Bravely Default 2

Bravely Default 2 "Саундтрек"


Музыкальное сопровождение из игры Bravely Default 2

Кол-во / длительность треков: 63 / 3:17:50

Качество: 44100Hz, 256Kbps, stereo

Трек лист:


Ballad Moving Toward Hope (End)

Ending Credits

Morning Calm of Undeniable Fate

The Nexus Gazes Into Darkness - Those Who Assemble Stars in the Darkness

Secret Asterisk Battle Theme

The Dark Puppet-Knowledge Fallen to Darkness

Fairykind's Sanctuary

The One Who Soars in the Darkness of Having longed, leapt, and Soddenly Fall_ Bravely Default II OST.mp3

A Fallen Kingdom's Resting Place

Edna’s Theme

Adam Boss Battle Theme

A Ship Soaring the Skies of Conquest

Holograd Theme

Holograd World Map

Holograd Army boss (Lonsdale)

The Shadow of Conquest (Asterisk)

Battle Theme 2

Urgent Tidings

Remote Village

Rimedahl Theme

Rimedhal World Map

Is That Dreamed of Hope Past or Yet to Come_

Wiswald Theme

Wiswald World Map

Bind and Divide

Battle With Villains (Asterisk Crystal Owner)


For Instance, A Building Steeped in Animosity

Horizons Differ, Yet Petals Still Fall

The Sweet Pain of Reminiscence

For Instance, A Dense and Stately Wood

Those We Must Face

Savalon Theme

Savalon World Map

Fear the Darkness of the Heart

A Pledge to the Brave

To the Heroes of Light

Battle with Those We Must Face (Asterisk Boss Battle Theme)

For Instance, a Still and Solitary Cave


Asterisk Boss Theme 1

Asterisk Boss Theme (Intro)

Adelle Special Theme (Final Ver.)

Adelle's Theme

Elvis Special Theme (Final Ver.)

Elvis's Theme

Gloria Special Theme

Gloria's Theme

Seth Special Theme

Seth’s Theme

For Instance, Ruins That Time Forgot

Nostalgia, the Light of the Past

Those Learned of the Stars (Asterisk Theme)

A Voyage to Hope Soon to Begin

Rare Monster Theme

Game Over

Battle Victory

Battle Theme

Halcyonia World Map

Halcyonia Theme

Chapter Theme

Crystal Theme

Main Theme

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