Counter-Strike 01.11.2000

Counter-Strike 1.6 Buy Script FAQ (English)


By: automatkalashnikov47


FAQ Version: 1.00



* Table of Contents *


0 - Version History

1 - Legal Note

2 - Introduction & Thanks

3 - Setup

4 - Entering Commands

5 - Weapon Bind Names

6 - Radio Command Names

7 - Important Notes

8 - Extra Scripts


* Version History *


This is Version 1.00 completed on January 15th, 2004.


* Legal Note *


This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal, private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a violation of copyright

Copyright 2004 Joseph Tominello


* Introduction & Thanks *


I created this FAQ to help anyone who is having trouble with buy scripting in 1.6 or scripting in general. If anyone has any questions or comments, please feel free to email me (

I would like to give thanks to everyone on the Half-Life: Counter-Strike General Board for their help and constructive comments regarding my first "How to make a buy script in 1.6" topic. That's about it, so onto the FAQ...


* Setup *


First, here's how to make a config file for your binds to go in...

- Open up your C:\Program Files\Steam\Steamapps\youremail\Counter-Strike\ cstrike folder.

- Right-Click anywhere in the folder, from the pop-up list go to New >>> Text Document.

- Once you open up the new text file, go to File >>> Save As...

- For the File name: "userconfig.cfg"

- For the Save as type: All Files (*.*)

- Once it's saved, open up your userconfig again and start entering commands.


* Entering Commands *


- Now, here's how the buy scripting works in 1.6. First type which key that you want to bind (for this example we will use f1)...

bind f1

- Now, decide which weapon you would like f1 to buy, we'll use the AK-47:

bind f1 "ak47"

*** don't use uppercase letters like AK47 or M4A1 for the weapon names or they won't work ***

- And that's it...of course there's more things you can add such as buying Primary Ammo, Kevlar, Grenades, etc. So we'll do one so that we buy an AK-47, Primary Ammo, Kevlar, and a HE grenade:

f1 "ak47; primammo; vest; hegren"

*** make sure to put a space after the ";" to separate different items ***

- You can also combine 2 different team specific weapons into the same binds.

Like the AK-47 and M4A1:

bind f1 "ak47; m4a1; primammo; vest; hegren"

- The following formats can be used and your scripts will still function properly:

bind f1 "ak47; primammo; vest; hegren"

Bind f1 "ak47; primammo; vest; hegren"

bind "f1" "ak47; primammo; vest; hegren"

Bind "f1" "ak47; primammo; vest; hegren"

- You can also add text headers in your userconfig in order to keep different types of binds separated and labeled. Just add "//" to the beginning to make sure that the game doesn't try to read it as a command. The following is an example:

//Weapon Binds

bind f1 "ak47; m4a1; primammo; vest; hegren"

bind f2 "sg552; aug; primammo; vest; hegren"

//Game Configs

net_graph 3

fps_max 60


* Weapon Bind Names *


Here is the list of the weapons and equipment you can buy and their proper script name...

- Pistols:

"Glock18 Select Fire" - glock

"H&K USP .45 Tactical" - usp

"SIG P228" - p228

"Desert Eagle" - deagle

"FN Five-Seven" - fn57

"Dual Beretta 96G Elite" - elites

- Shotguns:

"Benelli M3 Super90" - m3

"Benelli XM1014" - xm1014

- Submachine Guns:

"Steyr Tactical Machine Pistol" - tmp

"Ingram MAC-10" - mac10

"H&K MP5-Navy" - mp5

"H&K UMP45" - ump45

"FN P90" - p90

- Assault Rifles:

"Galil" - galil

"Famas" - famas

"AK-47" - ak47

"Colt M4A1 Carbine" - m4a1

"SIG SG-552 Commando" - sg552

"Steyr Aug" - aug

- Sniper Rifles:

"Steyr Scout" - scout

"SIG SG-550 Sniper" - sg550

"AI Arctic Warfare/Magnum" - awp

"H&K G3/SG-1 Sniper Rifle" - g3sg1

- Machine Gun:

"FN M249 Para" - m249

- Ammunition:

"Primary Ammo" - primammo

"Secondary Ammo" - secammo

- Equipment:

"Kevlar Vest" - vest

"Kevlar Vest & Helmet" - vesthelm

"Flashbang" - flash

"HE Grenade" - hegren

"Smoke Grenade" - sgren

"Defuse Kit" - defuser

"NightVision Goggles" - nvgs

"Tactical Shield" - shield


* Radio Command Names *


You can also bind radio commands now, here is the list of the radio messages and their proper script name...

- Radio A:

"Cover Me" - coverme

"You Take the Point" - takepoint

"Hold This Position" - holdpos

"Regroup Team" - regroup

"Follow Me" - followme

"Taking Fire, Need Assistance" - takingfire

- Radio B:

"Go" - go

"Fall Back" - fallback

"Stick Together Team" - sticktog

"Get in Position" - getinpos

"Storm the Front" - stormfront

"Report In" - report

- Radio C:

"Affirmative/Roger" - roger

"Enemy Spotted" - enemyspot

"Need Backup" - needbackup

"Sector Clear" - sectorclear

"I'm in Position" - inposition

"Reporting In" - reportingin

"She's gonna Blow!" - getout

"Negative" - negative

"Enemy Down" - enemydown


* Important Notes *


- If you make any changes to your userconfig be sure to type "exec userconfig.cfg" into the console when you begin playing. This is to make sure that the game activates your newer/updated userconfig and not use the previous one. This only has to be done once, unless of course you make any more changes to your userconfig. This is THE most important thing to remember.

- Don't use uppercase letters for the keys or else your scripts may not function properly.

- If your scripts don't seem to be working, first make sure that you've setup your userconfig properly, then check spelling, and then format. Most errors are caused by misspelling.

- If you don't have enough money to buy all the items, the game will buy in the order that you have the weapons/equipment listed in your script.

- The Keypad may also be used in scripts, here is the list of keys and their proper script name...

"1" - kp_end

"2" - kp_downarrow

"3" - kp_pgdn

"4" - kp_leftarrow

"5" - kp_5

"6" - kp_rightarrow

"7" - kp_home

"8" - kp_uparrow

"9" - kp_pgup

"0" - kp_ins

"+" - kp_plus

"-" - kp_minus

"/" - kp_slash

"." - kp_del

"*" - *

"Enter" - kp_enter


* Extra Scripts *


- Walk Toggle Script, now you don't have to hold down the walk button, just press it to start walking, press it again to start running.

//Walk Toggle Script

alias walk "+speed; bind [Key] run"

alias run "-speed; bind [Key] walk"

bind [Key] "walk"

*** replace "[Key]" with whatever key you would like to be bound to that command ***

- Crouch Toggle Script, same as walk toggle script, only for crouching.

//Crouch Toggle Script

alias crouch "+duck; bind [Key] stand"

alias stand "-duck; bind [Key] crouch"

bind [Key] "crouch"

*** replace "[Key]" with whatever key you would like to be bound to that command ***

- Crosshair Script, changes the color of your crosshair everytime you fire your gun.

//Crosshair Script

bind mouse1 "+attack; adjust_crosshair"

- One Button Bomb Plant, hold down the button to take out bomb, crouch, and give radio command "Cover Me", release the button at any time to stand back up and switch to previous weapon. Good for in case you come under fire while planting.

alias w3 "wait; wait; wait"

alias +plant "slot5; +duck; w3; +attack; cover me"

alias -plant "-attack; w3; -duck; lastinv"

bind [Key] "+plant"

*** replace "[Key]" with whatever key you would like to be bound to that command ***

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