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Hitman 2: FAQ/Guide (English)









This FAQ will be updated as I beat more levels. I'm trying to do it really in depth and

Comprehensive, so it might not be as fast as some may like. I'm available for questions

but please don't ask me about any levels higher than whatever I write about here +1. I

don't want any spoilers, you see :)

All of this content is based on my own observations. If you write in with a useful tip,

and I include in a future version, you will, of course, be credited.

Speaking of which, you are free to repost this wherever, just please keep me credited

as the original author. Thanks. If you're NOT reading this on Gamefaqs, you might want

to check there for a more recent version.

-Guybrush Threepwood, Mighty Pirate (guybrush@nc.rr.com)



I included a brief description of each map, and some general tips to keep in mind. If

you're having trouble, I'd suggest trying a few more times with those in mind, before

skipping ahead to walk-through. Recommended equipment is also noted.

I've broken each level down into a number of challenges, and provided different

methods for beating each challenge. You can pick and choose which ones suit you best.

I've also noted, at the end, what methods you should use if you want to score Silent

Assassin on each level. Then, for grins, I included data on what Loot you might want

to take with you at the end, for the trophy room.

My guide is written assuming you want to play this game the way it was meant to be

played. How was it meant to be played? Just look at the title. Hitman. Not "Gunman",

not "Shotgun-toting-thugman", etc. Sure, violent sprees are sometimes a viable option,

but if you rely on them, and never learn the ways of the Silent Assassin, then you're

missing out on a great gameplay experience, and I feel sorry for you.



This game plays very differently from standard 3D shooters, and, in more subtle ways,

differently from the original Hitman. The controls are a little odd, but if you play

the first mission a few times, you'll be used to them in no time. The AI is amazingly

deep and realistic. The mafia guys all know each other, so your disguise doesn't stack

up to close inspection, but conversely, they DON'T know the mailman. If you're dressed

as him, they won't be nearly as suspicious. Conversely, the delivery boy and mailman

don't know you're not a Mafia guy, and will ignore you in that disguise.

1. Sneaking up on people-

This is a much smaller part of the game than in the original, which is good,

because it's bloody hard now. People will get a little suspicious if you walk

up on them from behind, unless you're sneaking. Sneaking is very slow. What

this means is that you can generally only sneak up on enemies deliberately

placed for that purpose, like guys who are distracted, or stationary enemies

that you can come at from behind.

2. Disguise-

This is also a smaller factor than in the first game. Not in that you use

costumes less, but a suit of clothes alone isn't going to fool the Mafia into

thinking you're cousin Luigi. Also important are the way you move, the way you

act, and where you go. Generally, you can avoid suspicion by making sure

nobody gets a good look at you. If someone starts to get suspicious, turn and

walk away, and generally the Suspici-O-Meter will slowly go down.

3. Hiding-

Hiding is a major factor in this game. Even a dark corner of a room can be

enough to cloak a sneaking Hitman from prying eyes. Look for things to hide

behind on levels, like crates or dumpsters.

4. Clorophorm-

It's now possible to take out enemies without killing them, but unless you're

trying for Silent Assassin, it's generally not worth the bother. They only

stay down for about a minute per "bottle". Hold the button down to give them a

bigger dose.

5. Ratings-

At the end of each mission you receive data on how well you did. Your stealth

and aggressiveness, as well as how many non-targets you hurt are considered. A

perfect score nets you a "Silent Assassin" rating and a bonus item. Typically,

this requires you to kill ONLY the target, use only 1 shot per target, and never

set off an alarm.

6. Running-

The NPCs in this game hate running. Passionately. Maybe their parents all died

in some sort of marathon accident, but they all get really suspicious when you

run. Now, I'll freely admit I'm not a Russian soldier. But if I was, and I saw

another Russian soldier running, but first reaction would not be to OPEN FIRE!

7. Weapons-

There's quite a lot of weapons in this game. Apparently they didn't want to pay

for licensed gun names, so everything has a pseudonym.

Knife- The fastest and nosiest way to kill someone from behind.

Fiber wire- Quieter, but a little time consuming. My weapon of choice close up.

