The Age of Decadence

Age of Decadence "Update 1.5.0"

  • Overhead combat info
  • New passive for axes
  • Mouse cursor shows enemies' HPs
  • Expanded info on weapon types
  • THC, CS and ADC stats on area of effect attacks.
  • Tweaked CS formula for aimed strikes.
  • Ranged weapons use Perception for aimed: arms and legs attacks
  • Whirldwind effect for daggers, swords and 1h spears is bleeding instead of knockdown; higher chance to score.
  • Bombs: increased damage and vsDR bonus; the center of explosion does more damage and increases critical strike chance by 50% (goes down with every tile). CON is more effective. 25 + Center of Explosion Bonus - (Victim CON-6) x25; better visuals and sound.
  • The Crafting screen now separates schematics by weapon type and armor material and orders them alphabetically.
  • You can now select techniques without the required materials, to preview the bonuses.
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