the Cow Level.


Retreiving Items from Dead Corpse

If you die and cannot make it back to retrieve the items from your dead body,

simply save, exit, and return to the game. Your corpse will appear in town and

you may retrieve your items easily.

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