Anesthetic- Aka clorphorm. Takes ages to use, but you generally have to for

Silent Assassin ratings.

Silenced 99m- My pistol of choice. Quiet, and deadly enough if you land a headshot.

SD Ballers- Quiet, but super deadly. Nice for when you have a poor shot, or you

have to take out more than one guy quietly. Alas, it takes ages for 47

to prepare them, and they're so powerful, the target tends to go


Other pistols- All the other pistols are noisy, and therefore useless so far.

Sniper rifles- The SP3 seems to have a slightly better zoom, but I think the SVD is

more powerful. More data as I get more snipers.

Other rifles- The AK and shotgun are noisy and therefore useless unless part of a




This is a big, pretty map that gives you a good chance to get used to the new controls

and paradigms of Hitman 2. The two primary challenges are getting in, and getting the

job done.


1. The guards all know each other. Get too much in one's face and your disguise won't


2. There are places guards aren't suppose to go. Don't let real guards see you there.

3. You can generally use shadowy corners or crouching behind furniture to hide. It

won't save you when you've got angry guards hunting you, but you can often conceal


4. On each floor, find a safe room and watch the map for a while, to get an idea of

the guards' comings and goings.

5. Notice the guards don't carry their guns visibly.

6. If the Don becomes alarmed, he will stay in his office, and his lawyer will join

him, with a shotgun.

Recommended gear-

You don't have a choice



METHOD A- the direct approach

Run down the hill toward the door in the wall nearest you and hide behind the chunk of

wall to the right of the door. Eventually, a guard comes out to uh... water the plants.

You can take him out in the manner of your choosing. For practice runs, or when

learning the area, kill him so he doesn't cause further trouble. However, when playing

for keeps, clorophorm him.

Once he's down, drag him under the trees, and take his uniform and gun. Head through

the door. If you're impatient, you can instead just open the door when you get to it

and pop him with the silenced pistol, then drag his body into the back door of the


METHOD B- the postman always shoots twice

You've no doubted noted the postman. When he stops to water the bushes, sneak up

behind him and clorophorm him. Make sure you hold down the button til you're empty.

Drag him into the shadows of the trees, but don't take his clothes yet.

Instead, run along the wall to where the delivery boy is. Stash your guns in the

groceries. As long as he doesn't SEE you do it, everything is cool. If there's two

boxes, use the one on the right. It'll be brought in sooner.

Run back to the mailman and take his clothes, and his flowers. Run toward the gate,

keeping the bushes between you and the guards. Once you clear the bushes you have to

start walking. They won't find any guns on you, and will let you pass. Walk up to the

front of the house (again, you can run as long as no guards are watching you closely)

and enter the front door. Save.

Some may prefer dropping the guns first, since it gives you more time inside before

the mailman wakes up and tells on you. If you run, you can drop the guns and get to

the postman before he's done piddling. He DOES have a second stopping point where you

can nab him. Partway along the front wall, he stops to have a smoke, but I found

sneaking behind him there to be really tricky.

The maid will take the flowers, and as she leaves, the guard will follow her. Run

and hide in the little alcove under the stairs to the left. Sooner or later, the

guard will come back in and stand with his back to you. Chokey chokey! Drag his body

up past the bend in the stairs and take his clothes and gun. Head to the small room

across the hall from the kitchen and watch the map for a while. The kitchen is a

really high traffic area. When the coast is clear, head in and get your guns. The

mailman will probably have woken up by now and told on you, but you're not dressed

like him any more.

METHOD C- the delivery boy

Run to where the delivery boy is and wait til he goes inside. Stash your guns in the

groceries. When he comes back out, clorophorm him. Unlike the posty, he won't alert

the guards when he wakes up. Grab the box with your guns in it and head inside. Walk

up to the side kitchen door and inside. Here's where it gets a bit spotty.

The kitchen is a high traffic area, and it's very easy to get totally screwed by

guards coming in here. Once you've gotten your guns, head up the stairs and hope that

there's nobody walking through this area. If there is, you may be able to hide in the

left corner of that front room undetected.

