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Sins of a Solar Empire 04.02.2008

Sins of a Solar Empire "Sins Editor v1.0.2"

Редактор игры.

This program is intended to assist with the editing of entity files.

As of v1.0.2, Sins Editor provides the following features:

* Opening of one or more entity.
* Create a new empty entity.
* Drag and drop one or more entity files directly into the SinsEditor.exe or Sins Editor GUI and they will be automatically converted (if in binary format) and opened.
* Save a file as either text or binary.
* Save a file with a new name as either text or binary.
* Save all files as their default format.

Basic editing operations catering to the entity and constants file structure. These operations include:

* Cut, Copy, Paste, Delete one or more lines in the editor.
* Insert a new blank line.
* Edit a line.
* Undo/Redo an unlimited number of actions.

Advantages over basic text editors:

* Automatic conversion between text/binary.
* Automatic completion of entries and their associated values.
* Line numbers.
* Tree structure, providing a more intuitive way to edit an entity file. You can hide structures you do not need to edit, thus reducing search time.
* Manage multiple files at once. The entire entity file content of Sins of a Solar Empire can be loaded in 6-10 seconds depending on the processor speed and memory speed of the computer. Although, I do not suggest trying to mess with nearly 900 files at once.
* Extreme usability. Whether you use keyboard shortcuts, drag/drop, or menus, nearly any action can be achieved through the use of 2 out of the 3. You can also preview a line by putting the mouse cursor over it and holding down space.
* Speed: Using the most up to date functions provided by the newest version of the .NET framework and sporting only datastructures that are instant access, editing files of any size and in any number is instant.
* Safety: Accidently tabbing one too many times or forgetting to insert a space will not happen with Sins Editor.
* Small footprint: Due to its specific target, many unneeded editing features can be cut out and thus a the editor has only a ~1.5 MB install footprint.
* Extras programs: Tools not provided by standard text editors such as ConvertData GUI and ConvertXSI GUI by Zanyth0x42 can be automatically launched from Sins Editor. Also, my own definition file editor.

Future release v1.1.0 promises the following features:

* The editor will automatically discover abilities and buffs and add them to an auto complete list for easier editing.
* The editor will allow you to refresh the current file or all files from the hard disk.
* The editor will allow you to find and replace entries, values, or both.
* The editor will allow you to use basic file templates. You can use the provided ones as well as add your own.
* *The editor will provide a major feature upgrade, which will be disclosed when release is closer.

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