The easiest place to get a uniform is probably the guard in the hall here. Lean around

the corner and shoot him, then quickly drag his body into the room in the middle of

that floor. No patrols go through there, you see.



You must be dressed as a guard, and have your weapons with you.

METHOD A- lurking in the shadows

Make your way around the right side of the house. Give all the guards a wide berth,

and don't run when any of them are looking at you. Go through the door on the left to

the pool/pond area. There's four guys who wander through here, including the Don's son

and brother, both of whom are smarter than the average thug at seeing through


Hang a sharp left and head up the ladder. Walk across the roof to the door to the

Don's office. Check your map. You can see the Don on the outside map if he's up

practicing his swing on the balcony.

Go in the door, and stay in the corner, sneaking. Pull out your silenced pistol and

wait for the Don to show up. If you were quick, the timing on this should work out

perfectly. When the Don comes in, he won't be able to see you very well, so he'll come

over and investigate. Wait until the door he came through swings closed, and shoot Don

Fatty with your silenced pistol. Quickly take his key and revolver, and go back out

the way you came. If you want to improve your margin for error, shoot out the two

lights before the Don enters.

Head back out through the gates towards the way you entered the compound, stopping off

in the basement to achieve the last goal. Grab the garage's sniper rifle on your way

out, and then hoof it to the exit.

METHOD B- in the bedroom

The best time to do this is when the Don is in his office, but it's made problematic

because there's no good way to keep track of that from a convenient room. Head up the

stairs to the second floor in the left area of the house. There's a highly suspicious

guard at the top, but you should have enough time to shoot him in the head with your

silenced pistol.

Drag his body into the bedroom, and stash him behind the bed. Hide there yourself, or

in the upper left corner, in the shadows. Wait for the Don to enter, and shoot him.

Note that the brother sometimes walks through this area, which can screw you over real

fast. If you're quick, however, he'll still be out by the pool by the time you're

doing this.

METHOD C- the long shot

Fun, but gratuitous. Grab the sniper rifle from the garage and head back out to the

hill where you started. You can snipe the Don from here. This is easiest to do if you

used Method A for the first challenge, otherwise, you have to worry about the guard

by the side door. If he's still alive/awake, wait til he goes out to pee, then grab

the gun and head out after him. Sneak behind the tree while he's peeing, and then

head up the hill. Wait til he goes inside to fire. Do the same in reverse to sneak

back in.

The problem, though, is GETTING to the body. The best way I've found is to follow the

directions in Method B, which means you STILL have to kill that one extra guard. The

timing becomes less of an issue though, which is nice.

METHOD D- a fourth possibility

Go to the left-hand side of the house, and shoot the Don with a silenced pistol while

he's on the balcony. You can generally get away with it, but it presents the same

problems as methods B and C.

MASTER ASSASSIN- Silenced Dual Ballers


Use Method A for insertion, and drug the guard, rather than killing him, the use

Method A to kill the Don, without wasting any extra shots on the lights. The only

problem with this trick is that it means you won't have time to get the Deagle before

the drugged guard wakes up. You can, however, still get the sniper rifle and the Don's




Revolver- On the Don. Makes a nice souvenir.

9mm pistol- On any thug.

Knife- On the cook, but you already have one back at the shed.

Deagle- In the study. It's easy enough to get, but not if you use my method

for getting Master Assassin.

Shotgun- Carried by the lawyer, and the guard at the front door. There's no

way to get it AND get master assassin. Ambush the lawyer if you

really want it as a keepsake.

Golf Club- Although this'd make a GREAT trophey, it's very hard to get out with

it without setting off any alarms, and impossible to do it AND get

Master Assassin.

Sniper Rifle- In the garage. I usually grab this on my way out. Looks great on the




This is a very large and intimidating map, but it's not that hard to learn. Spend some

time during the briefing getting familiar with the map, notably the sewers and streets

maps. The mission's main problems are getting the sniper rifle out of the metro, and

getting it across the square without being detected. My solutions are sort of bound up

in each other, so I'm treating the map as one challenge instead of two.


1. The soldiers will get suspicious if you run, or if you're carrying an odd weapon.

2. The SVD looks enough like the AK that they will be fooled if you stay about 20 feet

away from them, as long as you have it holstered.

3. You CAN run across the square, just give all soldiers a wide berth, and stop and

walk if the Suspici-O-meter starts to move.

4. Once you've heard the dialog about the target's identity, there's no need to listen

to it over again.

5. You can find an open window from which to shoot the target on any floor about 2, in

the apartment building, but the best bet is floor 3.

6. There's a spare uniform waiting for you near the exit of the upper-right sewer exit

Recommended gear-

Silenced 9mm (yes, even if you have the ballers)


METHOD A- a cheap trick

The quick and dirty way to do this mission is to ignore the sniper rifle completely.

Run up the stairs to the left, and walk into the little room. You should arrive

just as a guard walks behind some lockers. Head through the door, and pick the lock

on the next one. Run through the sewers (use the map if you're having trouble) and

take the exit in the upper, right-hand corner of the map.

In front of you will be a uniform. Look around the corner to make sure nobody is

facing you, and grab it. Now head across the square and into the apartment building.

Enter it through the left hand door and run to the back, then turn and go up the

spiral-ish stairs to the 3rd floor. Make your way to the rooms with the window while

avoiding the guard. Use the map if you need to.

Zoom in with the binoculars to center the screen on the target; he's the guy in

front with the glasses. Without moving the mouse, switch back to the pistol and save

your game. Fire off a few shots. You'll probably either kill the target, or need to

restore. Run out through the right-hand door to avoid the wrath of the incoming

soldier. Make your way out of the area, following the same rules as above re the

soldiers. Don't forget to put your pistol away!

When back at the train station, you might as well grab the stuff from the locker so

you can keep the rifle for your collection.

METHOD B- nobody wants to see your rifle

The biggest problem here is getting the sniper rifle out of the metro. The first

part of that challenge, is getting up to the escalator without the citizens running

up to alert the guards. They will do this when they see you carrying the rifle. I

haven't found a reliable way to avoid setting them off, but this plan works best if

they start in the locker area, so that by the time you have the rifle out, they're

far away with their backs turned. You can wait for them to get into a useful position,

but you are on a timer here. The easiest thing to do is probably just reload if they

don't cooporate. Again, the ideal place for them to start is in the locker area. You

want them to be far away and not facing you when you grab the rifle.

Make sure that you'll be able to reach the escalator without being seen, and grab

the SVD and head up the escalator. Now, as for avoiding the two guards here, stop

at the top of the escalator and watch the map. As the guy in the hall turns the

corner, walk into the side room. You should reach it just as the other soldier turns

behind the lockers. Run to the door, open it, and head on through.

Once in the next room, pick the lock to the sewers. Turn on nightvision and run to

the exit in the upper left corner of the map. Remove your goggles at the ladder and

climb up. Head down the narrow alley to your left and you'll see the back of a

soldier, once you get around the corner. Dispose of him in the manner of your choice,

but be sure it's quiet. Take his clothes if you don't already have a uniform. You

don't need to worry about hiding the body.

Make sure the SVD is holstered, and RUN to the apartment, following the tips above

for avoiding detection. Head down the steps and hang a right. Run up and across the

road, then stick to the round wall, and walk if any soldiers are remotely near you.

Turn towards the wall so they don't get a good look at your gun or face. Doing this,

I've been able to walk right by the guards that patrol this area in a wide loop

without the Suspici-O-meter so much as blinking.

Enter the apartment through the left hand door and run to the back, then turn and go

up the spiral-ish stairs to the 3rd floor. Make your way to the rooms with the window

while avoiding the guard. Use the map if you need to.

Hold down your crouch button and zoom in with the rifle. Listen to the banter, and

eliminate the target. He's the one in front with the glasses. Be sure not to fire on

him while the long-haired guy is behind him. The bullet will go right through the

target and kill them both, costing you the mission. Once the target is dead, RUN

through the doors on the right to avoid being spotted, and back down to the bottom


If you want to make your exit a little easier, leave the rifle here, and pick up an AK

on your way out. Otherwise, follow my above tips for avoiding detection as you make

your escape. You can duck by the two guards inside the metro with more very careful

timing. If you run, you'll generally be okay as long as the guard in the locker room

doesn't get a good look at you. I recommend saving your game before trying this. It's

tricky, and it'd suck to pooch the mission here.



Use method B without ever letting the Suspici-O-meter get in the red, and be sure to

knock out the one soldier, rather than killing him. If you give him a full rags worth,

you'll have oodles of time. If you use Method A and are VERY lucky, and can kill the

target with 1 shot from the pistol, without hitting anyone else or missing, you can

get Mastery that way.



AK rifle- On any soldier. Carrying it makes movement outside MUCH easier.

SVD sniper- In the locker. Both of these available next level, so just pick one.



This is a very large and intimidating map, but it's not that hard to learn. Spend some

time during the briefing getting familiar with the map, notably the sewers and streets

maps. The mission's main problems are getting the sniper rifle out of the metro, and

getting it across the square without being detected. My solutions are sort of bound up

in each other, so I'm treating the map as one challenge instead of two.


1. The soldiers will get suspicious if you run, or if you're carrying an odd weapon.

2. The SVD looks enough like the AK that they will be fooled if you stay about 20 feet

away from them, as long as you have it holstered.

3. Explore the sewer thoroughly, so you know where the MANY exits go.

4. All it takes is one audible gunshot and the targets will flee the scene.

5. Sniper rifles are very LOUD.

Recommended gear-

Silenced 9mm (yes, even if you have the ballers)


FIRST CHALLENGE- Getting in and armed


METHOD A- stealth

Run over to the crates at the start, and hide behind the two that touch. The loot is

in the corner they form. Hit sneak here so the soldier and limo won't see you. Start

picking up whatever gear you want, and keep the camera pointed at the soldier. Once

the limo has gone, slowly back away from him, keeping the dumpster between you, then

sidestep to the left behind this second dumpster. The instant he turns his back, bolt

for the sewers.

METHOD B- violence

Run over to the crates at the start, and hide behind the two that touch. The loot is

in the corner they form. Hit sneak here so the soldier and limo won't see you. Start

picking up whatever gear you want, and keep the camera pointed at the soldier. Get

your silenced pistol ready, and step out and shoot him when he turns his back. Drag

him back to the dumpsters, and take his clothes. Holster your SVD, and you'll be able

to pass for a soldier as long as they don't get too good of a look at you.

This is where I had my first problem with the SD Ballers. I plugged the soldier with

them and he flew so far that people on the street saw the corpse and came running.

Hence my recommendation to use the 9mm.

METHOD C- speed

If you're not planning on using the car bombs, you can simply bring a sniper rifle

from one of the two prior missions with you. Once the mission starts, bolt for the

nearest sewer entrance.

SECOND CHALLENGE- Doing the deed


METHOD A part 1- car bomb the mafia boss

Grab both carbombs from the equipment depot, and enter the sewers as described in

methods A & B above. To the north of the map are two exits close together. You want

the one that's slightly further away, the northernmost sewer exit on the map.

Look around with the camera before sticking your big, shiny, bald head up. Ideally,

there should be a man peeing in the corner. He is mafia boss's driver. If he's not

there yet, then climb out and crouch behind the box to wait for him.

Those who played the original should be able to figure out what to do here. Snuff the

guy in whatever way pleases you, take his clothes, and walk out to the street. Try

not to let any of the other guys get a good look at you, and walk up and plant the

bomb on the car. Calmly walk back to the sewer.

METHOD A part 2- car bomb the General

Once in the sewers, you're headed for the exit close to the west of where you enter.

It's the exit furthest south on the map. As you climb the ladder, you'll notice a car

parked right on top of it. Attach the bomb, and make your escape through the sewers.

Easy, eh? If you're quick, you'll make it back to the exit point in time to see the

General's car go up.

METHOD B- snipe from the church

The church is pretty much a wash if you want a good rating, but it's there if you want

to try it. If you followed method B for insertion, you can just walk over to it, as

long as you give any guards a wide berth, don't let them get a good look at you, and

don't run too much. Head around the back side.

If you don't have a uniform, you can use the sewers. There's an exit right in front of

the church, but there's a soldier who looks right at it, so it's not recommended. You

can, however, go the LONG way 'round. It's best to use method C for insertion if you

plan to do this, because you're going to be pressed for time. If you use the sewers to

go to the northern most exit, you can run around behind the backs of several buildings

to get to the back of the church. Careful hiding and timing should get you by any

soldiers along the way.

Once you're there, you'll probably need to cap the soldier out here with the silenced

pistol. You CAN clorophorm him if you use the dumpsters for cover, but there's no

point; you'll be raising alarms later anyway. Pick the lock and head in the side door.

At the top, whistling, is another soldier. Take him out with the silenced pistol too.

Line up your shot. If you were fast, they hug twice at the start of the meeting, and

you can sometimes kill both with one bullet. More likely, however, you'll have to plug

one and try and get the other while he's running away. It's probably easiest to shoot

the mafia guy, as you have a better shot towards the General's car from here. You can

also use either part of Method A as "insurance" in case you miss.

Either way, once you've pulled the trigger, the soldiers will be all over you. There's

nothing for it at this point but running, I'm afraid. Ugly, but it works.

METHOD C- snipe from the tower

Use the insertion plan of your choice, and enter the sewer. If you want, you can take

the time to use either part of method A to plant a car bomb as "insurance", since this

is a very difficult shot, and you're in the sewer anyway. It's preferable to bomb the

General's car, rather than the mafioso's, in the interests of time. When ready, head

to the second most western exit.

Look around with the camera here before you stick your head out. You'll probably have

to spin the camera around to find the tower. The guard here stops out on the road,

then goes back and looks in on the tower, then turns with his back to the tower.

He stays there for a while, then walks around the other side for a little while. When

he starts to walk away from the road, run out and stand against the wall of the nearby


Next, make your move when he starts to go around to the other side. The easiest way

to dispose of this guy is to shoot him with the silenced pistol. It doesn't matter

where the body winds up; Nobody sees it.

If you're trying to be stealthy, then run to the door the instant the guy starts to

go around the far corner. Pick it, then turn and back up against the door and the

dumpster's side. Hit the stealth button, and the soldier should walk right by you, once

he does, open the door, and run inside the fence, and hide behind the tower. He'll

eventually come back and look in on the tower, but if you're behind it, and sneaking,

he won't see you. Then he turns his back on the door and stands there for a while.

Open the door, and sneak up behind him, and knock him out. Depending on how fast you

can snipe, you only need to give him about 3 bottles worth.

Head up the tower, and find the destroyed wall through which you can snipe the targets.

You might want to save here, since sniping can be tricky.

If you planted a car bomb, then you only need to snipe one target here, and let the

other blow himself up. If you snipe the General first, you can probably take the other

target as he stops to get into his car.

Remember in the last mission, how the sniper rifle can kill two people with one shot?

Well, you get an excellent chance to exploit that feature here. Watch the targets in

the park. Eventually, they stop and talk. Aim at the general's torso. When they go to

leave, the other guy walks in front of him, and they briefly overlap. Pull the trigger.



The easy way is to you use method A for insertion, then use method A to carbomb both

targets. If you use the clorophorm on the driver, instead of killing him, you get a

Silent Assassin rating. The harder, but more satisfying way to get Silent Assassin is

to use either method A or C for insertion, then method C to get the kill. As long as

you use clorophorm on the tower guard, you're good. I think you also need to get both

targets with one bullet, but I'm not 100% sure about that. You can also get Silent

Assassin if you mix and match; snipe the mafioso and carbomb the General. You don't

immediately get a bonus for this level, because you don't get to go back to Sicily.



AK rifle- On any soldier

SVD sniper- By the crates at the beginning. Just take whichever one you didn't take

last time.
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In hitman 2 for ps2 on the 4th mission why does the min-bomb explodes when i try to drop it so i can get pass the wall. How do i drop it so it doesnt blow up?